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RVR-68 Dordray


Assault type virtuaroid with high defense and attack power.
His left-arm drill has the ability to penetrate obstacles, allowing attacks even if the opponent is hiding behind an obstacle. The claw on the right arm can be launched to lower the targets mobility.
You can aim for heavy damage by stopping the opponent's movement with a flamethrower or hurricane.

Character Traits

See Notation / Character Descriptions

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High defensive ability using walls as cover.
  • Prediction shots and area denial with flamethrower.
  • Has many attacks that pierce through walls.
  • Special movement using rush attack specials to race around the map.
  • Sniping ability with LW drill.
  • High rotation speed allowing for extra dash control and special movement.
  • Delayed drill attack that can be fired through walls and placed in odd vectors.
  • Instant kill combos combos off stun attack (CW).
  • High V-Armor deflects many attacks at range until destroyed.
  • Fast recovery on horizontal ground dash cancel.
  • Ground movement speed is the slowest of all VR unless using rush attacks or advanced tech.
  • Very bad air mobility.
  • Wide hitbox.
  • Low ability to pressure defensive opponent without resorting to special rush attacks.
  • Reliance on walls is map dependant and works less if the enemy has similar abilities.
  • Good use of rotation is required for both movement and attacking, somewhat difficult to handle.

Commonly Used Attacks

See Notation / Common Attack Descriptions

Neutral projectile attacks

LW / cLW

Movement check, Special: slow
Snipe, Chip, Interrupt
Erase (against walls)
Prediction, Stagger, High damage (combo)
Prediction, High damage
Special: slow
Snipe, Chip, Interrupt, OTG

Ground dash attacks

GD9/7: cCW / CW
GD9/7: cRW / RW
GD9/7: cLW / LW

Chip, Punish
Punish, High damage

Air dash attacks

Jumping attacks



Special attacks

GD8:CW / GD8:cCW

Giant mode (Special)

High damage, Movement, Chase, OTG
High damage, Movement(fastest), Chase, OTG
High damage, Movement, Chase
High damage, Movement, Chase
High damage, Movement(slowest)

Some comeback potential with silly hitboxes

Melee attacks

Guard reversal LW melee
cRW melee
LW OTG melee

Fast and high damage
Low profile and pretty fast, hits grounded
Fast startup, highest OTG damage
Grab attack, can interrupt enemy and guard


General gameplan

Matchup strategy

Dordray / Matchups

Advanced Techniques


Jump into aerial special attacks (AD8:LW, AD8:CW) controlled with turbo turning.
Hard to evade with either dashes or jumps and has high attack power. Risk comes with long recovery when missing the opponent.

Rush attack movement

Dordray’s rush attacks can be combined with with turbo rotation to move around the stage and behind walls. You can also pre-aim the rush attack by rotating during your dash.

cRTRW dash cancellation

cRTRW can be canceled part-way through with a ground dash despite being a Right Turbo attack.

cCW hurricane dash cancellation

cCW can be quickly cancelled into a ground dash while the attack is active.

  • Since it causes a stagger/stun state on hit you can still confirm a hit into combo after moving from position.

Drill attack manipulation

LW drill attacks target your enemy without requiring lock-on. You can fire the drill inside walls and various parts of terrain for it to eventually home in from strange angles and vary the timing before it moves freely.

CW hurricane extension

Normal CW attack duration can be increased by inputting CW twice.

High speed movement, 3-2 button lock variant

See Advanced Techniques / Rowing for more info
High speed movement in a backwards direction.
Input: Move in direction 3, then 2 and immediately hold crouch.
Dordray will move backwards at an abnormally high speed until crouch is released. Same applies for the left side direction 1 and 2.

  • Can be performed in combination with other actions like a crouching attack by inputting the row at the same time.

Tidal Wave

Move to the border of the stage, perform high speed backwards movement and input CW at the same time. cCW will come out. Input CW again to extend the attack duration. You will slide against the border at high speed while covering a large area with CW stun projectiles.

Nagoya input

At the end of aerial special attacks you are in standing state for one frame, before falling starts. Input jump at the correct timing and you can jump in the air.

Instant hurricane / CW

Input: Walking RW -> stop walking (RW doesn’t come out) -> CW
A single CW ring comes out instantly. All steps have to be done as fast as possible, difficult to execute. Can combo into various things from the stun. In theory can be comboed into itself indefinitely.

Additional Resources

External Guides

Frame Data

Rough data collection by Porcupine. Startup frames, duration and forced recovery times. No data on melee attacks.

Notable Players

Dordray / ドルドレイ

  • Men doru / men
  • Aniking
  • Cominuts
  • N Solaris / ちょらりす
  • GOTOH1107
  • Kaiser (?)

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