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  • Full Name: Friede (フリーデ)
  • Age: 574
  • Nick Name: Demon Lord Fang
  • Height: 135cm
  • Weight: 32kg
  • 3 sizes: B65 W54 H69
  • Likes: Afternoon tea time
  • Dislikes: Sunlight, ill-mannered people
  • Values: Mantle
  • Weapon: Familiar

Special Skills

By using her Original Ability, Friede is able to recall all her currently summoned eyes, creating a small hitbox around them as they disappear.

If, instead of simply O, you input 22O, she will consume 50% meter and, as the eyes are recalled, hitboxes around them will be bigger. You will also gain 1 Darkness Volt charge, a fast projectile that requires charges to use.

Friede's dashes and jumps are replaced with fixed-distance teleports.


Friede has a unique mechanic that makes her a very unconventional zoner: instead of doing the zoning herself, she can place up to 4 eye familiars around the stage, and shoot lasers from them by inputting the same command.

Mastering her eye familiars is essential to Friede's gameplay, as her damage and neutral capabilities without them are very poor. Match-ups heavily influence the efficacy of certain eye setups, so playing neutral as Friede can be very different depending on your opponent's character.

The combos she can perform also vary greatly depending on a number of factors, such as the position and number of eyes, directions they face, distances between Friede, eyes and opponent, distance from the corner and lots of character-specific combos and adjustments.

Combined with her unique and risky movement, playing Friede requires the ability to swiftly adapt to different situations and form new strategies.

Information on this page refers to version 0.938 of the game.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 666

Normal Moves

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Tiny jab with decent speed. Not very useful, but it can be used right after a jump-in, to keep the offensive up if the opponent attempts to Fatal Switch.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Friede spins and kicks the opponent. A little slower than her 5P, but has decent range and recovers quickly when it whiffs.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Mantle swing which has pretty good reach and offers good speed, making this your main poke tool and combo starter. It's also jump-cancellable, so it's a valid blockstring tool.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Another mantle swing, with bigger reach since it moves Friede forward. It's a little slower than her 5S but the increased range makes it another valid poke tool.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Low, Air - - - - - -

Even smaller than her 5P, this normal really has pathetic range, but it is Friede's fastest normal and hits low. If you're not certain you'll reach the opponent, don't use this, as it is easy to whiff. Has very bad proration; if possible, avoid starting your combos with this.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Low, Air - - - - - -

Crouching kick that hits low and also has slightly better range than her 5K, meaning it's still pretty short, which is unfortunately the case for all of Friede's lows. If the opponent is ever-so-slightly off the ground, this will whiff, so be careful against jump-happy opponents.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Very unique normal that releases a sparkle that slowly travels upwards. If you have the time to use this and backdash, it can be a great tool to discourage your opponent from jumping in. It can be blocked in the air, but you may be able to catch the opponent with 4S, which is air-unblockable. On hit, it is untechable, so you can pick up the combo.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Low, Air - - - - - -

Low swipe that trips the opponent. Despite being a HS normal, its range is again pretty poor. Since it trips the opponent, however, it makes certain combos possible.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- High, Air - - - - - -

Air jab at chest height. The hitbox is pretty much just as big as the bat particle that appears, giving it very good reach for how fast it comes out. Good air-to-air tool, and also a good normal to throw out as you're landing if you happened to whiff some other air normal.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- High, Air - - - - - -

Air kick. Very small hitbox and extends Friede's hurtbox a lot. Rather poor normal, you won't use this much.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- High, Air - - - - - -

Downwards mantle swing. Good jump-in move, and also occasionally works as an air-to-air tool when you expect the opponent to jump after you.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- High, Air - - - - - -

Upwards-angled mantle swing. Excellent hitbox for air-to-air situations where your opponent is above you, and can be cancelled on hit or block. Crossing the opponent up with Friede's movement is a common occurrence, and since this normal hits behind Friede very well, it's a good tool to hit the opponent after jumping past them. When the opponent is behind you, hitting them or having it blocked will pull them towards you, making it easier to land Friede's smaller ground normals. Downwards hitbox is much better behind her than in front of her, but it can be still used as a jump-in, as long as you use it late, otherwise it will result in a whiff.

Command Normals

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Mid - - - - - -

Friede's only air-unblockable move and her only anti-air, unless you want to try intercepting jump-ins with j.P or j.HS. Upwards reach is pretty good, but the horizontal reach is poor. Can be cancelled into 5S or jump. Commonly used in combos.

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- High, Air - - - - - -

Universal overhead, nothing special about its range and can be jump-cancelled on hit only.

Pumpkin Smash
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- High, Air - - - - - -

Friede halts her momentum and strikes downwards with a high hit. Afterwards, she bounces backwards. It can be useful right after j.B for an unexpected, fuzzy high. On hit, it does very little damage and forces knockdown, but you can air-dash cancel it to keep up the pressure as the opponent techs, sometimes with a cross-up, depending on the distance you were at when you used j.2S. On counter-hit, it will ground bounce the opponent and you can pick up the combo.

Pain Nail
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Friede halts her momentum and strikes at an upwards angle with her mantle. Better horizontal reach than j.HS, but vertical reach is not as good. Will whiff on any grounded opponent. Despite how it looks, it can be blocked in the air. On hit, it will grab the opponent and throw them behind her and you can follow it with 236P, [4]6S, 236K if you have any Darkness Volt charges, or 214P/K/S/HS or O if you have a properly placed eye. It can also be used ever-so-slightly off the ground by following a jump immediately with this move, to catch an opponent jumping from a bit of a distance.

Special Moves

Doom Bringer
Doom Bringer
236P (Air OK)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Friede shoots out a straight laser. Can be used in the air. Comes out very fast and travels the whole screen practically instantly, but is quite slow to recover. On hit, the opponent is shot all the way to the wall, where they are wall-slammed. Causes knockdown against opponents on the ground or very low, but if they are higher up in the air, they will be able to tech. Common combo ender that puts distance between you and your opponent and gives time to set up an eye.

Keep in mind that on hit, since the opponent will travel across the screen until the wall, you get more time to recover the further away the opponent is from the wall. If you're right next to the opponent, mid-screen, you will have time to link this move into Darkness Volt or 236236HS, but you will be unable to do it if you're full screen away, or if the corner is right behind the opponent.

Immortal Dark
Immortal Dark
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Friede generates a barrier around her for a brief moment. Does not have invulnerability, can be blocked in the air, and the hitbox is nowhere near as good as the barrier would make you think (hitbox consists in one square entirely contained within the barrier), so don't expect this to be your reversal.

It can be used in some combos or to deal with certain cross-ups, but most notably, this move absorbs projectiles and gives you 1 Darkness Volt charge for each projectile absorbed. Can be cancelled into Darkness Volt even on whiff, so you can use it right away to retaliate.

Darkness Volt
Darkness Volt
236K (Air OK)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

A projectile that travels the whole screen extremely fast, comes out fast and recovers fast. Wall-slams much in the same way as 236P. Combos into practically anything that can reach the opponent.

The catch to this move is that you need Darkness Volt charges for it to be available. You earn 1 charge for absorbing a projectile with 22K and 1 charge for using 22O, which will, however, cost you 50% meter. You can keep up to 3 charges at a time. When you have charges available, Friede will be surrounded by colorful lightning, but there is no indicator to tell you how many you have.

Use of this move is highly dependent on match-ups. Opponents with slower projectiles will make it easier to build charges with 22K and the threat of Darkness Volt will make them afraid to shoot them, while absorbing some of the fastest projectiles will require a good read.

The use of 22O is also highly dependent on your meter situation, rounds won, and eyes set. Friede builds meter very slowly, so if you're over 50%, but not at 100%, that meter may go unused, so sacrificing it with 22O to gain access to Darkness Volt may be a good idea, especially if it's the last round and your opponent has little health. Keep in mind that this will recall your currently summoned eyes, so if you were relying on them to play neutral, it may be a bad decision. On the other hand, if you have over 100% meter and need to make a comeback, it's often better to save that meter for a damaging super combo, especially if you already have eyes placed around in useful locations.

Hollow Bind
Hollow Bind
[4]6S (Air OK)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Charge move that places a pretty big hitbox a set distance from Friede. Comes out pretty fast and the hitbox lasts quite a while, so it can be a good neutral tool. On block, it gives large frame advantage, giving you time to set an eye. Don't get too fixated on this move, as charging it means you can't input 214 or 236, so it's best to charge it while finishing a combo or blockstring.

Poison Mantle
Poison Mantle
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Friede swings her mantle, pulling the opponent towards her and applying poison. Poison slowly eats away at the opponent's health, but will end as soon as your combo ends. Unfortunately, the only way to continue the combo is by launching or tripping the opponent before 623S, and then use O or 22O to recall an eye previously placed on top of the opponent. If you set 2S right before your combo, it can also connect after 623S, allowing for follow-ups, but it's extremely specific and impractical.

Evil Eye
Evil Eye
214P/K/S/HS (Air OK)
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
P - Any - - - - - -

Evil Eyes are fundamental to Friede's whole gameplan, so you need to get used to them. Button pressed after the motion determines which eye is summoned: P summons an eye with a pink aura right in front of Friede, K summons an eye with a blue aura further away, at ground height, S summons an eye with a green aura at the same distance as K, but above head level, and HS summons an eye with a red aura further away, at the same height as P. If you need help associating button and eye, look at the colors of the auras and the placement of each eye: they match the buttons on a PlayStation controller.

If you press a direction right after summoning an eye, you can alter the direction it's facing: the default is forward, but you can have it face backwards, upwards or downwards.

If an eye is already summoned, pressing its button will fire a laser out of it. You can fire 3 lasers consecutively from any eyes you have set. If you press the button of a not-yet-summoned eye, it will summon that eye and interrupt your lasers string. Lasers are composed of a few hitboxes that make for a thicker, short-range part, and a thinner part that reaches far away.

When hit by a laser, the opponent will be launched in the direction the eye is facing, so you can shoot the opponent away from you with a forward-facing eye, pull them towards you with an eye that faces towards you, launch them in the air with an eye that faces upwards or knock them down with an eye that faces downwards. On block, eyes facing forward will push the opponent away, and eyes facing backwards will move them towards you; eyes facing upwards or downwards will both push in the same direction, away from where Friede was when she set them.

Below Friede's healthbar are 4 bat symbols, with colors matching the auras of the eyes. When you summon an eye, the corresponding bat symbol will turn black to indicate that the eye is out. By using O or 22O, all summoned eyes are recalled, generating a small hitbox as they disappear, which can be useful for combos, neutral or pressure. You can summon eyes again right away afterwards.

When you place an eye and decide its direction, it's important to take into consideration which eye you're placing, the match-up you're playing and what you plan to do as the match goes on. Even if you accidentally place the wrong eye, or give it the wrong direction, don't immediately consider it a failure and recall them, as you might be sacrificing other eyes as well, and even that "wrong" one may turn out to be useful later.

As far as the P eye is concerned, it comes out right in front of Friede and any direction can come in handy. Facing it forward is good to keep opponents away if it's the kind of character that wants to get close to you, but it won't reach the full screen. Facing it backwards is mostly planning for the future, so it's recommended if you already have eyes to handle what's in front of you. Pointing it upwards can be a useful tool to deal with jumps. Downwards only comes in handy if you're in the air while placing it.

K - Any - - - - - -

Comes out a little further away than the P eye, at ground height, but still hits mid. A tricky eye to make good use of, as its low height makes it prone to whiff when the opponent jumps if it's facing forward or backwards. When facing upwards, its low height doesn't give it good reach to deal with jumps, and facing it downwards renders it pretty useless. When setting it while grounded, it's best to direct it upwards, or as a substitute for the P or HS eyes if they're already out somewhere else. Otherwise, it is a great choice when setting it in the air.

S - Any - - - - - -

Comes out at the same distance as the K eye, but higher than any other eyes. The utility of this eye is very matchup-dependent. When set forward or backwards, the laser will whiff against any crouching opponent, but its effectiveness on standing opponents depends on the opponent's character. Tall characters like Ryuza and Sabe will get hit by both the thicker and the thinner, longer part of the hitbox, while middle-height characters like Aiwhen and Neva will get hit by the thicker, short part, but at a distance, the laser will whiff, as the thinner, longer part doesn't reach down enough. The laser will whiff at all distances against short characters like Semnia or Rosalice.

This eye is fantastic against tall characters, due to how well it can perform when facing forward or backwards. Against middle-height or short characters, it's still useful due to its anti-air capabilities. When placing it in the air, it's good to aim it downwards, as its laser will result in a tall hitbox, and sometimes the eye will remain off-screen, making it a dangerous, unexpected threat.

HS - Any - - - - - -

This eye comes out at the same height as P, but further away than all other eyes. Great to face it backwards to enable some of the more high-damage combos, but it's also good to face it forward to keep slow characters in the corner. Facing it upwards can also work as a long-distance deterrent against attempts to jump out. Otherwise, placing it downwards while in the air can work in a similar fashion.

Soul Sucker
Soul Sucker
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- No - - - - - -

Kiss command grab. Very short range and doesn't deal much damage, but recovers a small portion of Friede's health and also gives her 25% meter, which is very good considering how slowly Friede builds it. Crossing the opponent up with Friede's dash teleport and hitting them with this can be effective as the opponent may be too busy trying to figure out which side you're going to be attacking from to expect a command grab. Can also be used against sloppy pressure up-close.

Afterwards, Friede hops backwards while knocking the opponent down, but if there is an eye on top of the opponent, you can sacrifice it with O or 22O and pick up the combo for better damage.

Finishing Moves

Evil Omen
Evil Omen
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
P - - - - - - - -

Freezes the match and summons all eyes, even re-summoning ones that are already out. You can change their directions as usual. Cannot be used in the air. Useful for some high-damage combos. If any projectile is out while this animation is playing, it will continue moving and interrupt you if it hits you, although the enemy will remain frozen for the usual duration of this super.

K - - - - - - - -

Same thing as the P version, but all eyes appear at a further distance.

Night Walker
Night Walker
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- Any - - - - - -

Friede dashes across the screen, causing high damage if it connects. Travels almost the whole screen very quickly, so you can link into this after 236K or 236P, as long as the opponent had at least half screen to fly across before getting wall-slammed. Worth doing even simply for the fact that Friede strips naked during the startup animation.


Friede is a very situational character and everything from how you play neutral to what combos you perfom will need to adapt depending on eyes set, your opponent's character choice and both players' positions.

While there is no way to "auto-pilot" this character, this section will give insight on how to build your strategy and provide some instructions on building favorable situations. If you're struggling against a specific character, it may be preferable to just jump to the corresponding match-up section.

Neutral Game

Friede's fixed-distance dashes and jumps make positioning yourself optimally not as quick and intuitive as it is for other characters. Combined with her mediocre normals, especially her grounded ones, and her specials, unfitting for the role, playing neutral relies on setting eyes strategically and making good use of them.

Playing Friede without her eyes puts you at a significant disadvantage and you should try to place your first eye as soon as possible, either by retreating at round start, cancelling into it during a blockstring, or after a simple combo that ends with 236P. Different eyes come out in different spots, and the directions they face heavily influence how you may use them. Generally, it's good for the first eye to be P (forward) or HS (forward or backwards).

In general, it's good to have many eyes out. Good moments to place an eye are after knocking your opponent down at the end of a combo, or when you've managed to put them on the defensive with other eyes.
It's important for eyes to be facing different directions, or be in different spots: setting an eye very close to another eye and with the same direction is usually a waste of time and prevents you from setting that eye elsewhere until you recall them all.

The effectiveness of eyes in neutral depends very much on the opponent's character.
Against slow characters that need to get close, it's effective to place P or HS eyes facing forward. The S eye, facing forward or backwards, will whiff on crouching opponents, but will hit certain characters when standing, even at max distance from it. Since it's so high up in the air, it will also be effective against jumps.
Opponents jumping over horizontally-facing eyes can be pretty scary, so consider setting an upwards-facing P or K eye when you get the chance.

When you're in the air, setting an eye facing downwards is similarly effective against jumps, and if you can manage to set it high enough (for example with an S eye), it may even remain off-screen when both players are on the ground, making for a rather scary, unexpected threat.

When you can't rely on eyes, you can make use of some of Friede's normals and her unique movement.

Rather than a regular normal, 2S releases a sparkle that slowly travels upwards. If you dash backwards after using this, it works as a deterrent against jumps.
When the opponent jumps on it and blocks it, if you're close enough, you can hit them with 4S, which is air-unblockable, and perform an air combo afterwards.
When you decide to use this move, make sure you're safe: it's rather slow to come out, and if Friede gets hit, it will go away. You can only have one of these out at a time.

4S is Friede's only air-unblockable move and has good vertical reach, but sports poor horizontal reach instead. Nonetheless, it can be an effective tool to anti-air opponents, as long as you're at the right distance and the opponent's character doesn't have bigger moves to jump-in on you with.

Friede's j.HS has really good reach upwards so it can be used to hit opponents above you. When you jump past your opponent, it can be used for cross-ups, as it hits behind Friede as well.
Her j.P is pretty fast and relatively big, making it effective for preemptive anti-air attempts, or while falling when you whiff a j.HS.

5S and 5HS offer good range for ground-to-ground pokes, but whiff easily when the opponent jumps and you will likely get punished. 2K hits low and has decent speed and range, but it's not an impressive move.

236P comes out very fast, but is extremely slow to recover on whiff: if the opponent jumps over it and airdashes, you will likely eat a full punish and end up in a very difficult situation. However, doing this move in the air, from full-screen away, can be effective to hit unsuspecting, jumping opponents, while remaining relatively safe.

Friede's forward teleport will switch sides with the opponent when you're close enough: this can be used to disorient an opponent jumping in on you and hit them as they land.

In general, all of Friede's movement options have a small window of invulnerability. However, you cannot block until you reappear, and you may get thrown at any time, so it's pretty risky to teleport while in the opponent's range.


Friede's teleports are slow and fixed-distance, making it impossible to microdash. With her poor normals, lack of real mixup, and unfavorable frame data, trying to apply pressure from up close can be pretty dangerous.

You can shoot up to three eye lasers consecutively. In blockstrings, by alternating between stopping after 1, stopping after 2, and doing all 3 of them, you can make it harder for the opponent to guess when they can try to get out.
When you've got the opponent busy blocking the eye lasers, you can cancel the laser string into summoning an additional eye, to cover more space.

On block, eyes facing backwards will pull the opponent towards you, allowing you to mix up your pressure between eye lasers with normals.
Conversely, eyes facing forward will push the opponent away, which can be useful if they have dangerous moves up close to counter your pressure. Eyes facing upwards or downwards will always push in the same direction, away from where Friede was when she set them.

Friede's only lows are 2K and 2HS, both of which have rather poor range. Her universal overhead, 6HS, is also not impressive.
Friede's forward dash will switch sides with the opponent when close enough, even if they're in the corner. Her airdash also has the same effect. Thanks to this, your cross-ups will be scarier than your mix-ups, and you can even cancel j.S into forward airdash on block, coming down from the other side with another j.S.

You can cancel j.S into j.2S for an unpredictable double overhead, though you won't get much damage out of this, as j.2S is a valid combo-starter only on counterhit. It does cause hard-knockdown, so you can place an eye afterwards, or airdash for more pressure as they get up.

5S is jump-cancellable, so you can jump in the air right after to apply the previously discussed pressure, but don't get too predictable with it, as it is easy to punish her with an air-throw or some air-unblockable move.

Finally, don't forget that you have a command throw on 41236HS. While it doesn't do much damage, the meter it builds, combined with the health recovered and the hard-knockdown it provides, make for a valid tool when you get to land it.
Using this right after a cross-up is effective, as the opponent is often too busy reacting to side-switches to think about command grabs. Landing this move on some characters is much harder, because of how easily they can abuse mashing normals.


Generally, landing a hard-knockdown is a good time to set an eye, or you can use 2S instead to provide some cover against air attacks. You can also start charging [4]6S as you're ending the combo, so that you may place it right after.

If you're close, you can confuse your opponent with forward teleports, by switching sides once or twice as they get up to land another combo right away.
You can also jump and try to hit them with a cross-up j.HS.



Ryuza's j.HS is extremely big and will easily win all air-to-air situations. In addition, his 623HS has enormous range in front, above and behind him and is air-unblockable, making it really risky to jump around him.
Due to the size of his j.HS, and the speed of his airdash, he can close the distance from full-screen away very quickly, enough to punish Friede's 236P with a full combo when he jumps over it.
His j.S hits a good distance behind him as well, so it's much riskier than usual to react to a jump by teleporting forward in an attempt to switch sides.
Ryuza's pressure is very hard to get out of, due to the size of his moves and his j.HS and 623HS easily shutting down Friede's jumps, her main way to get out.
Ryuza gets in very easily with airdashes and his 214P/K, and getting hit once can very well be enough to lose a round, making this a really tough match-up.
Your main advantage in this match-up is that Ryuza is tall: S eyes will reach him when he's standing, even at full range. This makes them very effective to control both the ground and the air. 2S is also a good tool to discourage jumping, as you want to avoid having to deal with his massive j.HS.
Ryuza's 236P and 236K can both be absorbed by Friede's 22K barrier; however, 236K hits several times, enough to outlast the barrier: when you absorb this move, make sure to input 236K immediately to shoot Darkness Volt and get Ryuza off of you.






Aiwhen is very fast and can teleport around the stage very quickly. This makes it practically impossible to control space with eyes, as even a small gap is enough for her to get away and appear right next to you. Because of this, it's good to try to cover as much horizontal distance as possible with eyes, placing P and HS eyes back-to-back, facing opposite directions, as there is no real way to predict where she's going to be.
Aiwhen's normals are very fast and rather big for how fast they are, especially her j.S and j.HS, but they're not so big that you can't challenge them with Friede's. As long as you're not trying to compete with speed, you can challenge her normals. She does have a very big, air-unblockable reversal that you have to be aware of.
Her pressure is extremely tight, and her mix-up very powerful, so once you're on the defensive, try to get out with a jump teleport. Mashing or teleporting forward will just get you hit.
Compared to other match-ups, you will be relying on your normals a lot more, due to how easily Aiwhen can get around eyes.










Cielo is the grappler of this game. Her air normals and air command throw are particularly big, with the latter dealing immense amount of damage, making it tough for Friede, who relies on jumps so much and is so vulnerable to throws during teleports.
Her j.HS is enormous below, in front and above Cielo, so it's pretty much impossible to challenge it with anti-air or air-to-air moves.
Her j.S hits a long distance both in front and behind her, and is active for a very long time, so forward dashing against it will just get you hit.
Cielo lacks an air-dash, making her air movement a little more predictable, but her forward dash covers a long distance very quickly.
Once she gets in, her command grabs are very dangerous, and the damage they deal can end a round in seconds. While it's tempting to jump away, sometimes it's best to restrain yourself, simply to avoid the enormous damage that Cielo's air command throw can deal.
Cielo is really small, so you can't rely on the S eye to cover you much. Upwards-facing K or P eyes, as well as 2S are effective against her air approaches, due to her lack of air-dashes.
While her forward dash is so long and quick, it's a hop dash that covers a fixed distance, so if have an upwards-facing eye in the right spot, it can work against both ground and air approaches.






All of Neva's specials are air-unblockable, as well as her 5HS, and they're huge too. 214HS is completely unblockable.
Her 236P has invulnerability, covers almost the whole screen horizontally very quickly, has a good hitbox upwards as well. This move alone makes neutral extremely hard for Friede.
Controlling space is practically impossible due to how quickly Neva's 236P will get her away from eyes, and will land a hit on Friede. Once she gets in, jumping out is very unlikely to work, as Neva's enormous, air-unblockable moves will likely hit Friede without the Neva player even having planned for it.
Neva's air normals are big, but overall her air options are not as oppressive and her air-dash covers little distance, so most of the time, Neva will remain on the ground.
You can place P and HS eyes back-to-back, facing opposite directions, to try and cover as much horizontal space as possible. If Neva is less than full-screen away from you, firing eye lasers is very risky, as she can just get through them with 236P's invulnerability and hit you.
Neva can quickly cover the entire screen with a dash into jump: your best tool to counter this is with the S eye facing forward.
2S can help you against Neva's j.S cross-ups.
In this match-up, eye lasers are mostly used for punishes, combos or from full-screen away.
Getting away from her pressure is very difficult, and your best bet is often to patiently wait for a slow move and teleport forward to make it whiff and punish Neva.




This match-up is not as straight-forward as mirror-matches tend to be. One player can gain a significant advantage if they have set eyes to threaten the opponent with, and the opponent couldn't do the same, because of how lasers can prevent them from summoning their own.
In this situation, getting close is also hard, due to Friede's slow movement. 22K does not absorb eye lasers or 236P, so you can't rely on Darkness Volt either.
Your best bet is to take advantage of 236P's fast startup to hit the opponent and place an eye right after.






Claudette has a very fast ground dash, that covers about half the screen and can be cancelled into a normal or throw at any moment. Her normals are small, but they're very fast, so her pressure is extremely tight.
She is unable to block while ground-dashing, so the threat of an eye can prevent her from dashing forward mindlessly.
Her air-dash is pretty good, but her air normals can be anti-aired with 4S. If close enough, the S eye can hit her when standing, making it viable both to counter jumps and hit her when she's on the ground.
Claudette's 4S is a huge somersault, with a hitbox that hits in front, behind and straight above. It can be blocked in the air.
The biggest threats come from Claudette's specials.
623S has invulnerability, is air-unblockable and its hitbox is massive horizontally and big vertically as well. It cannot hit grounded opponents, so you shouldn't fear it when you're applying pressure from the ground.
Her 236HS hits overhead. Its sprites and its slow startup may make you want to jump out, but don't be deceived: this move actually has a massive squared hitbox, that can hit Friede even when she's higher up than Claudette.
Claudette's j.214S divekick hits mid, but is very difficult to counter and will even go through 2S unharmed.
When fighting Claudette, you should try to keep her at a distance with eye lasers and, if she manages to get at half-screen distance or closer, be on the lookout for her specials and try to regain distance, refraining from jumping predictably to avoid getting hit by her air-unblockable moves.


Shake has really big moves and anti-air options, making it pretty difficult for you to fight at a mid-screen distance.
Shake's main weakness is his poor movement: from full-screen away, he can't reach you and he will struggle quite a bit trying to get closer.
If he does manage to get close to you, don't be too eager to jump, as he has very big, air-unblockable anti-airs. Wait for the right moment to poke him with a 5HS or 236P, or if he's really close, you can look for your chance to use 2K or make him whiff with a forward teleport.
When you're on the offense up close, don't be too predictable as his Original Action is a counter move.


Fuga's projectiles are very fast on start-up and recovery, but the angles she can shoot at are limited, especially when she's in the air. Her movement and normals are pretty poor.
Fuga has 12 bullets and is extremely weak when she runs out, so she will have to reload.
It's advisable to place eyes along the ground, facing forward or backwards, to try to cover the entire horizontal stage. If you can manage to get Fuga to run out of bullets either playing neutral or turtling through her shots, you can make it really hard for her to reload, rendering her pretty harmless. Friede's 236P is also a good tool to do so.
Be wary of her super, usable when she's out of bullets too: it's very quick, covers the whole screen in front of her horizontally and has a big hitbox vertically as well. Due to Friede's inability to block until she reappears after jumping, she can catch you during a jump, dealing high damage and reloading in the process. The hitbox is smaller in front of her, so you can jump over it when up close.
Keep an eye on her super gauge: when she has enough for a super and you're far away, you should not shoot eye lasers blindly and rely more on reactions.




Etielle has good pressure and her ground normals have good range. Her movement is pretty poor: her grounded dash is pretty delayed and her air dash covers a small distance. This makes it pretty hard for her to get out of eye pressure.
You should however not feel overconfident at half-screen away: her [4]6S special is extremely quick to come out and its hitbox reaches very far horizontally, while her [2]8S special is a similar, air-unblockable move, angled diagonally upwards.


Pale's most notable mechanic is how most of her moves only hit at a significant distance away from her, leaving her helpless against opponents up close.
Due to how slow Friede's movement is and how her pressure up close is poor, it's difficult to exploit this weakness, as Pale's movement allows her to escape fairly easily.
Fighting from a distance is also hard: Pale's 2P is quick, reaches full-screen away and hits low.
Jumping may not help much, as Pale's 623HS is enormous and air-unblockable, which is really inconvenient for Friede, who is often in the air. It does not reach full-screen, so you can pressure her while in the air from maximum distance, but don't be too predictable as a short dash into this move will reach you.
This is a somewhat hard match-up, and you will often switch between fighting from a distance and trying to get close to catch her unprepared. Eyes are best placed on the ground, to cover a lot of horizontal space as your and Pale's positions may change quickly.
When you get too close to her, Pale will usually try to escape by crossing you up: you can intercept this with a j.HS or an eye you set in the air specifically for this.


Semnia's biggest weakness is dealing with pressure up close, but unless you can get her to be between you and an eye facing towards you, Friede can't really exploit this. Semnia's 5K and 2K hit both in front and behind her, so she can counter your grounded teleport cross-ups pretty easily.
This match-up is best fought at a distance. If you can get at full-screen distance, with S and HS eyes placed, you can keep her at bay and slowly drain her health. Both eyes should face forward, or S upwards and HS forward: this way you can pressure her when she's grounded and also punish her slow and floaty jump attempts.
In this situation, the main threats are Semnia's 214S and teleports.
214S (the spinning sword) has long cooldown, so once she uses it, you'll be safe for a while. Also, if you remain in the air and shoot eye lasers from up there, you'll be outside its range.
Semnia's teleports have long start-up, so you can hit her with eye lasers. Otherwise, Friede's 2S can be a great tool: at the right distance, it will float exactly where Semnia would be teleporting.
It can be very hard to escape Semnia's pressure if you get caught by it, as Friede's movement is slow and her normals small. Blocking her pressure builds counter gauge very quickly, so your best bet might be to wait for the right moment to use a Momentum Attack or Fatal Switch.


Rosalice is characterized by very slow movement, but fast and very big moves. In addition, almost everything other than her P and K normals is air-unblockable.
Being in Rosalice's vicinity is very dangerous: her moves have fast start-ups, especially considering how big they are, and you can suddenly get hit from a distance. Once you get hit, or even block one of her attacks, you'll be subject to her very oppressive pressure and unreactable 50/50 mixups that lead to big damage.
Due to so many of her moves being air-unblockable and her j.HS being massive and very fast, air approaches are unlikely to work.
You should try to place an eye on the ground, facing forward, to pressure her with eye lasers. P or K eyes facing upwards can also be very effective. Rosa's offensive tools are mostly grounded and her airdash is poor, so she will generally remain on the ground and not attempt air approaches. Since her ground movement is also poor, she will struggle to get away from eyes.
She will likely attempt to instead hit you with her thunder pillar (22P/K), which is fast and hits far away. It does not count as a projectile, so 22K can't absorb it. Alternate how many lasers you chain, otherwise she will use the pillar in-between strings.
When you're very high up in the air, the thunder pillar won't reach you. She may use it while you're landing, but it can be blocked in the air. When you're around half-screen away, thunder pillars come out too far to hit you and it's also hard for Rosa to hit you with her other moves.


Friede's combos heavily rely on previously set eyes, sometimes Darkness Volt charges or meter. Even when you do have these resources, the combos you can perform are dictated by your and the opponent's positions in relation to each other, on top of distance from corners, so you'll need quick thinking to figure out what you can do when you land a hit. Different characters might have character-specific combos, or need adjustments to timing.

Some combos sacrifice eyes, so consider if you want to do that or if you'd rather keep the eyes out.

Each individual combo listed in this section will describe any requirements.

Combo damage is described as damage dealt when the opponent is at maximum health. To give you an idea of how much damage each combo does in percentage, know that Ryuza has 800 health, and the average health is around 730. Note that damage may vary depending on how close opponents are to eyes, since lasers deal slightly more damage up close, or depending on how much you were able to prolong poison status.


  • No requirements: 5P > 5S > 5HS > 236P (113 damage)
Very basic combo, does little damage. Sadly, it's your best combo when you don't have eyes, Darkness Volt charges or meter. You can replace the initial 5P with 2P if you need the extra speed, but its bad proration will make this combo even weaker. 5K and 2K should not be added to this combo for the same reason.
  • Air: j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (163 damage)
Your main air combo: get used to doing this, as it is effective off of stray air-to-air hits, and is very common in combos. Whenever a combo launches the opponent, you can usually go into this.
  • Mid-screen, 1 Darkness Volt charge: 5P > 5S > 5HS > 236P > 236K > 236P (208 damage)
Simple mid-screen combo with Darkness Volt. If you have more charges, you can use 236K consecutively up to 3 times. Also, if you have meter to spend and need the extra damage, you can replace the final 236P with 236236HS.
  • Mid-screen, 1 Darkness Volt charge: 5P > 5S > 5HS > 236K > 66 > 5S > 5HS > [4]6S > 66 > 4S > 9j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (237 damage)
Slightly more damaging combo with Darkness Volt. 66 must be done immediately. The delay afterwards is rather short and needed so that the opponent falls a little bit lower for both 5S and 5HS to connect on all characters.
  • Eye facing towards Friede, opponent in-between: 5P > 5S > 5HS > 214X > 5HS > 214X > 4S > 9j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (275 damage)
Replace X with the button of the eye you're using (likely P or HS). A side-switch will happen before 4S.
  • Eye facing any direction, opponent in-between, all close to each other (sacrifice): 5P > 5S > 2HS > 623S > O > 9j.S > delay > j.HS > land > 9j.P > j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (342 damage)
Poison combo, deals good damage. The delay has to be stretched very long, so it can be difficult to perform: if you can't do it consistently, consider just going for the usual air combo, instead of the re-jump. Sacrifices all eyes.
  • Eye facing towards Friede, opponent in-between, all close to each other (sacrifice): 5P > 5S > 5HS > 214X > 5HS > 623S > O > 4S > 9j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (352 damage)
Replace X with the button of the eye you're using (likely P or HS). Another poison combo, deals slightly better damage than the previous one and is also easier to perform. Sacrifices all eyes.
  • Eye facing towards Friede, opponent in-between, more than half-screen distance between Friede and the eye, less than full-screen between Friede and opponent: 5P > 5S > 5HS > 214X > delay > 5HS > 236P > delay > 214X > delay > 5HS > [4]6S > 6HS > 214X > 4S > 9j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (337 damage)
Replace X with the button of the eye you're using (likely P or HS). A lot of requirements, but this combo does good damage and you will find yourself in this situation fairly often while zoning. A side-switch may happen before 4S, but the combo can still be performed.
Delays can be more strict depending on your opponent's character: in general, you should try to hit the opponent when they're as close to the ground as possible, before they're able to tech, but some characters, like Orphe, require the delay to be a little shorter instead. If you mess delays up and the opponent, caught by [4]6S, is too high for 6HS to connect, you can just omit this move and go for the air combo.
Remember that if your opponent is too far away for the first 3 normals to connect, you can start the combo from the first 214X and it will still deal a good 315 damage.
  • Eye facing any direction, close to the opponent (sacrifice): 41236HS > O > [6] > 5P > 4S > 9j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (236 damage)
Command grab starter combo that sacrifices all eyes. The amount of distance walked with [6] varies depending on your opponent's character, and some characters like Pale or Orphe will require you to walk forward as much as possible.
  • Eye facing towards Friede, opponent in-between: j.S > j.214X > j.P > land > 4S > 9j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (227 damage)
Replace X with the button of the eye you're using (likely P or HS).
The weird requirements for this combo and its j.S starter are because this combo works when this cross-up is successful: 9j.S > j66 > j.S, with the last j.S being the starter of this combo. This means that, before the cross-up, the opponent would be in front of Friede and the eye, and would end up in-between after the airdash.
If you do the starting j.S late, or cancel into j.214X too late, you will be too close to the ground for j.P to come out as you're landing: you can replace it by landing and doing 2P, but the damage will be a little lower (209).
  • Eye facing towards Friede, opponent in-between, about half-screen away from the eye: j.S > j.214X > j.P > 4S > 9j.S > j.2S > j.214X > j.5HS > j.[4]6S > land > 9hj.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (314 damage)
Replace X with the button of the eye you're using (likely P or HS). Improved version of the combo above, but requires the eye to be more distant.
  • Corner, no P eye summoned: 6HS > 214P4 > 5P > 5S > 9j.S > j.2S > j.214P > j.HS > land > 4S > 9j.S > j.2S > j.214P > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (310 damage)
Overhead starter combo to use in corners that deals nice damage. You can use the S eye instead of the P one, but since this combo leaves the eye out, it's preferable to set the P one, as the S eye would have reduced reach, because it appears off-screen.

100% Meter

  • No requirements: 5P > 5S > 5HS > 236236HS (383 damage)
Simple and damaging combo that costs 100% meter due to the super at the end. You might have noticed that, from mid-screen, you can fit a 236P after 5HS and link into the super. Don't do this: you will actually deal less damage due to proration.

Character Specific

  • (vs. Ryuza, Duna, Corona, Alicephia, Sabe, Neva, Lynia, Fuga) No S eye summoned: 6HS > 214S4 > 5P > 5HS > 214S > 2S > 4S > 9j.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2HS > j.236P (237 damage)
Overhead starter combo with good damage. Tested against all characters. Note that a side-switch will happen between 2S and 4S. If you cannot summon your S eye for this combo, you can replace it with HS, as long as you're not too close to the corner (doing 214HS too close to the corner will NOT summon an off-screen eye: the animation will play, but no eye will be summoned).
  • (vs. Ryuza, Duna, Corona, Alicephia, Sabe, Neva, Lynia, Friede, Claudette, Fuga) Corner, no P eye summoned: 6HS > 214P4 > 5P > 5S > 9j.S > (j.HS) > j.2S > j.214P > j.HS > land > 4S > 9j.S > j.2S > j.214P > j.HS > j.[4]6S > land > 9hj.S > j.HS > 9dj.S > j.HS > j.2S > j.214P > j.S > j.2HS > j.236P (417 damage)
Overhead starter combo to use in corners that deals high damage. You can use the S eye instead of the P one, but since this combo leaves the eye out, it's preferable to set the P one, as the S eye would have reduced reach, because it appears off-screen. The j.HS within brackets needs to be omitted against Corona and Alicephia (resulting damage will be 407).
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