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Name:   Lunathia (ルナシア) <br\><br\> Age:   16  —  Occupation:   Demon <br\><br\> Height:   145cm  —  Weight:   40kg <br\><br\> 3 Sizes:   B71 W59 H77 <br\><br\> Interests:   Having fun and discovering new things <br\><br\> Dislikes:   Free time <br\><br\> Important things:   The fishing rod she found <br\><br\> Weapon:   Flesh and blood summons



魔界で生まれた人型の魔族。 見た目通りの年齢で、人間と魔族の戦争も知らないため、人間に特別な敵意を持っていない。 幼少期に色々と相手を罵倒する言葉を教わったため、要所要所でやけに汚い言葉を浴びせかける事がある。 基本的にボーっとしていて受け身な性格だが、意外と好奇心旺盛で、はじめて見るものには目を輝かせる。 地上から紛れ込んできた釣竿を気に入っており、何もないときはそこらの血の池で釣り糸を垂れている。


魔族としての能力は「血肉操作、召喚」 魔界の沼から魔族の元と言われているなんだかよくわからない血と肉を召喚し、操ることが出来る。 召喚には赤色の物質が必要なため、常に身に着けている。

Game Play

A somewhat slow character with ranged attacks. The distance of Lunathia's ranged attacks can be set using her original action, this lets her fight up close or at a large distance. Despite being slow, and having limited combo potential without meter, Lunathia makes up for it by having enormous/ranged attacks that are cancelable into her Original Action, making any of her normal attacks safe.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 700
Combo Hits Before Damage Reduction -

Move List

Special Skills
Close Range Mode / 近距離変更 4.png+.pngO.png
Medium Range Mode / 中距離変更 O.png
Long Range Mode / 遠距離変更 6.png+.pngO.png
Dash Cancel During j.K.png or j.S.png, 4.png4.png or 6.png6.png
Howling Beast / ハウリングビースト 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.png
Curse Link / カースリンク 6.png2.png3.png+.pngK.png
Hell's Rain / ヘルズレイン 2.png3.png6.png+.pngS.png (ground or air)
Misfortune /ミスフォーチュン 2.png1.png4.png+.pngS.png
Coffin Blood / コフィンブラッド 2.png3.png6.png+.pngHS.png
Disaster / ディザスター 2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png
Finishing Moves
Bad End / バッドエンド 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngS.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


[Lunathia Tutorial v.62]

Basic Tactics

You can use Lunathia's original ability to "O-cancel" any of her ground normal attacks. (Based on the frame data from the .jp wiki ...) This will reduce the recovery time of all of her attacks except 5P, 5K, and 2K (those three will come out even). This technique has several possible applications, including keeping pressure on the opponent, keeping them guessing as to what range of moves you're using at the moment, and also to link together some combos that don't work otherwise.

Neutral Game

When in a neutral situation, you generally want to do one of two things: get close and go for pressure/rushdown, or try and build distance and start to zone the opponent. This works best if you switch it up frequently, sometimes even in the middle of doing either. You'll also have to keep in mind what the opponent can do, and act accordingly so they don't get around your attacks and hit you.

In short: do stuff.


At range, Lunathia is probably one of the best zoners in the game. She has full-screen high/low mixups which can lead into combos and even knockdown for fullscreen okizeme - take advantage of this whenever you can. At any range, instant jH is her fastest overhead, but you can't get any combos off of it without something else set up; 6HS also works at any range and will lead into a free combo, but is much slower. 2S is your go-to low attack at range, although you can also get gimmicky with 214S. All of these work off of a guarded 5S, and all but 2S off of a guarded 5HS, so mix that shit up!

On guard, you can O-cancel any normals and try to catch them in another string, or use 214S, 214HS, and 236S to try and mess with the opponent further. Using a BRK will allow more silly mixups, although keep in mind that Lunathia tends to gain little meter while attacking at range.

Also, it is good to keep in mind that chances are the opponent is trying to get back close to you. They may try a ground approach, but 5S and a low jHS will stop that pretty well. They may try and jump over your attacks as well - jHS also works here, but 2HS can be just as good at shutting down jumps unless they get very high up.


TODO - fill in pressure stuff



Meterless, Anywhere, Close 5K (2K) 5S 2S 5H 236P
•Lunathia's basic ground meterless BnB. Omitting the 2K may yield more damage, since 2K has bad proration. This will only knockdown in the corner.

Meterless, Anywhere, Close 6HS jS HS land jK jK HS 236S
•A basic Just Break combo into knockdown. For the first jump, time the jS and jHS late, or you'll end up dropping the combo at jK.

Meterless, Anywhere, Close 623K <66 if starting set to Far distance> 5S 5HS <O-cancel> 4S 5HS 236HS
•Command grab into basic combo. For the <O-cancel>, which input you use depends on what distance you were set to originally:

  • Close: 5O
  • Medium or Far: 6O

Meterless, Anywhere, Any distance 5S 2S 5H (214S or original ability or 214HS or 236S)
•At range, you can't end the combo with 236P. You can end with 214S for a bit more damage (without using a BRK), but the opponent recovers in the air, leaving them able to approach quickly. In many cases, if you don't want to (or can't) spend meter, it is likely a better idea to forgo this and instead either O-cancel to try to reset the situation, or try to bait out the opponent with 236S or 214HS, although keep in mind the opponent can get around either of these options if you become predictable.

Meterless, Anywhere, Any distance 6HS jS HS (land jHS) 236S
• For a ranged hit with Lunathia's Just Break, this simple combo will suffice. If you have good timing, you can land then jump again to get another jHS hit.

1 BRK, Anywhere, Close 5K (2K) 5S 2S 5H 214S BRK 2S 5H 6H jS HS land jK jK HS 236S
•A basic ground combo into an air combo with knockdown. For the 2S after 214S, time it so that it hits just after the sword of 214S. For lighter characters try to delay the 5HS after that to let them float lower, so that they don't go too high and escape the air combo. The air combo at the end is the same as the basic Just Break combo above, although the timing is a bit tighter since the opponent was already floating when the 6HS hit.

1 BRK, Anywhere, Close 5K (2K) 5S 2S 5H 214S BRK 2S 5HS 5O 5S 5HS 6HS jS 66 jHS 236S
•A more advanced version of the previous combo, making use of O-canceling and airdash cancelling. This does more damage than the basic combo, but is a bit harder to use. Also note that you can replace the forward airdash cancel with a backward one; Hell's Rain might not connect if you don't time it well, but this option allows a quick way to set far distance while moving away from the opponent.

1 BRK, Anywhere, Any distance 5S 2S 5H 214S BRK 5S 2S 5HS 6HS jHS 236S
•214S BRK combo at range. Basically, this is the basic ranged combo flowing into an air combo.

1 Super, Anywhere, Close throw 6O 2K 2146S
•Throw into far distance super. If you have the meter, this gives pretty good damage off of her regular throw and sets you up for far distance


<Meter Cost, Location <notation>
•<description(if needed)>


1 Super, Anywhere, Any distance 5S 2S 2146S
•If you have the meter and need a bit more damage, you can tack a super on to any knockdown. Best at long range, as the super does more damage. Keep in mind that the super knocks down too, so you don't lose your OTG. You can, if the situation arises, even do this twice in a row, although it is probably not worth the meter unless it finishes the opponent.

On a whole, it is not recommended that you go for OTG unless it will finish off the opponent, and instead focus on okizeme.

Post OTG Game


•Generally, when you knock the opponent down, you want to set a puddle on top of them. The opponent will be able to backdash away from it unless you get really close or they're in the corner, but that can be baited and even if they get away you still have the puddle there to keep the opponent wary for a bit. If the opponent guards this, you easily get a high/low/throw mixup using jHS or 6HS for high, 2K or 2S for low, and preferably 623K for throw.

•If you have some meter to burn, you can BRK 214HS to get some trickier mixups going. You can go for a quick jHS for an overhead, but your options are limited from this (Lunathia's jHS used to recover in the air, setting up a combo from this, but not anymore). You can also mix it up with a low attack - 2K (and possibly 2S - needs testing) will hit before 214HS itself hits, allowing you to then go straight in to a full combo on hit, and keeping you safe if they guard it. For the really daring, you can even get close and do 214HS BRK 623K. Timed properly, the command throw will go active just before the puddle, meaning it will grab them if they try to just block while the puddle will catch them if they try to use throw invulnerability to hit you out or whatnot.

Punishing backdashes
•The best tool for punishing backdashes is 2S. You have plenty of time to do it even after setting up a puddle, it doubles as a low hit, and you can go into 5HS, followed by 6HS for airborne hits or 214S BRK for ground hits to get a combo ending in a knockdown to reset the situation.

Silly Impractical Combos

This section contains combos that, in general, are not necessary for any regular gameplay. I'm listing them here mostly for reference.

Meterless, Corner, Close (jK 66 jK HS land) x ∞
•A very specific infinite. Execution-wise, it is very difficult to time - the first jK and the airdash cancel must be done very quickly, while the second jK and the jHS must be done as late as possible, so the hitstun gives Lunathia time to land and jump again. Furthermore, this combo only works if your opponent is Ryuza or Sabe (since other characters are too short and the first jK will whiff), and they must be standing. Finally, if all that wasn't enough to indicate how impractical this is, it takes a good three and a half minutes to KO your opponent from full life with this - even if you can get it going long enough the opponent will burst out long before you finish. Note: untested, but believed to no longer work after version 0.50

1 BRK, Corner, Close whatever ground string > 2H 236S BRK 5P > another ground string
•A way to string together two ground combos in the corner. The 5P hits before 236S does - allow 236S to hit after 5P and then start up another ground combo. The timing for this is pretty tight, and the damage is not worth it (even more so considering you don't get knockdown with this). You can even do this multiple times in one combo, provided you want to waste tons of meter and your ground combos don't push you too far out. As an alternative, you can cancel the 5P into 214HS, then use the launch from that to go into an air combo.

Full Meter, Midscreen, Far distance 623K 2S 5HS 6O 5S 2S 5HS 2146S 2S 2146S 236S
•A full-kill combo against Aiwhen. Impractical for a multitude of reasons, including that you have to land Curse Link while having far distance set (no small task against one of the fastest characters in the game) and that you need a completely full meter which you probably won't even see in a legitimate match. Note: no longer works as of 0.62

Full Meter, Midscreen, Far distance 623K 66 5S 5HS 6O 4S 5HS 236HS 2S 2146S 5S 2S 2146S
•New full-kill combo against Aiwhen for 0.62. Impractical for the same reasons as the previous one,



TODO - fill in - freaking projectiles.


TODO - fill in - lightning hurts.


TODO - fill in - ... ?


You're going to be guarding. A lot. If Aiwhen touches you with anything, you're going to be in guardstrings and mixups forever. Try to bust out with a Moment Attack if you can, but make sure you don't get baited. Dagger teleports are dangerous, try to anticipate where she will end up next. Since Lunathia doesn't have any real reversals, you don't have much you can do on wakeup. Reversal backdash doesn't work either, since she can easily enough punish it.
Once you get her away, try to zone her out and make her take risks to approach. However, you may want to avoid going in to medium or far range, since chances are she'll be in your face again before you have time to readjust. Play patient, and wait for the opponent to mess up. Once you get her, it shouldn't take much to win a round, due to Aiwhen's incredibly low health.


TODO - fill in - ... ?


TODO - fill in - ;_;


Like all mirror matchups, this is all about who can outplay their opponent better. What's different with this one is that, because of Lunathia's large variety of strategies from various distances, things can get very hectic.


TODO - fill in - 6P is still bullshit.


Keeping distance should be easy in this matchup, since Cielo moves so slow and can't airdash. Hell's Rain alone can make her approach miserably difficult, and mixing in other things only makes it even rougher. If she does get close, though, caution is advised since she can do tons of damage with only a couple hits.



TODO - fill in - don't get hit. :V


Unlike most matchups, you'll want to fight Neva almost exclusively at short range. Trying for long range is just tempting her to use her 236P to charge in and counterhit you into big damage. Also, be very careful about jumping - Neva's large-hitbox anti-airs will cause lots of trouble if you try to jump around a lot.


You want to try and keep your distance a bit more in this matchup, since Lynia has an excellent pressure game which can leave Lunathia guarding mixups for what seems like an eternity.


Move Details

Special Skills

Stance Change - 4O or O or 6O
This move changes the distance that many of Lunathia's attacks come out. Specifically, it changes the range of all moves that use the S and HS button. It also changes where the opponent appears after using Curse Link.


Howling Beast - 236P [ Projectile?, BRK ]
A small beast erupts from the ground at Lunathia's feet. Launches the opponent up and away; will wallbounce, but will only grant knockdown near the corner. A good move to use at the end of a ground combo if you don't have meter to launch into a juggle with Misfortune, but very unsafe on guard if not BRK'd.
Curse Link - 623K [ Command Grab ]
Lunathia grabs the opponent, then the screen goes red as they are hit. Where they appear is dependent on your current distance set with Lunathia's original ability. Additionally, more damage is done if the stance is set to a farther distance (although it is harder to get it, since you still need to get close while having a limited close-range attack set). Can be followed with 5S, 2S, or 5H.
Hell's Rain - 236S (ground and air) [ Projectile, BRK ]
Lunathia summons a set of spears in the air that travel almost straight down in front of her. The ground version summons 4 spears, while the air version only summons three. This move will knock down airborne opponents, and is normally comboed into after jH to end an air combo. While it's an unusual circumstance, if you land a counter hit against an airborne opponent, the opponent will groundbounce for a free combo (also note that, if another spear hits them, the groundbounce will be canceled, as only the first hit is a counter hit).

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

Misfortune - 214S [ Projectile?, Low, Air Unblockable, BRK ]
Lunathia creates a small ring on the ground. It only lasts briefly, but if the opponent is hit by it a sword erupts upward out of it to launch the opponent. BRK'ing this move is the typical way of going from a ground combo to an air combo - follow it up with a 5S or 2S timed to hit right after the sword. Only the first hit (the ring on the ground) hits low and is air unblockable. Due to the incredibly small vertical range of this move, it is not worth it to try and use it as an anti-air, even though it is air unblockable.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

Coffin Blood - 236HS [ Projectile?, BRK ]
Lunathia creates an arcing downward wave with a respectable hitbox. On hit, captures the opponent into a coffin and then hits them. Appears to do the same amount of damage regardless of how long your combo leading up to it has been, making it a good combo ender. Unforunately, it's a bit slow and doesn't combo off of any groundstrings.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

Disaster - 214HS [ Projectile?, BRK ]
Lunathia summons a puddle on the ground. If the opponent touches it, a set of spikes erupt from it. On hit, the opponent is stuck in place for a moment before being launched slightly into the air. If you hit them quickly (and they were standing on the ground when they got hit), you can do a ground combo; otherwise, you'll get an air combo. This move can be great for baiting opponents to attack you (as they'll get caught by it if they're not careful), but if Lunathia gets hit before the move fully comes out, the puddle will disappear and not hit the opponent at all. Additionally, this move can be used to set up okizeme on a downed opponent.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

Finishing Moves

Bad End - 2146S
Lunathia's arm extends into a demon claw that reaches forward - the distance it goes depends on the distance currently set by her original ability. If it hits, the opponent is sucked into an orb as Lunathia materializes a scythe and cuts them. This move will combo fully off of an OTG 5S or 2S, allowing you to get extra damage on a downed opponent. Additionally, more damage is done if you have the stance set to a farther distance.

Command Normals

Just Break - 6HS [ Overhead, Jump (on hit only) ]
Lunathia's ground overhead launcher. A giant claw comes up from the ground and then smashes down on the opponent.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

Phantom Whip - 4S [ Projectile? ]
A short range swipe that comes out decently fast.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.


5P [ Jump ]
A quick swipe that advances Lunathia forward slightly.
2P [ Air Unblockable ]
A small, overhead swipe. It is air unblockable, but the hitbox isn't too great so you'll mainly only use it to punish people chicken-blocking in the air.
5K [ Jump ]
Another advancing swipe, much like 5P.
2K [ Low ]
A low swipe at the opponent's shins. Lunathia's quickest low, but has a pretty bad prorate.
5S [ Projectile?, Jump ]
Lunathia summons a small beast that jumps from the ground forward. Note that Lunathia does not have a close S and far S - she just has one 5S.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

2S [ Low, Projectile? ]
Lunathia summons a small beast that jumps from the ground backwards. A slower low attack than 2K, but has a better hitbox. For okizeme, a properly-timed 2S will easily catch an opponent trying to backdash out.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

5H [ Projectile?, Jump ]
Lunathia summons a pair of blood-covered blades that close together like a pair of scissors. Against an airborn opponent, you can combo into 6HS as long as you haven't already juggled the opponent for many hits.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

2S [ Projectile? ]
Lunathia summons a waterfall of blood. This move has a great vertical hit box, and is very good at keeping airborne opponents in check (although they can superjump and get above it). Against airborne opponents it will knock down on hit and ground bounce on counterhit.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

Air Normals

jP [ Overhead?, Jump ]
A quick, airborne horizontal swipe. Decent hitbox, and can be used for air-to-air attacks in a pinch, but in many cases is overshadowed by Lunathia's other air attacks.
jK [ Overhead, Jump ]
A vertical swipe with a good hitbox. Can be airdash canceled.
jS [ Overhead?, Jump ]
Lunathia summons a small fleshblob with spiky bones that hits the opponent twice. Can be airdash canceled.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

jH [ Overhead ]
Lunathia summons a cross-shaped burst of blood. This move is arguably her best air move overall, with a good hit box and decently fast startup. The burst's position is fixed based on Lunathia's position when the move is activated, so if you jump and immediately do jH it will even hit crouching opponents! Be careful, though, since this move leaves you in recovery until landing unless you special cancel it.

The horizontal position this move appears at varies with the distance set by Lunathia's original ability.

Frame Data

Frame data is copied from the JP Wiki. Data is current as of version 0.5.


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
5P 9 5 25 39 1 -5 -5
5K 11 5 25 41 1 -5 -5
5S 15 5 60 80 2 -5 *1 -10 *1
5HS 21 5 45 71 2 -10 *1 -15 *1
2P 8 5 32 45 1 -1 *1 *7
2K 11 5 25 41 1 -5 -5
2S 17 10 35 62 2 -5 *1 -10 *1
2HS 20 20 25 65 2 -5 *1 -10 *1
j.P 10 5 20 35 1 0 *1 0 *1
j.K 12 5 35 52 1 -15 *2 -15 *2
j.S 24 15 30 69 1 -24 *2 -24 *2
j.HS 17 5 28 50 2 -3 *2 -8 *2
6HS 44 5 42 91 3 -7 -12


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
Howling Beast (236P) 21 12 72 105 2 -33 -38
Curse Link (623K) 6 5 45 56 n/a n/a n/a
Misfortune (214S) 20 25 72 117 2 -15 -20
Hell's Rain (236S) 50 n/a (projectile) 23 73 1 31 *3 26 *3
air Hell's Rain (j236S) 27 n/a (projectile) 42 69 1 *4 *4
Disaster (214H) 62 n/a (*6) 17 79 2 23 18

Original Actions

Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
Distance Change (4/5/6O) 9 n/a 19 28 n/a n/a n/a

Finishing Skills

Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
Bad End (close) (2146S) 9 *5 15 44 68 3 -19 -24
Bad End (middle) (2146S) 9 *5 19 44 72 3 -19 -24
Bad End (far) (2146S) 9 *5 23 44 76 3 -19 -24

Frame Data Notes

  • *1: decreased recovery on hit (meaning better advantange, I think)
  • *2: increased recovery on hit (meaning less advantage, I think)
  • *3: advantage applies for when all hits are guarded.
  • *4: gave up on determining this, due to difficulty with it
  • *5: 60F super flash
  • *6: the spikepit stays active for about 140F
  • *7: cannot be guarded in the air

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