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Wonderful World/Lemius

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Lemius Lengrand


  • Full Name: Lemius Lengrand (レミウス=ラングラン)
  • Age: 19
  • Occupation: Knight
  • Charge: Cook of the Amel order of knights
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 47kg
  • 3 sizes: B80 W60 H85
  • Likes: Cooking
  • Dislikes: Picky eaters
  • Values: Her big brother (Ryuza)
  • Weapon: Bo and fire magic


Ryuza's younger sister, and a member of the same band of knights. Would go through hell and high water for Ryuza, stemming from a sibling love. Can't keep calm, and tend to be immodest. She is also really good at cooking.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 750
Combo Hits Before Damage Reduction -
Shave Ratio -

Game Play

Move List

Original Action

5O: mid, 50% meter - Lemius sends out a flaming image of herself doing a 214HS that comes out fast and wallslams.

4O: mid, 50% meter - Lemius sends out a flaming image of herself doing a 214P.

6O: mid, 50% meter - Lemius sends out a flaming image of herself doing the second followup of 236S that knocks down a grounded opponent.

j.O: mid, 50% meter - Same as 5O except angled downwards and groundbounces. Can do a followup combo as well.

Normal Moves

5P: mid - A staff jab with a range of about two character widths. Has a bit of recovery. Chains into 2K, (f)5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, and 6HS.

2P: mid - A (very) fast downward handchop. Chains into 2K, 5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, and 6HS.

5K: mid, JC - A fast upwards kick, her toe almost touches her head. Can sort of be used as a quick anti-air, though expect to trade or to get stuffed a lot depending on the situation. Chains into 5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, and 6HS.

2K: low - Slides her leg out for a low kick. Chains into 5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, and 6HS.

5S: mid, JC - Close version has her do a short jab with the staff behind her to the stomach. Will chain into f5S. Far version has a bit more startup and recovery, but has good range (about three character widths). Both chain into 2S, 5HS, 2HS, and 6HS.

2S: low - A crouching short ankle jab with her staff. Chains into 5HS, 2HS, and 6HS.

5HS: mid - A horizontal strike with the staff. Hitbox is shorter and a bit lower than that of f5S. Chains into 6HS.

2HS: mid, JC - An upward strike with the staff using her elbows. Is air-unblockable and is a really good anti-air, but is also a bit slow. Chains into 5HS and 6HS.

Command Normals

6HS: high, JC - A slower upward strike with her staff, bringing her staff back before swinging. Standard 6HS that is jump-cancellable on hit only. Has some upper-body invince in its startup.

Aerial Normals

jP: high - A downwards jab with her staff. Useful for jump-ins or against opponents below you up close. Also sticks out for a bit. Chains into jK, jS, and jHS.

jK: high, JC - A kick straight forward. For close air-to-air. Chains into jP, jS, and jHS.

jS: high, JC - A downwards aerial strike with her staff. Has a good hitbox. Good for jump-ins. Chains into jK and jHS.

jHS: high - A horizontal strike with her staff. For distanced anti-air as it has more range and more start-up than jK.

Special Moves

214P: Million Pierce - mid, BRK - A thrust forward with her staff. On hit or block, small fireballs spawn around the staff and hit the opponent for another 5 hits, though some can miss when it hits an airborne opponent. Used to follow-up after a rekka overhead, usually after her corner loop, basic BnBs, or squeezing damage off an OTG.

(j)214HS: Flame Beat - mid, BRK - Lemius leaps forward and strikes downward with her staff, fire set to it. If close enough to the corner, will wallslam. Usually used to end combos with, but you can run a 50/50 mixup off of a blocked ground 214HS by BRKing it and either doing jHS or landing and doing 2K.

41236HS: Heat Prism - mid, BRK - Lemius spins her staff and conjures a fireball that slowly moves forward and picks up speed. Pretty good for oki, though it has its own bit of recovery, which can be BRK'd out of. When it lands, it hits three times, the last hit launching the opponent forward, able to be followed up right away with an aircombo or a 2HS.

j236K: Tinder Strike - high, BRK - Lemius turns into a fireball and heads for the ground at a 45 degree angle. Depending on how you hit the opponent, you'll either land or bounce off the opponent. When you land, you can BRK the recovery of this move and follow up with a combo. When you bounce off of them you can link a jS or jHS into some combo. Used mainly as part of an aircombo or for flashy combos.

236S: Turning Hit - mid (low,BRK/high followups) - Lemius's rekka special, the main part of her BnBs and corner loop. The rekkas can be followed up to two times with one of three followups; S, 2S, or HS. For her S followup, "Turning Hit 2nd Hit", Lemius will strike horizontally again like the first hit of the rekka if its the first followup. On the second followup, using S again ("Inferno") will cause Lemius to shoot a short wave of fire that knocks down if the opponent is grounded. Her 2S follow, "Underslice", up is a low jab to the ground with her staff that hits low and is BRK-able into a combo. Her HS followup, "Meteor Fall", is an overhead kick that groundbounces. Both her 2S and HS followups end the rekka.

2146S: Endless Beat - mid, BRK - Auto-combo super, on block and whiff the rest of the attacks won't come out. The super comes out pretty fast, might be able to be used as a reversal though it also can trade with the first hit. Does pretty good damage when you combo into it. Unsafe on block, but it can be BRK'd at the end to make it safe.

j236236HS: Lord Javelin - high - A large beam of fire in the air, angled downward at a 30 degree angle, has a pretty big hitbox. Can link this after most j214HS enders.



xx - Ground String BRK - SP Cancel


Anywhere, Meterless: xx > 236SSS

  • You can replace the last hit of the rekka with 2S to setup (better) fireball oki while sacrificing some damage.

Anywhere, Meterless: xx > 214HS

  • You probably don't want to do this, but you can try to 2HS anti-air them after they recover.

Anywhere, 50% Meter: xx > 214P BRK > 6HS > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

  • Easy BnB, for less damage.

Anywhere, 50% Meter: xx > 214P BRK > 41236HS > 6HS > JC jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

  • A rather hard link (from 214P to 41236HS), for some more damage.

Anywhere, 50% Meter: xx > 236SS2S BRK > 5S 236SSS > 5S 2HS > JC jK jP jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

Anywhere, 50% Meter: xx > 236SS2S BRK > 5S 236SHS > dash 5P 2HS > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

  • In the corner with some characters, if not most, you can replace the "dash 5P" with "5S".

Character Specific Corner Loops

How many repetitions you can do of Lemius's corner loop depends on two things: how much meter you have, and the character's hitbox. To differentiate which characters you can do it on, and what version of the loop to use, it's easiest to compare the character's height to Lemius rather than remember each character individually. Characters can then be separated into three categories: small, medium (Lemius's height) and large (Ryuza and Sabe being the only ones larger than her). The are a few exceptions however, and will be noted as such.

For the sake of reference:

  • Small - Aiwhen, Sasari, Lunathia, Cielo
  • Medium - Lemius, Neva, Orphe, Corona, Alicephia, Duna
  • Large - Ryuza, Sabe

Small/Medium, 2 reps, 50% meter: xx > 236SS2S BRK > 5S 236SHS > dash 5K 236SHS > 5S 2HS > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

Small (except Cielo), 3 reps, 100% meter: xx > 236SS2S BRK > 5S 236SHS > dash 5K 236SHS > 5S 236SHS > 5S 5O (> dash 2HS) > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

Small/Medium, 3 reps, 100% meter: xx > 236SS2S BRK > 5S 236SHS > dash 5K 236SHS > 5S 236SHS > 214P BRK > 6HS > JC jK jS > jK jS jHS > j214HS

Medium/Large (except Orphe, includes Sasari), 2 reps, 50% meter: xx > 236SS2S BRK > 5S 236SHS > 5S 236SHS > dash 2P 2HS > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

  • For 50% meter and a bit more damage you can swap the dash 2P 2HS with 5S 5O (dash 2HS).

Situational Combos

Anywhere, 50% Meter: 236S~HS > 214P BRK > 6HS > jK jS > jK jS jHS > j214S

Corner, Meterless: 236S~HS > 5S 236SHS > 5P 2HS > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

Corner, 50% Meter: 236S~HS > 5S 236SHS > 5S 236SHS > 5S 5O > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

Anywhere, Meterless: 41236HS hits > 2HS > JC jP jK jS > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

Corner, 100% Meter: j236K bounce off > jS > j214HS > j236236HS > land 5S > JC jP jS jK > DJ jK jS jHS > j214HS

Corner, 0% Meter: aircombo > jP jS > 9DJ jS > j236k > jHS > j214HS

  • The position of your target should stay below your altitude when doing this combo. Another note is that after a launch (e.g. 6HS), you should neutral jump (8JC) in order to get the position right for jP jS to put them on the level where you can jump back jS (9DJ) in order to get them in the correct range for j236K. Doable on all characters with slight variation depending on character size (Ryuza requires some delay to get the j236K clean hit)

Corner, 50+% Meter: aircombo > jO > land 5P/5K 2HS > aircombo

  • Basically using jO to extend combos for more damage. Keep in mind your height ot else jO might whiff, in which case you can omit the beginning aircombo's second jK and must not have done a j214HS. Depending on proration and such, opponents may be able to tech the relaunch or even the middle of your aircombo.

Corner, 100% Meter: 6HS (or 42136HS hits > 2HS) > JC jP jK jS > DJ (jK) jS jHS jO > land 5S 236SHS > 5S 5O > jP jK jS > DJ (jK) jS jHS > j214HS


Frame Data


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
5P these are example values


Original Actions

Finishing Skills

Wonderful World