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Wonderful World/Lynia

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Lynia Soul


  • Full Name: Lynia Soul (リニア=ソール)
  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: Demon Hunter
  • Height: 160cm
  • Weight: 51kg
  • 3 Sizes: B90 W59 H87
  • Interests: Growing flowers
  • Dislikes: Demon sword
  • Values: Sword of Remembrance
  • Weapon: Broken sword and water magic


Game Play

Lynia has a very strong okizeme game with her delayed projectiles, as well as strong rushdown and blockstrings once she is able to get in on the opponent. She has one of the best anti air normals in the game, which also happens to be airunblockable. These tools combined with her Original Action allow her to keep the opponent in the corner for a while, allowing for many opportunities to open her opponent up.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 660
Combo Hits Before Damage Reduction -

Move List

Special Skills
Rush Splash / ラッシュスプラッシュ Skill Breaks cost 25% with some specials when timed properly.
Hard Hit / ハードヒット 6.png+.pngP.png
Step-In / ステップイン 6.png+.pngS.png
Hammer Slap / ハンマースラップ 2.png+.pngHS.png (air only)
Blue Shooter / 撃ち抜く青 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.png
Cutting Off the Stream / 切り裂く水流 2.png1.png4.png+.pngS.png
Ripple Palm / 波紋掌 2.png1.png4.png+.pngP.png
Ice Lance / 水槍法陣 2.png3.png6.png+.pngHS.png (also in air)
Crystal Sword / 結晶剣 2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png
August Frost / 深霜 2.png3.png6.png+.pngK.png
Rain of Lamentation / 慟哭の雨 6.png3.png2.png1.png4.png+.pngK.png
Finishing Moves
Disorderly Ice Cutter / 乱れ氷絶 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngHS.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game

Air Approach
Watch out for anti-airs; j.S is an amazing jumpin, but Lynia has very short range. For air-to-air, generally you don't want to since all her air normals have short range as well. If need be, j.K has the best range and is fast, but also be careful since you're also sticking out a free limb to hit. j.P is a nice option for close-quarters but is hard to capitalize off of. j.236HS works well also with its downward hitbox, but also pushes you back and usually keeps you at neutral still unless you BRK it. In general, this is one of her weaker areas just because of her short range.

Ground Approach
When approaching from the ground, it's a good idea to go under the cover of 236P, especially when you BRK it. 63214K will keep people from jumping at you, and on some characters you can turtle under the cover of rain and Blue Shooter. In other cases, you can dash at the opponent and quickly do 214S to throw them off. Your general purpose anti-air will be well-timed 5HSs, but in some cases 2S can work. 6HS is occasionally good to throw out as a long-ranged poke as well; it has surprisingly large range and can throw people off, and on hit you can confirm into IAD ender. Against zoners (or anyone with a faster projectile than Lynia's) however, things change. You'll be finding yourself having a hard time getting in while they keep you out. Superjumps can be your friend in some cases, but be prepared to chickenblock a lot. 236K can be your friend at times as well, if you can manage to get it out, and for 236P to be remotely useful against them, you have to BRK it.

Lynia has some good tools to help her get in, but how she acts in neutral is really dependent upon who she is up against. Getting past a zoner's onslaught of projectiles can be annoying at times, but is not impossible. Learn your opponents patterns and work around them to your advantage.


Lynia has very strong blockstrings, especially with meter under her belt. Her S moves, except 2S, are slightly +f on block, with Step-In (6S) being +11. 6P is safe under some sort of cover, either 214P's ripple or 236P, and if you use it without cover, hope that you don't get mashed. Learning how to freestyle off of 21P's ripple can also be vital thing to learn if you use it in her blockstrings a lot.

Ways to Reset/Continue Pressure:

  • IAD j.S/HS - It's not always a terrible idea to go into an IAD off of one of Lynia's S moves. Just don't get cocky; be wary of Moment Attacks, Fatal Switches (cancel into j.P if this happens), (quick) anti-airs, and reversals. j.HS also leaves you with some frame advantage as well, making it a viable option or normal to cancel into too.
  • 6S and 6HS - At the right distance, 6S is a very strong option in blockstrings; it has good range, can catch jumpouts and lead to a punish if it's chickenblocked, but can be mashed out if you're too close. And since it's +11 on block, it's usually pretty safe to dash back in with it. 6HS is even on block on grounded opponents, which isn't entirely bad, making it a relatively safe overhead provided it hits. Just watch out if it's airblocked as it will be -5 in that case, leaving you at a possible slight disadvantage.
  • 236P BRK - Got meter to spend? 236P alone is rather unsafe and you can be mashed out of it. BRKing it however, should be relatively safe; you can block right away, or dash in to catch chickenblocks, jumpouts, or run another mixup if they stay put.
  • 214P BRK - Since Ripple Palm can be Rush Splashed and its ripple allows you to go into various combos, it itself is another strong tool in Lynia's pressure game, allowing you to BRK it and dash back in and run your pressure once more combined with 5HS which has negative pushback, this can keep the opponent blocking for a while. Probably her strongest option in terms of blockstrings. Unfortunately, the Rushable window is near the end of its BRK window, meaning you can get mashed out if you try to dash in after it. Generally, it's better to BRK it normally, but after building enough respect and learning how to punish mashing after Rushing it, 214P can become a very scary tool.
  • 236K BRK - This one is pretty gimmicky, and probably loses to low moves being mashed, but may not be a bad idea to try and dash/IAD back in with every now and then! When BRK'd, 236K's shield stays active for the duration it's supposed to, offering a bit of protection as you reset your pressure.


  • 6P/delayed 2P > (delay) 2P/2K/6P - Doing 6P again after 6P is risky, but slightly delaying a low can also throw people off and even catch mashing since it is +7 on block. You can also make people think you're going for 6P by standing and delaying a bit before doing 2P.
  • 6S > [dash 2P/2K/6P]/2HS/6HS - 6S is a slow move, having similar startup to 6P and 6HS. Because of this, people might think you just did an overhead and on reaction block high. When this happens, you can dash in for 6P (risky) or do 6HS, or dash/chain into a low, such as 2K or 2HS. Mixup accordingly, using 6S's +frames to your advantage. If it's chickenblocked, 2S 5HS is your best friend.



Meterless, Anywhere: xx (> 5S > 5K etc) > 214S / 236HS
•Doing the 5S > 5K link is pretty easy but not necessary. If you do it, be wary of your distance during the ground chain. Usually you may want to end the ground chain with 2HS. If the opponent is in the corner, use 236HS for more time to setup Blue Shooter or go for crossup j.HS, and if you're in the corner, use 214S for another Blue Shooter setup; since you're in the corner, you won't get as much pushback from the move and the opponent will be close enough that they will be forced to block it.

Meterless, Near Corner: xx > 236HS > (dash / 5P) 5HS > j9.S HS > dj9.S(1) HS 2HS
•Only works about 2-4 character widths away from the corner. Dashing in or confirming with 5P may be unnecessary at some distances or on some characters, and which one you do will also depend on distance, though you should never have to do both.

50% Meter, Anywhere: xx > 236HS BRK > 6HS > Ender
•6HS might whiff on some characters at some parts on the stage. Using the IAD ender won't net any meter back because of the cooldown gauge but has great carry, almost always putting the opponent in the corner.

50% Meter, Midscreen: xx > 214P BRK > dash xx > 214S (ripple hits) > 6HS > Ender
•Simple BnB using Ripple Palm, runs down the cooldown gauge a bit more than the above combo. May not work on/have to be edited for other characters.

50% Meter, Anywhere: xx > 236HS BRK > 5HS delay > 214S > dash 5K 5HS > j9.S (slight delay) HS land > 5HS > j9.S > dj9.S HS 2HS
•Alternate midscreen meter combo, does a bit more damage than the above one, but doesn't have as much carry. If you decide to do this in the corner for whatever reason, skip the delay after 5HS. A bit harder to pull off on smaller characters since it will require them to be low to the ground with 5K 5HS hits; if you think you'll drop the combo, you can just do a regular aircombo. Smaller characters can tech near the ground after this aircombo; tech punish on reaction via (dash) 2S or omit the second j.HS and go straight into knockdown. Doesn't work on Corona.

50% Meter, Anywhere: xx > 214S BRK > [dash 5K 5HS > 214S] x2 > dash 5K 5HS > j9.S HS > dj9.S(1) HS 2HS
•Optimal midscreen BnB, does decent damage with a little bit of meter gain at the end. A little hard to pull off; you want 5K to hit them before they hit the ground, but not too high up. Additional, there should be slight delays in between every hit within the brackets.

50% Meter, Corner: xx > 236HS BRK > (236P >) 6HS > 214P > 5S 5HS > TKj.236HS > 6HS (ripple hits) > Ender
•On Aiwhen, use 5K instead of 5S after 214P. Otherwise the ripple will tend to miss. (Might also have to use 5K for some other characters as well, generally ones with smaller hitboxes, or have to insert a slight delay before 214P.) Using the IAD ender nets back about 25% of your Skill Gauge back for slightly less damage.

50% Meter, Corner: xx > 236HS BRK > (236P >) 6HS > 214P > 5S 6S > 214S(1) > dash 6HS (ripple hits) > Ender
•Results are about the same as the above combo, may be easier or harder to do. On some characters, like Corona, you have to dash a specific distance, while other larger characters like Ryuza are a bit less strict about how far you dash. A little harder to do on Aiwhen, Lunathia, and Sasari; to get it to work, insert a slight delay before 214P. In most cases, 214HS will pull them slightly out of the corner, allowing you to go for crossup j.HS oki. If you see 214S hit more than once, drop the combo and immediately dash and jump up to confirm into some suitable aircombo (note that doing j.S HS > dj.S HS 2HS alows them to tech close to the ground, if this happens, punish with 2S).

50% Meter, Corner: xx > 236HS BRK > (236P >) 6HS > [214P > 5K 5HS > j9.HS delay j.2HS > land 6HS (ripple hits)]x2 > Ender
•Lynia's corner loop. Pretty good damage off one BRK, and builds back about 25% meter (IAD ender builds back 50%!). You have to time the j2HS such that you knock the opponent back into the ripple. It helps to compare your height with theirs and knock them down as you fall. It may also help to use 5P instead of 5K after 214P. If you do it too early, you get knockdown, and if you do it too late, the ripple will bounce them too high and your 6HS will whiff. Harder to do on some characters than others but does take a fair amount of execution.

50% Meter, In Corner: xx > 236HS BRK > 5HS delay > [214S > 5HS] x N > 214S (> 5S 214S)
•Water frisbee loop, requires you to be in the corner, not the opponent. Doesn't work on Corona. So why even try it? This gives Lynia a meter damage BnB option off of her crossup j.HS. However, it is a little hard to pull off, and risky to do as well; if you drop it at certain points, you're still stuck in the corner and might be put into disadvantage. To get it working, you want every 214S to hit the full 4 times. The trick to starting it is delaying the first 214S after 5HS; if you don't get the 4 hits (easy to tell by listening to the sound of the whirlpool hitting), you may opt to drop the combo into some other combo you can confirm into. Furthermore, every 5HS afterward has to be done as soon as 214S recovers; you can also time this by waiting until the whirlpool disappears. You can do more reps on smaller characters, and doing the final 5S 214S allows the opponent to tech, making a punish possible. Otherwise, if you want oki, drop the last rep (possibly not counting the 214S in parenthesis) and go into 236P.

25~50% Meter, In Corner: xx > 214S BRK > 5S 5HS > [214S > 5HS] x N > 214S (> 5S 214S)
•Different starter of water frisbee loop, should work on everyone, and does less damage.

BnB Enders
Most of Lynia's BnBs (if not all of them) pretty much end with a 6HS into one of the following two enders. Provided that the cooldown gauge ends somewhere in the middle of the BnB, you will get the noted results.

More Meter Gain, Less Damage: ... > IAD j.S land > 5HS > j9.S HS > dj9.S(1) j.HS 2HS
Less Meter Gain, More Damage: ... > 214HS


Meterless, Anywhere: 6HS > IAD j.S land > 5HS > j9.S HS > dj9.S(1) HS 2HS
•A bit harder to land when 6HS hits opponents who aren't airborne.

Meterless, Anywhere: 6HS > 6S 5HS > j9.S HS > dj9.S(1) HS 2HS
•Simpler confirm that only works if the opponent is close enough for 5HS to hit. Less damage and meter gain than the above as well.

Meterless, Corner: (Any move chicken blocked low to the ground) > 2S 5HS > Aircombo
•Use this to beat Chicken Blockers who like to chicken block your high/low game or jumpins.

Meterless, Corner: j.S > j.236HS land > dash 5K > 214P > 5K 5HS > BnB Filler
•Meterless confirm into any of Lynia's BnBs, including the corner loop, this only works if the opponent is strictly in the corner in order for j.236HS to wallbounce.

+25~50% Meter, Anywhere: ... > dj9.S(1) HS 2HS land > 236P BRK > OTG 2P (236P hits) > 214HS
•OTG confirm into 214HS after an aircombo for extra damage. Needs to be done pretty fast, and is easier when j.2HS hits the opponent while he's a bit above you.

25~50% Meter, Corner: Throw > 236P BRK > OTG 2P (236P hits) > 214HS
•Same confirm as above, except done off of regular throw into corner.

+50% Meter, Anywhere ... > 214HS BRK > 6S / Dash 2P > ...
•214HS BRK combo extender. With this you can either confirm into Lynia's Finish Skill if you've got the meter, or extend your combo.


Lynia's OTGs are pretty lenient in the sense that how much oki you want off of them is dependant upon how many hits you put into it. They're usually used to setup further oki and pressure, but some are riskier than others. Midscreen, OTGs obviously aren't as effective, but she still has some options as well. And because of Lynia's Special Skill, you won't always be OTGing for meter gain, as she can get some decent punishes or make some of her OTGs safe just by BRKing them and still getting pressure off of it.

Generally you start your OTGs with either 2P or 2K, and go for 2-4 hits into some special. Depending on the number of hits you put in (affecting the opponent's height when they tech if at all), some specials are more effective than others.

  • Dash > 2P/2K > xx > IAD j.S
  • Dash > 2P/2K > xx > 236P
  • Dash > 2P/2K > xx > 63214K
  • Dash > 2P/2K > xx > 214P
  • Dash > 2P/2K > xx > 214S

The first OTG is the only one you'd (usually) want to do midscreen to chase the opponent for continuing pressure (which doesn't always work but can lead to free damage!), the others usually only in the corner. 236P can be used to provoke teching high into the air or getting a free Blue Shooter setup, but is defeated by quick techs along with a long ranged normal. 63214K stops all techs except for Quick and Down techs, allowing you to punish those who chicken block it, but be wary of getting punished for it as well. Use 214P to setup Ripple Palm for your blockstrings, and 214S you only use in situations where you think it would kill since it resets both players to neutral, but does the best damage.

Post OTG Game

OTG > IAD j.S > [(2S) 5HS]/[xx > BnB]
•Lynia's midscreen OTG, it can work in the corner too. Can punish most techs; if j.S hits, when you land go straight into 5HS into aircombo. If it's blocked, you should be low enough to the ground to punish with 2S. If the opponent down or quick techs, usually you'll have advantage and force them to block the rest of your pressure (given that they don't get hit by j.S and block it), though be careful since in some cases it can be punished.

OTG > 236P > 63214K/Continue pressure
•Used to get a free mixup, not usually optimal but can work. Can be punished by quick and down techs with some characters with long enough S and HS moves, rendering Blue Shooter useless. Once they start trying to punish, bait it by BRKing 236P and backdashing or blocking, and then dashing back in. If 236P somehow gets chickenblocked, punish accordingly with 2S or 5HS depending on height. If blocked, be wary of Moment Attacks when dashing back in.

OTG > 63214K > 236P/dash 5HS
•Used to punish people who habitually tech over your OTG > 236P. Regardless of them blocking the rain or getting hit by it after teching, you should be able to punish with 5HS. If they're too high up however, they can repeatedly forward tech out of the rain and your pressure. Be wary of people who down or quick tech, and for those who don't tech it, you get a free Blue Shooter.

OTG > 214P > dash 5HS > xx
•Ripple Palm setup with free tech punish, this is optimal with only 2-3 hits in your OTG. The dash 5HS punishes all techs, and if they don't tech, you can use the resulting ripple in your pressure. If 5HS hits them grounded, you can get a simple knockdown with 214S or you can try to go into a combo.

OTG > 214S > 236P/(dash) 63214K
•In the event your 214S doesn't kill, you can try to limit the opponent's movement with Rain of Lamentation and Blue Shooter to try and keep on your pressure. The dash is optional; 214S puts you away from the opponent, so if you feel like taking chances, you can try to move closer to further restrict their space.


Blue Shooter is very useful and strong on oki, allowing Lynia to run high/low mixups safely, and covers up her mixup as well. When you dash in, first be wary of a couple things; the opponent's counter gauge (you're watching out for Moment Attacks here, simply block if you feel one coming), and their reversal (if they have one or have the meter to use it). From there, you can go for an immediate low, 6P, or stand still for a moment and then do a delayed low, or you can mix it in with IAD j.S oki. If Blue Shooter is chickenblocked, punish with 2S 5HS. Do note that if the opponent is far out enough, they will be able to (super)jump out of it; to beat this, considering BRKing 236P and dashing in to catch their jump with 2S or 5HS.

Because j.S hits three times, it can be tricky to block. On oki, depending on how deep you do your j.S can alter the number of times it hits; do it low or late enough and j.S will hit once or twice, allowing you to go for a low immediately after. If you do it shallow enough, you can have it hit three times and cancel into j.P for a sneaky, quick fourth overhead. Under the cover of 236P, this is also strong, since your height will be slightly covered, as well as the orbs from 236P will be hitting the opponent as well, making the number of times j.S has actually hit relatively ambiguous.

Crossup/Uncrossup j.HS
In the corner, crossing up with j.HS becomes an option. You can setup into this by doing xx > 236HS or using the whirlpool juggle combo. To crossup, just dash and then IAD over. To uncrossup, delay for a bit and then do your dash. Performing this off of 214HS is a bit harder to do, since you have to dash as soon as you leave recovery, or else it won't work. Your IAD height also affects whether or not you crossover.

Ripple Palm is an interesting tool because you get some unique setups off off it. On wakeup, assuming the opponent did not tech your OTG, you can use the resulting ripple in your blockstrings as a frame trap or to make your overhead safe, or even to setup a meterless combo. It also allows her to combo off of her throw when timed properly. Finally, it sets up her Fuzzy Guard. To do it, delay a bit (whiffing 5P helps with this) then j.9 at the opponent, hitting them with j.HS. It looks something like this: j.HS(blocked) land > j.8S (instantly) ripple hits > combo.



<please indent descriptions>




This is probably the most annoying matchup for Lynia; your range is on par with hers, and almost everything she can do she can do faster than you. DPs can ruin Blue Shooter oki if you're not careful (to bait, block until you confirm blocking), and anti-airing her is VERY risky; she can teleport to avoid your anti-airs, and her j.S beats your 2S as well. Generally, don't do it. Hope isn't lost; patience and active frames are very helpful. Throwing out a j.K early on reaction to aerial Aiwhen approaches can be in your favor as well as a good read in general (depending on the situation, j.S can work too). AVOID using 6HS; it'll get avoided with a teleport and you'll be punished for it. Well timed 236K's can be in your favor too (usually during Aiwhen's 236P/K mixups, works as an OS!), but always be wary when using it since it won't protect you from lows at all (though you can always BRK it to make it safe, which is a good idea most of the time). Once you manage to catch her, keep your pressure and mixups up well, riding your momentum; Aiwhen has no health and can be killed off with your super by the time you have for it if you decide to opt for that route. Avoid leaving too big of a gap in your strings, or else she can just teleport or DP out of your pressure; in blockstrings in the corner, she can forward teleport out of cl.5S 6S but not f.5S 6S, and other teleport options are unsafe. Using Ripple Palm in blockstrings is a good idea if you can manage ripples well.






Be very careful when running your okizeme; if it's not set up early enough, be ready to eat a command grab if you're up close. In neutral, 2S is your primary anti-air in this matchup; Cielo's j.HS stuffs your 5HS for a trade not in your favor, but your 2S will beat it out most of the time along with her j.S most of the time. Don't be afraid to go for another 2S if Cielo tries to jump again to avoid the first one. You can also zone her out using 236P and 63214K and Cielo won't be able to do much about it other than build meter; stop her the first chance you get. Just watch out for her fullscreen super when doing so, or if she starts to walk in on your rain; if you catch her blocking 236P, that's your chance to get back in.






Move Details

Special Skills

Rush Splash: With good timing, skill breaking most of Lynia's special moves will cost half of the usual cost of a BRK. This is indicated with a blue ripple and a splash sound effect, rather than the usual BRK effect. The cooldown meter still appears for the same amount of time. Specials that can be Rush Splashed will be noted with the [ Rushable ] property.


Blue Shooter - 236P [ Mid, BRK, Rushable ]
Shoots 4 orb like projectiles that travel on the bottom half of the screen. Dissipates if Lynia is hit.
Cutting Off the Stream - 214S [ Mid, BRK, Rushable ]
a.k.a. whirlpool a.k.a. water frisbee. Lynia throws out a disk made of water and pushes herself back as well. The disk can hit up to 4 times and travels a short distance. Causes knockdown if the opponent is low enough to the ground (won't knockdown on OTG). It's slightly plus on block, even if you are in the corner, making this useful for blockstrings if your corner crossups get blocked. Can also play a part in her neutral game in some cases.
Ripple Palm - 214P [ Mid, BRK, Rushable (block only)]
Lynia strikes forward with her palm; if it connects it creates a small water trap which detonates a short time later. This move is mostly used for setting up moves with long delays. Dissipates if Lynia is hit.
Ice Lance - (j.)236HS [ Mid (air hits High), BRK, Rushable (air only) ]
Summons a water lance which stabs slightly upwards (downwards if using the air version). It knocks the opponent back and causes wallslam if they hit the corner. Air version can cause knockdown. Only the air version can be Rush Splashed.
Crystal Sword - 214HS [ Mid, BRK (hit only) ]
After a short delay caused by embuning her rune blade with magical power, she slashes horizontally at the air. If it connects, it freezes the opponent before shattering. One of Lynia's most powerful specials, used mostly as a combo ender. Builds back decent meter when not in cooldown.
August Frost - 236K [ Mid, BRK, Rushable ]
Creating an ice shield that blocks both melee and projectiles, it counters by sending out a wave of floating water orbs if the shield is hit. Best to use this on reaction to attacks.

Known bug on this move: cannot input it as [4]236K. What this means is that is you cannot go into it after stand blocking. However, it will still come out if you input it as [1]236K (meaning you can do it after crouch blocking).
Rain of Lamentation - 63214K [ Mid, BRK, Rushable ]
Lynia summons rain which prevents the opponent from being in the air. The rain is blockable and on hit, puts the opponent into an airtechable state. Very useful for setting up guard crushes and zoning. The rain won't hit the opponent if they are in hitstun or an airtechable state.

Finishing Moves

Disorderly Ice Cutter - 2146HS [ Mid ]
Slashes at the opponent once. Has good horizontal range, can be comboed into. On hit, goes into a series of attacks. Has invincibility on startup so it works as a reversal, but don't be predictable with it like with any reversal.

Command Normals

Lynia 6HS.PNG
Just Break - 6HS [ High, Jump on hit only ] 6HS > 6S (on hit only), 214HS (on hit only)
Just Break, typical universal overhead. Really good range, even on block on grounded opponents, though get ready to block if it gets blocked in the air. Groundbounces on hit and is a staple in her combos.
Lynia 6P.PNG
Hard Hit - 6P [ High ] 6P > 5P, 2P, 5K, 2K, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
A short ranged spin attack, on hit you can confirm into BnB. Useful midblockstring or under the cover of 236P.
Lynia 6S.PNG
Step-In - 6S [ Mid, JC ] 6S > 5P, 2P, 5K, 2K, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
A decent ranged move, she takes a step forward before attacking. Useful in blockstrings to catch Chickenblockers; when this happens confirm into 2S > whatever you like. Great for resetting pressure.
Lynia j.2HS 1.PNG
Lynia j.2HS 2.PNG
Hammer Slap - j.2HS [ High ] j.2HS > N/A
Gives hard knockdown on hit against aerial opponents. Very useful for ending combos. It also can hit crossup pretty well, but it has very little hitstun on grounded opponents, making it hard to follow-up without it being counter hit.


Lynia 5P.png
5P [ Mid ] 5P > 5K, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 6S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Typical 5P. Whiffs most if not all crouchers.
Lynia 2P.PNG
2P [ Low ] 2P > 5K, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 6S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Lynia crouches for a low poke. You'll be using this a lot for pressure and mixups.
Lynia 5K.PNG
5K [ Mid ] 5K > cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 6S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Lynia extends her leg for a kick. May work as a quick mid-range poke.
Lynia 2K.PNG
2K [ Low ] 2K > cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 6S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Lynia slides out her leg for a low kick. Cannot be chained into, but is a decent poke.
Lynia cl.5S.PNG
cl.5S [ Mid, Jump ] cl.5S > f.5S, 2S, 6S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Lynia twists for a backslash. Nothing special, used as combo filler.
Lynia f.5S.PNG
f.5S [ Mid, Jump ] f.5S > 6S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Lynia reaches out for a side slash. Similar range to 5K. Mostly combo filler as well.
Lynia 2S.PNG
2S [ Mid, Air Unblockable ] 2S > 6S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Lynia crouches and turns her back to slash at the air. Pretty good anti-air, as Lynia's hitbox shrinks (and the move even hits behind her a little). Used mostly for punishing chicken blocking.
Lynia 5HS 1.PNG
Lynia 5HS 2.PNG
5HS [ Mid, Air Unblockable, Jump ] 5HS > 6HS
Lynia swings her sword over her head in the air. An amazing anti-air, has great vertical reach, and is air unblockable. Will lose to some air normals though, due to having its own hitbox with it. Also hits behind her, just make sure to cancel it into something, as it's bad on block and hit.
Lynia 2HS.PNG
2HS [ Low ] 2HS > 6HS
Lynia slashes at the ground in front of her. Has just a bit more range than her 2K and also hits low. Can mix this up with an overhead after 6S is blocked. Outside of this, it's used mostly when 5HS will whiff in a ground chain.

Air Normals

Lynia j.P.PNG
j.P [ High ] j.P > j.K, j.S, j.HS, j.2HS
A forward poke with her hand. Short range. Not super amazing, but has it's uses, such as being able to whiff it on a jump in to go for a throw.
Lynia j.K.PNG
j.K [ High, Jump ] j.K > j.S, j.HS, j.2HS
Lynia extends her leg for a kick. Your main air-to-air poke as it has decent range, great active frames, and comes out relatively fast.
Lynia j.S.PNG
j.S [ High, Jump ] j.S > j.K, j.HS, j.2HS
Lynia twirls her sword below her with her hand for 3 hits. This is primarily your jumpin (and is an amazing one too) but can also be used for when the opponent is below you in general. However, it can be beat by several anti-airs too, so be cautious when using it without cover. What makes this so good is a jump in is that you can alter the number of hits it does by changing how deep your jump in is.
Lynia j.HS.PNG
j.HS [ High, Jump ] j.HS > j.2HS
Lynia slashes horizontally with her sword. Is an okay air-to-air, having slightly less range than j.K, but lacks active frames and is slower than j.K with more recovery. To make up for it, it hits crossup pretty well, making that its primary use, and does a much better job at it than j.2HS!

Frame Data


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
5P 6 5 18 29 1 2 2
5K 7 5 25 37 1 -5 -5
cl.5S 8 5 18 31 1 2 2
f.5S 10 5 27 42 2 3 -2
5HS 14 6 42 62 2 -13 n/a
2P 7 5 22 34 1 -2 -2
2K 8 5 27 40 1 -7 -7
2S 11 5 36 52 2 -6 n/a
2HS 14 5 33 52 2 -3 -8
j.P 6 5 25 36 1 -5 -5
j.K 8 15 13 36 1 -3 -3
j.S 14 15 37 66 1 -17 -17
j.HS 13 5 23 41 2 7 2
Just Break (6HS) 35 4 36 75 3 0 -5
Hard Hit (6P) 37 5 30 72 1 7 (*1) 7 (*1)
Step-In (6S) 32 6 24 62 3 11 (*1) 6 (*1)
Hammer Slap (j.2HS) 17 5 38 0 3 0 (*1) -5 (*1)


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
Blue Shooter (236P) 51 n/a 23 74 1 n/a n/a
Cutting off the Stream (214S) 16 n/a 65 81 1 3 3
Ripple Palm (214P) 12 10 30 52 1 -11 -11
Ice Lance (236HS) 21 16 63 100 2 -33 -38
Air Ice Lance (j.236HS) 21 16 44 81 2 -24 -19
Crystal Sword (214HS) 35 5 36 76 2 -6 -11
Rain of Lamentation (63214K) 54 n/a 15 69 n/a n/a n/a
August Frost (236K) 5 53 25 83 n/a n/a n/a

Finishing Skills

Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
Disorderly Ice Cutter (2146HS) 79 5 51 135 2 -21 -26

Rush Splash

This data was obtained by creating modified replay files to test the exact timing.

Move Rush Splash timing Notes
Blue Shooter (236P) 29-35
Cutting Off the Stream (214S) 53-64
Ripple Palm (214P) 32-44 At the end of the BRK window. Only works if the move is guarded.
Ice Lance (236H) n/a Can not be Rush Splashed
Air Ice Lance (j236H) 34-40 At the end of the BRK window
Crystal Sword (214H) n/a Can not be Rush Splashed
Rain of Lamentation (63214K) 31-35
August Frost (236K) 14-20 The shield still appears for the full duration


  • *1: Decreased recovery on hit

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