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Neva Evault


  • Full Name: Neva Evault (ネヴァ=エヴァルト)
  • Age: 19
  • Occupation: Deputy Knight of Rakleia
  • Height: 159cm
  • Weight: 48kg
  • 3 Sizes: B88 W56 H87
  • Interests: Reading fiction
  • Dislikes: Slouches
  • Values: Albums
  • Weapon: Axe


Vice-leader of a group of knights on good terms with Ryuza's group. Although she's the daughter of a noble family, she is quite a lively, powerful fighter. Likes working outside, and is often going on travel for her work. Acts cool while among her group, but tends to do whatever she feels like when out and about.

Game Play

Neva's axe attacks cover a wide, sweeping range. Her ground moves can't be air guarded so she can force people to stay on the ground. High overall damage, thrown off by relatively slow speed on moves. She can convert her Counter Gauge offensively as an attack that converts it into Skill Gauge. Recommended to those who like to win by brute force.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 710

Move List

Special Skills
War Cry / ウォークライ O.png
Powerful Blow / 強打撃 Ground moves cannot be air guarded
Swing Down / 振り下ろし After Just Break HS.png
Hyper Comet / ハイパーコメット 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.png
Crash Emblem / クラッシュエンブレム 4.png2.png1.png+.pngS.png
Ascension Trap / アセンションドライブ 6.png2.png3.png+.pngHS.png
Gaia Strike / ガイアストライク 2.png3.png6.png+.pngS.png
Raging Pressure / レイジングプレッシャー 2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png (Air usable)
Finishing Moves
Dragon Buster / ドラゴンバスター 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngHS.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game

Depending on the matchup and situation Neva can do a variety of things from actively trying to approach on the ground, turtling on the ground, or simply fishing for j.HS in the air.

Ground Approach
Neva has a great forward ground dash that has some invincibility on it (goes through many projectiles!), and moves her forward fast enough she can capitalize on a small opening pretty well. She also has a lot of range on her ground pokes in general, most notably 2K (quick, low hitting), f.5S (great range), 2S (crouching profile, big hitbox), and 5HS (huge hitbox, but slow). This being said it's no suprise that she's very comfortable sitting at a range where her axe pokes are a threat, but she can also dash in and attack with a fast 2P or maybe 5P easily. Neva also has some other strong ground tools to help her get in, the most obvious one is her Hyper Comet (236P).

Hyper Comet has some very long startup, but once it goes active it's fully invulnerable until recovery, and can be safe on block when it hits late in the active frames. This move is most commonly seen used against other characters' projectiles to go through and punish them. However that's not all it's good for, if you are at a good distance you can use it against a grounded opponent and it will be safe (anywhere from -20 to +4f on block depending on spacing), however it's rather hard to get frame advantage off of it because the other player can move around the whole time you are moving, so use your best judgement. The other thing this move is good for is a sort of bootleg anti air, full invulnerability and huge horizontal distance covered means it can catch people unawares in the air. It will generally only hit airborne opponents once, knocking them down for minor damage.

Other Grounded Options
Ascension Trap (623HS) can be used as an anti air, as a counter to projectiles, and sometimes even other melee attacks. The downside to this move is that the startup is sluggish, and recovery is rather slow as well, though that can be easily fixed with a BRK.

Gaia Strike (236S) also hits up high in a fashion similar to Ascension Trap, however the startup is much slower, as well as the recovery. Gaia Strike covers a different area, about as high as Ascension trap except for more forwards. It's effective against grounded opponents, and you can catch people in the air unawares. However you have to be very careful against someone who is experienced in the matchup, because baiting it with a double jump could be the end of you.

Aerial Options
j.HS overall, is probably Neva's best normal in the air. It covers most of the area in front of her, extending to even above and below some. It ground slams on counterhit, and knocks down on regular hit, so you will always gain momentum if it connects. The weakness is that startup is relatively slow, you can't just be airdashing in recklessly with this move. When fishing for j.HS your safer options are to jump and double jump a lot, as well as air backdash.

Even if j.HS is her most used move, pretty much every air move has a use. j.S is great if you can get above your opponent and try to go for a crossup (the crossup hitbox is much stronger than the non-crossup hitbox). j.P has a strong disjoint downwards hitbox making it your ideal move for a regular jump in (i.e. no airdash, or high airdash), the followup with a j.K on the way down. Be careful with j.P jump-ins because it can be punishable if backdashed. j.K should be used from IADs and for in-your-face air-to-air situations.


At a basic level, it's extremely easy to pressure with Neva because her basic blockstrings perpetuate themselves. A good player can use fatal switches for garunteed escapes, anti air out of bad jumps, and of course reversal our Moment Attack out. Neva has no real high-low mixup that gives real damage, the other player can opt to always block low even when the threat of instant overhead j.P is there, or wait until Neva is pushed out of range to stop blocking low, as both of her overheads she can combo off of are completely reactable. What makes Neva's pressure scary, is that nothing she does can really be chicken blocked (if they chicken block some air attacks it's easy to come down and punish), so she can go for a more traditional tick throw mixup. Once she lands a combo she has some further mixup options available to her. All of these things combined make her extended pressure quite a threat to deal with.

Basic Blockstrings

  • Anywhere Some Chain > f.5S > rising j.P > falling j.S / j.HS (the falling hit can be Fatal Switched and punished with a throw during landing recovery)
  • Anywhere Some Chain > f.5S > jump back > airdash forward > j.P K (same weakness as the last one, but it's easier to mix up that second hit, backdashed j.P is also unsafe)
  • Anywhere Some Chain > 5HS > 236S (236S can be backdashed or fatal switched, timing needs to be mixed up some to avoid getting owned by backdashes)
  • Midscreen Some Chain > f.5S > jump forward > airdash over > j.S (vulnerable to anti airs)
  • Midscreen Some Chain > f.5S > rising j.P > falling j.K > dj9 > falling j.S (same deal)

Make your opponent respect Neva's basic options, then start going for more tricks like 2P > Dash Throw (yeah not much of a trick huh), empty jump-in > Throw, or 6HS overheads earlier in chains where it's not expected. Once you have meter as a threat if you are daring enough you can even start trying to use Raging Pressure to open people up (such as off jumpin j.P K), it can be just as effective in pressuring as it is in oki when used right.

If her 6HS is blocked, you can use Swing Down to snuff any sort of retaliation, or dash cancel it and continue pressure / punish backdash attempts.


0.86 combo video (some things no longer work): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=aiyYXcErVMI


... > 421S

throw > optional OTG

... (close) > 623H > j9...P K > dj9.K H > optional OTG

...236P(1) BRK > (66) ... 6H~H > 6P cl.S f.S > j9.P K > dj9.P K H > optional OTG

  • dash isn't required in the corner

... (close) 623H BRK > 214H > 6P cl.S f.S > j9.P K > dj9.P K H > optional OTG

  • 623H BRK > 214H must be done as fast as possible. You can input 214, then double tap both SP and H at the same time to do this easily.

In/Near Corner

... 236P

  • higher damage than 421S and knocks the opponent out of the corner for airdash j.S mixups


You can add any standing normal other than 5H or 6H straight into super to add extra damage, here's some examples:

... (close) 623H BRK > 214H > 6P cl.S f.S 2146H > optional OTG

...236P(1) BRK > (66) ... 6H~H > 6P cl.S f.S 2146H > optional OTG

Warcry Extensions

You can use war cry to create meterless, meter building combos. Or even better, you can use it to get a super combo for the kill early on. Here's some examples:

... (close, corner) > O > 66 cl.S f.S > j9.P K > dj9.P K H > optional OTG

  • Builds 50% meter

... (close, corner) > 623H BRK > ... 236S > 6P O > 66 O > 2146H

  • combo into super after a BRK combo for only 100 meter usage and 2 L blocks instead of 150 meter


Can optionally add OTGs after any hard knockdown

2K 2S f.S 421S

2K 2S f.S > jump cancel for initiative

(point blank) 5H 236P

  • puts you at perfect spacing to air throw a tech


Move Details

Special Skills

None of Neva's ground moves can be air blocked, with the exception of War Cry.

Neva 5O.PNG
War Cry - 5O [ Mid, Costs 1 Counter Gauge, Gains 25% Skill Gauge ]
Neva stomps on the ground and sends out a shockwave of energy that hits on all sides. Wallslams the opponent no matter how far away you are and can always be followed up on hit, safe on block. It converts your Counter Gauge into Skill Gauge, also making Neva the only character in the game who can use her Counter Gauge offensively. As you can see the hitbox is rather nice, it can work as an anti air or frame trap in desperate situations, but it's generally best to use mid-combo so that it is more or less guaranteed that you didn't just waste some Counter Gauge.


Neva 236P.PNG
Hyper Comet - 236P [ Mid, BRK, Invulnerable ]
Long startup, but fully invulnerable during the charge until it ends. Variable -20 to +4 on block depending on spacing, in other words it's generally safe if you do it from further out. The followup hit will only come out if the attack hits (not blocked), and will wallslam anywhere near the wall, which may or may not allow for a followup depending on spacing.

The long invulnerability makes this move great for going through projectiles, and will also catch anyone carelessly floating around in the air. Use with caution though, as it's easily punishable on wiff or when blocked too close. The startup is also rather long, so don't use it at the last second when trying to go through projectiles. Don't use it as a reversal either.

Neva 421S.PNG
Crash Emblem - 421S [ Mid, BRK ]
Amazing move, it's a prime staple in all of Neva's combos. Outside of combos, the long recovery can make it a very risky move to use as it will be easily punished if it's ever blocked or wiffed.

However, Crash Emblem not only has a good hitbox and lots of forward momentum, but it has only 7F of startup, making it just as fast as her 2P. When used at the right times, you can hit people out of a lot of shit with this move - just make sure you can't be blocked.

Neva 623HS 1.PNG
Neva 623HS 2.PNG
Neva 623HS 3.PNG
Ascension Trap - 623HS [ Mid, BRK, Catch Counter - Projectile ]
Neva's only move that can be BRK'd on wiff or block. Slow startup, though not quite as slow as Hyper Comet. Once active, the set of active frames in this move is a counter type move that will stop projectiles / melee attacks and fire a laser back at them in retaliation. Not very easy to followup when the laser comes out even when you BRK since it wallslams rather high up and doesn't have a lot of untechable time.

However if the opponent gets hit by one of the attack boxes (frames 2 and 3 to the left) instead of hitting the counter, and they get counterhit, it will launch them up in the air and they cannot recover at all - allowing Neva to followup with a high damage combo. She takes a big step back when she does this move so it's really ideal for projectiles and airborne opponents. The last hit also hits behind her which is also useful (like for use against recoveries, not that the move wasn't already amazing enough at destroy recoveries). Far too slow to be used as a reversal.

Neva 236S 1.PNG
Neva 236S 2.PNG
Gaia Strike - 236S [ High ]
A very slow overhead, not useful as a mixup at all. However this move gives minor frame advantage when blocked and does good chip damage. It can also be used to hit careless opponents out of the air (especially in the corner). Be wary of the slow startup and long active frames when using it out in the open, wiffing this move is a death sentence (i.e. backdash in the corner). Always groundslams on hit, and has untechable groundslam on counterhit, can almost always be followed up on hit.
Neva 214HS.PNG
Raging Pressure - 214HS [ Unblockable, BRK ]
Can be BRK'd both before the actual attack (while Neva is spinning the Axe) and after it hits. This move is even slower than her overheads (slow enough to mash out on reaction unless she BRKs early and goes into something else), don't even think of using it as mixup against a seasoned player without 50% Skill Gauge to back you up. Startup is actually faster when TK'd, which is important for Neva's okizeme. Any character in the game can backdash this move and punish it in the corner, not quite everyone can punish it after a midscreen backdash.

Finishing Moves

Neva 2146HS.PNG
Dragon Buster - 2146HS [ Mid ]
Looks the same as Hyper Comet, except for it goes a little further and has no invulnerability. However it does amazing damage on it's own and in short combos, still worthwhile in longer combos. Primary use outside of combos is an anti air threat (preemptive anti air of course).

Command Normals

Neva 6HS 1.PNG
Neva 6HS 2.PNG
Just Break - 6HS [ High, Jump (on hit) ] 6HS > Dash, Swing Down (HS)
Unique Just Break because Neva can not only Dash cancel it on block or hit, but she can also followup into "Swing Down" by pressing the HS button, which looks just like her 5HS except for that it will groundslam on hit and allow for a followup. This sort of mixup also makes it dangerous for people to try to do things after her 6HS is blocked.


Neva 5P.PNG
5P [ Mid, Jump ] 5P > cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Neva's best anti air option against people who are in her face, such as an IAD approach. Notice the partially disjoint attack box.
Neva 2P.PNG
2P [ Low ] 2P > 2K, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Neva's fastest normal and also frame advantage on block. Normally you want to use 2P for going into all of her blockstrings, as well as most tick throws.
Neva 5K.PNG
5K [ Mid ] 5K > 5P, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
It would be a really good move if Neva had any way of chaining into it, however she does not. Some nice forward momentum and good chaining options, but it hits mid and isn't really as fast as it could be.
Neva 2K.PNG
2K [ Low ] 2K > cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Good disjoint hitbox, actually a weapon attack even though it's assigned to a kick input. Good cancel options and should be used liberally in blockstrings against grounded opponents. Omit this move if you expect or confirm any sort of chicken blocking.

Also good as a relatively quick poke at mid ranges.

Neva cl.5S.PNG
cl.5S [ Low ] cl.5S > f.5S, 5HS, 6HS
Deceptively low hitting attack. No real use outside of chaining.
Neva f.5S.PNG
f.5S [ Mid, Jump ] f.5S > 5HS, 6HS
Nice reach makes it useful for poking around miscreen. More importantly it's jump cancelable, being Neva's primary jump cancel that actually gets used.
Neva 2S.PNG
2S [ Mid ] 2S > f.5S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Amazing hitbox, anti airs well due to crouching profile. Good as a poke against both grounded and airborne opponents provided they aren't in your face or directly above you.
Neva 5HS.PNG
5HS [ Mid ] 5HS > 6HS
HUGE hitbox, but sluggish startup. Always knocks down on regular hit, groundslams on counterhits. Neva also takes a step forward when doing this move making the effective range longer than it appears. Most useful near the edge of the hitbox where there's normally not any way for the other character to hit Neva first.
Neva 2HS.PNG
2HS [ Low ] 2HS > 6HS
Not especially useful due to terrible range (less than 2K!). It does launch on hit before knockdown down, giving it some limited use in combos. If you notice the other player stand blocking a lot you can use it as a low option late in attack strings, but only if you're very close. No good way to confirm off this move either.

The fact that it hits on both sides can be useful sometimes against ambiguous crossups, such as Aiwhen's teleports.

Air Normals

Neva j.P.PNG
j.P [ High ] j.P > j.K, j.S, j.HS
Great disjoint hitbox, normally used when jumping in from higher up, then chained into a delayed j.K on the way down to give quite a bit of frame advantage. Use with caution because it has awful recovery in the air, and if it's backdashed the opponent can often punish. Hits almost everyone when done from a rising jump forward, which is a vital part of Neva's blockstrings. She doesn't net much damage from it but you can also do it randomly as an instant overhead.
Neva j.K.PNG
j.K [ High, Jump ] j.K > j.S, j.HS
Suprisingly large hitbox on this move, normally used from low IAD's and in close up air-to-air situations.
Neva j.S.PNG
j.S [ High ]
Looks like a crossup! Amazing crossup box, you can still crossup easily even after airdashing over somebody. Works as a regular jump-in too but not nearly as well.
Neva j.HS.PNG
j.HS [ High ]
Basically covers the entire area in front of Neva. Many characters can best this move if they are at the right height, but not many can say they have such a great sweeping arc. Knockdown on air-to-air hit, groundslam on any counterhit - you're pretty much going to get momentum if this lands.

Frame Data

From the JP Wonderful World wiki.


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
5P 8 5 25 38 1 -5 -
5K 10 5 22 37 1 -2 -
cl.5S 17 5 40 62 2 -10 -
f.5S 18 5 35 58 2 -5 -
5HS 27 5 50 82 3 -15 -
2P 7 5 15 27 1 +5 -
2K 12 5 27 44 1 -7 -
2S 13 5 38 56 2 -8 -
2HS 20 5 35 60 2 -5 -
j.P 13 5 45 63 1 -25 -25
j.K 9 5 35 49 1 -14(*1) -14(*1)
j.S 19 5 50 74 2 -20 -25
j.HS 24 5 45 74 2 -15 -20
6HS 44 10 43 97 2 -18 -
Swing Down 27 5 50 82 3 -15 -
War Cry 12 5 33 50 2 -3 -8


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
Hyper Comet 20 24 43 87 2 -20(*2) -
Crash Emblem 7 3 63 73 2 -31 -
Ascension Trap 23 10 55 88 2 -30 -
Gaia Strike 37 09 65 111 3 0(*3) -
Raging Pressure 77 7 55 139 - - -
Raging Pressure (air) Height Variant 7 55 ? - - -

Finishing Skills

Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
Dragon Buster 74 26 43 143 2 -13 -

Landing Recovery

Level of Landing Recovery
0 1-6
1 6
2 10
3 15
4 19

Level 0 is doing nothing in the air, level one is a Punch attack, and so on. The recovery can be attack canceled.


  • *1: If you hit, it's -1F so it's actually -14.
  • *2: From the first active frame.
  • *3: Just like if JK hits, the recovery goes down, so it's 0.
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