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Official website

Sega official Virtual-On Series webpage:'

Player communities

Discord servers

Virtual-On Community
General Virtual-On series server.

VOTwinstick's 'VO DOJO' server. NA locals & general.

Discussion boards
Discussion forum (BBS) hosted by MentholMoose since 2004. Main english-speaking community for over a decade.

Other wiki & guide pages

Japanese Wiki pages

General wikis

English Wiki pages

General wikis

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Wikia
General information on the Virtual-On series. Background & lore info.

General text guides


Character specific guides

Linked within Character pages.

General video guides

Virtual-On beginners guide by Schooly D (2009)

Guides for older versions of VOOT reference threads (English discussion forum)

Porcupine’s research threads

Virtual-On OT 5.66 Frame Data

VR attributes

Advanced movement techniques

Rowing, Air Rowing, skating, etc mechanics megathread (2015-2017)
/ advanced movement acceleration mechanics

Attack mechanics and priority system

Cancel mechanics, cancel routes, instant attacks

Advanced technique discussions

Strategy discussions

Match video uploaders / distributors

Japanese Oratan/VOOT content uploaders

Name & Link Version Content type Timeline
Mench 77 AC,360,PS4 HEY arcade replays, Tournaments, Events ?-2020
GC Tecnopolis AC Arcade tournaments (Monthly), Streams ?-2020
Playhouse Erina AC, 360 Arcade tournaments, Streams ?-2020
Ponkichi4 360 Tournaments (360&Arcade Regular) JP/ENG 2009-2016?
marimostyle 360 Tournaments (360 Regular) 2009-2010?
Red osho 360,PS4 Replays, Streams ?-2020
Katenasasosu AC,360,PS4 Replays, Tech demonstration ?-2020
Anitaspawn 360,PS4 Replays, Streams 2011-2020
Seabass hunter 360,PS4 Streams [Temjin] 2016-2020
Monel020 360,PS4 Streams [Grys-Vok] ?-2020
GK_RAIDEN 360,PS4 Streams [Raiden] 2016-2020
Sakuri193 AC ? ?
Kurekuremax AC Tournaments 2006
Virtual-On_FC AC Streams (beginning of Reiwa ‘19 event) 2019-2020
sanmaigaibab AC HEY arcade replays 2019
漢祭り青年団 AC, 360 Tournaments (imafuku matsuri 2019/11/03) 2019
Λ versionR 360 Replays, Tech demonstration 2017-2020
Ran Yakumo SY 360,PS4 Replays 2017-2020
Guy Vo_K 360,PS4 Replays, Tech demonstration 2016-2020

Western Oratan/VOOT content uploaders

Name & Link Version Content type Region Timeline
Schooly D 360 Replays, Tournaments US midwest 2009-2011
Xneoken (Neoken) 360 Replays US west 2010-2013
votournament(sandsfel) 360 Replays, Tournaments Canada 2009-2013
MentholMoose 360 Replays US west 2009-2014
IEBattleGrounds 360 Tournament (Vector Strike 2014) US west 2014
VarryoChoco 360 Streams HK (prev.US) 201?-2020
Zaarock 360, PS4 Replays, Streams, Tournaments EU 2014-2020
VO MC / VOTwinstick AC, 360 Streams, Tournaments US midwest 2014-2020
SoulGuitarist 360, PS4 Replays, Streams, Tournaments US east 2019-2020

PS4 Version livestreams (temporary, 2020/08)

Name & Link Content type Region Virtuaroid(s)
AZY / plumescarlet Various, commentary JP ALL, Cypher
Mench 77 Various, commentary JP Raiden, various
sumal24u Ranked, commentary JP Raiden
wataru / osw13 Various, commentary JP Specineff, various
Seabass Hunter Ranked, Training JP Temjin
Ranyakumo14 Player match JP Cypher, Apharmd S, various
nasnoil Player match JP Apharmd B
tincruder Ranked JP Temjin, Bal
anitaspawn Ranked, Player match JP Bal, various
ChainBlood Ranked JP Stein-Vok
SoulGuitarist Ranked, Player match US east Apharmd B
Zaarock Player match, Ranked EU Cypher, various

‘Virtual-On Live Now’ livestream tracker - hosted by ponkichi4

Notation, Glossary
Advanced Advanced TechniquesMatchup charts & TiersVersions
Apharmd B
Apharmd S
Apharmd C