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What are the controls?

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.

A = Punch (P)

B = Kick (K)

C = Slash (S)

D = Heavy Slash (HS)

E = Original Action (O)

F = Special Action (SP)

Going from Punch to Heavy Slash is increasing strength. Your normal cancel chains normally go from light to heavy, and exact cancel chains are character specific. Original Action is a character specific button that can do a variety of things. Special Action is used for canceling certain moves, but costs meter (can cost less meter if timed right).

What's the standard for netplay/tournaments?

  • Wonderful World version 0.941
  • Two rounds to win, and infinite (0) time
  • LilithPort version 1.08 for netplay

Is there a practice mode?

Yes. Go to VS PLAYER and, at stage select, press SP: the text "Training!!" should appear. While in training, pressing P2's SP button will open a training menu that can be navigated with P2's controls.

Can I get back to the main menu without having to restart the game?

Yes: pause the game and press P+K+S (or A+B+C if you prefer). At character select, just pressing pause is enough.

What are the tiers in this game?

We currently lack a tier list for the newest version of the game, which introduced several changes, buffing many characters and introducing Magenda. For version 0.938, we have Glass' tier list. From strongest group to weakest:

Lemius, Claudette
Lynia, Cielo
Ryuza, Neva, Alicephia, Aiwhen
Shake, Etielle, Orphe, Corona
Duna, Sabe, Semnia
Pale, Friede, Kiki, Lunathia, Sasari
Rosalice, Fuga, Eldio, Chartette

Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D39jeGzUwAATYD6.png

Technical Issues

The game doesn't start

Run the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7: right-click on the game's executable > Properties > Compatibility tab > check Run this program in compatibility mode and select Windows 7.

The game starts but crashes immediately

Try moving the game's folder to your C drive's root folder.

If it doesn't work, check if joystick is enabled: open game.ini in a text editor and check the Editor.TestPlay.JoyStick setting. If it's set to 1, it means joystick is enabled: try plugging in a controller before starting the game, or change the value to 0 to disable it.

The game stutters and runs very poorly

Disable JoyStick (Option > Game > JoyStick near the bottom).

If it doesn't work, open game.ini in a text editor and make sure Editor.TestPlay.GameSpeed is set to 10.

I had to disable JoyStick for the game to run properly, or the game is not picking up the D-Pad. How do I play with a controller?

Use software like XPadder or Joy2Key to map your controller's inputs to the keyboard: this way, you can disable JoyStick and still play with a controller. Just check the keyboard settings in Option > Keyboard to know what keys to map your buttons to.

Character select lags very badly

It's normal: every character is loaded when you first hover on them in the character select screen, causing this stutter. Just be patient.

I'm playing online and the game lags, even though the connection should be good

Even if you are using LilithPort 1.08, which is tested to be the most reliable client, on some machines (most notably those running windows 7) it may memory leak over time. If you start to realize frame drops while playing online and the other player doesn't, then just restarting LilithPort should temporarily resolve the issue.

I'm playing online, a lag spike happened and now the game's framerate stutters a lot

For whatever reason, dragging the game's window around a little bit will usually fix this issue.

Who should I play?

This section gives a brief introduction of each character, to help people figure out who they may enjoy playing. If anyone catches your attention, refer to their own page for more information.

Character Breakdowns


Ryuza is your standard shoto-like character, with the usual fireball and reversal. He has excellent movement and range, with a balanced moveset that allows him to deal with all situations. His combos are simple and damage is high, making him one of the easiest characters to play.


Versatile character that sports great zoning capability, but also good pressure and oki up close, so she can exploit most weaknesses the opponent may have. With decent movement and good range, she's a simple character to start with.


Lemius excels in neutral, due to her excellent movement and range. Her pressure and mix-up aren't particularly strong, but she has good oki. Her more optimized combos, which deal massive damage, can be quite tricky to perform. A character that's simple to pick up and play but with a lot of depth that you can enjoy in the long run.


With fast dash speed, triple jump, double air-dash, a teleport and quick normals, Aiwhen is a scary rushdown character, that can get in quickly and apply impressive pressure and unreactable mix-ups. Her health is however very low and she requires good execution to deal good damage. If you're into rushdown, pressure and mix-up, this is the character to play.


Somewhat shoto-like, with good range and great movement and your usual fireball and reversal. Her Original Action adds depth to the character, giving her a tool to reset pressure with, oki and an install for increased damage. Fairly easy character to start with.


A zoner with several projectiles, plus a doll that she can control and attack with, which provides her with good oki and pressure. Her movement is poor, but her S normals have good range and she does have a reversal, so she's not defenseless up close. Playing basic zoning with her is easy, but she becomes really hard once you start looking into combos and pressure involving the doll.


Lunathia's uniqueness comes from being able to change the distance her S and HS normals and specials appear at. She's a zoner/setplay character that can apply good pressure and mix-up from a distance, but with the shortest distance set, her pressure and mix-up can be effective from up close too. If the opponent gets close to you while you've set the distance at a long range, it can be a very tough situation to get out of.


Several of Orphe's attack have a guard point: if the opponent hits you during this short window, their attack will be blocked and you can perform powerful follow-ups, dealing good damage and punishing even from full-screen away. Other than that, her moveset doesn't allow for any particular playstyle, but she does have nice range. Movement is mediocre, as her ground dash cannot be jump-cancelled. Her better combos can be quite hard, but there's few of them to remember. A defensive character for patient players.


Grappler that deals very high damage off command throws or simple combos. Has no air-dash and her ground dash is a hop, but covers good distance quickly. She does not need to be close to reach the opponent, as her normals are big and she has a massive special that pulls the opponent close. By guarding right, she can increase her meter and reduce blockstun. A grappler that can suddenly gain momentum and close the round very quickly while conversely being able to withstand a lot of punishment.


Alicephia is a unique, difficult character that mostly plays in the air: most of her specials are air-only, she has 4 air-dashes that act more like a glide and even her ground dash puts her in the air. In addition, her only way to gain meter is by stealing it from the opponent through her Original Action, which is a short-distance attack. She has impressive mix-up capability, but her damage is overall low.


A simple character with long reach and decent movement. His command grabs lead to high damage and he has excellent anti-airs. Lacks reversals and while his air-dash is quite good, he struggles against zoners, as his ground dash is slow and his projectile has long start-up. He's at his best at a mid-distance, where his range and anti-airs can control neutral, while threatening the opponent with command grabs.


Neva has enormous range and deals big damage with few hits. Most of her moves are air-unblockable, which combined with the range and angles they cover, makes it easy to control space and pressure the opponent. Her movement is mediocre, but her reversal is a quick dash attack that allows her do get past projectiles and hit the opponent. One of the easiest characters to play.


Lynia is a setplay character, with great tools for oki and for resetting pressure. She has poor reach, but has great anti-airs and her movement is good. While basic combos are simple, her damage will be poor unless you learn some more complex combos.


Friede is a zoner/setplay character which requires skillful use of her eyes for playing neutral, zoning, pressure and combos, as she is very weak without a good grasp on them. Her movement consists in fixed-distance teleports. A hard character that requires a lot of knowledge and adaptability to play effectively.


Rushdown character based on a command dash for both approaching the opponent and performing combos. Her normals have terrible range and she struggles against opponents in the air. Her damaging combos need very good execution and neutral requires patience, but once she gains momentum, she can be quite oppressive and her quick meter gain helps dealing more damage.


Chartette has horrible movement and her moves are really slow. However, her reach is enormous and damage is massive, even on single hits. Getting out of pressure is rather difficult, which makes some match-ups really bad, but she can win with just a few hits. A very easy character for people who want to patiently wait for their chance and hit the opponent hard, or just want to mash buttons.


Claudette is a rushdown character with a great dash, very fast normals and good damage, especially when her Original Action is used to convert off of stray hits. Her pressure is also strong, and she can get out of trouble fairly easily thanks to good anti-airs and her extremely quick 2P. The range on her normals is poor, especially for grounded ones. While basic combos are easy, her more damaging ones can be difficult to perform, and her meter gain is extremely slow to counterbalance her Original Action. An intuitive character to pick up and play, with a lot of depth to explore.


Shake excels in neutral and defensive play. His range is excellent and he sports great anti-airs. While his moves are on the slower side, his Original Action is a counter that significantly improves his defense. Combos are easy to perform and damage is high. Movement is poor, so he struggles when forced to get close to the opponent. A simple character focused on reacting and punishing.


Several of Fuga's normals and specials fire projectiles, which need to be reloaded every 12 shots. When reloading, you can change the type of bullet, allowing for different playstyles, but mostly focused on long-range neutral, zoning or oki. Fire-element projectiles are the easiest to use and deal good damage, but she is not an easy character. While she has good movement, reloading is a constant issue and makes for some really bad match-ups.


A character centered on mix-ups, constantly creating illusions of himself to confuse the opponent even further. Learning to use his illusions can be tricky, but the result is an overwhelming, unreactable mix-up that is extremely difficult to withstand, so breaking through the opponent's defense is a quick task. His normals are big and quick and space control is overall good. On the downside, his health is low and his damage is weak, so you will need to make your hits count.


A charge character that mostly plays grounded, with poor air options, but good pokes and great reach on her specials. She is capable of solid pressure and her [6]4S special is an effective tool for both oki and neutral. By converting regular meter into her chilling aura through her Original Action, her damage improves and even basic combos will deal good damage. If you simply activate the conversion at around 40/50% meter, it makes for an easy, straightforward character.


Pale is a unique character that focuses on long-distance fighting, as her specials and normals have big gaps right in front of her, leaving her almost completely defenseless up close. Combos and neutral can be quite tricky with her, as one mistake may allow the opponent to get close to you, which can be extremely difficult to remedy. While her damage, movement and anti-air are all really good, her inability to fight up close makes for some terrible match-ups.


Semnia is focused on oki, but has big, although slow, normals and specials that allow for prediction-based zoning. Her mobility and defense are terrible, so getting out of pressure is a real struggle. Her damage on single hits is low, but her longer combos can be quite powerful. Once you hit the opponent, always strive for a hard knockdown so you have the time to use her Original Action. If the opponent blocks your attacks, try not to let the situation go back to neutral, as Semnia's extremely slow mobility and moveset will often leave you at a disadvantage.


Rosalice has the most health and taking damage will increase your meter, so getting hit isn't as punishing. She deals high damage with simple combos and her pressure is easy yet effective, with an unreactable mix-up that leads to good damage and oki. Her range is excellent, she has good anti-airs and her bigger moves are surprisingly fast. Her 214P/K is an effective tool to discourage zoning. The lack of reversals and terrible movement make it very hard to get out of pressure. A character for people who want to control space without moving much, and withstand more hits than usual.


Magenda has good range and plenty of command-normals and specials, making for one of the richest movesets in the game. Mix-up and pressure are excellent, but cancel routes are very specific and she can't do stagger pressure. Her attacks poison the opponent, who will slowly lose health. She is overall slow and her dash is significantly delayed, so approaching can be difficult, as she has no projectile to help. A somewhat counter-intuitive character that excels at mid-range, whose momentum can overwhelm the opponent, but also benefits from dragging a round for longer.

The wiki character pages or other pages are missing information... can I add it?

Yes, please do! Even if you are not confident in your literary or English skills someone will probably fix it for you.

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