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Full Name:   Sabe (サーベ) <br\><br\> Age:   197  —  Nickname:   Demon Sword <br\><br\> Height:   183cm  —  Weight:   79kg <br\><br\> Interests:   Killing <br\><br\> Dislikes:   Those who die right away <br\><br\> Values:   Himself <br\><br\> Weapon:   Can Summon Blades



A high-ranking demon living in hell. His hobbies include going above ground to smash up villages every once in a while. Several years ago, a certain swordsman cut out both of his eyes. However, even without his eyes, he can somehow see. He is the one who taught Lunathia dirty words.

Game Play

Sabe is a bit of an oddball character. He has amazing anti air options and a fullscreen grounded projectile, as well as a comboable command grab and the best jumpin in the game. He is somewhat lacking in the mixup department, but he makes up for it by netting incredible damage whenever he lands a combo, beyond 50% on most characters for as little as 2 bars.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 810
Combo Hits Before Damage Reduction -

Move List

Original Action

Sabe has no Original Action.

Normal Moves

5P: An average standing jab. This isn't + frames or neutral so don't use it to tick his command grab

2P: An average crouching jab. It's not + frames either

5K: Somewhat slow arcing kick. It looks like it's overhead, but it's not. Wallslams/hard knockdown if the opponent is currently being juggled and hit by this move

2K: A decent range but pretty slow kick. Hits low. O.k for poking

5S: Close range downward slash. Combo filler, jump cancelable

Far 5S: Long range armsword stab. Pretty good for footsies, jump cancelable

2S: Good range crouching horizontal slash. This is + frames on block

5HS: Bitchslap, decent range. Combo filler

2HS: Elbow stab into the air. Godlike anti air, air unblockable, jump cancelable. Whiffs crouchers

Aerial Normals

j.P: Quick downwards jab. Chains into j.K, j.S, and j.HS.

j.K: Twirling air kick that can crossup. Knocks down on normal hit, groundslam on counter. Good for air to air.

j.S: JC Rising punch in the air, juggles on hit. Chains into j.K and j.HS.

j.HS: Arm sword attack with amazing downwards hitbox. Chains into j.K.

Command Normals

6HS: "Dust" overhead slash. Can juggle afterwards. Pretty slow. Has some invincibility, but it might just be above the waist.

Special Moves

214HS: Dance of Swords - Spawns swords in a large area around himself that spin around for a brief moment. Controls a lot of space, including in the air, but can be punished on block by some moves. Knocks down if it hits a grounded enemy

236S: Road of the Dead - Slam the ground to create a wave of swords that travel fullscreen. Slow startup, but the swords move quite fast and do a lot of damage if they hit

236HS: Tomb of the Saint - Lift the opponent and throw them into the floor, generating a shockwave of swords. Pseudo Grab. It looks like a throw, but it's actually blockable. However, it will beat out pretty much every move that isn't invincible in a grounded battle and combos easily with massive range

j.236HS: Tomb of the Saint - Slam dunk airthrow! Again, a Pseudo grab, since it's blockable, but serves as a great combo tool

214P: Casket of Repose - Throw the opponent into the air, pierce them with swords and let them fall again. Command grab, VERY small range. Can combo off afterwards meterless, but the prorating is somewhat heavy

623P: Edge of Anguish - "Pull my finger". Points in a roughly 45 degree angle above him and shoots a massive multihitting sword out in that direction. Wallslams. No invincibility, but it is air unblockable, so it's a pretty decent space controller against people trying to chickenblock their way out of pressure


2146HS: Sword Hades - Slash the opponent a few times before stabbing them into the ground. Does massive unprorated damage. Has a range of about 3/4 of the screen, and a good deal of invincibility

j.23623HS: Tragic End Slam dunk the opponent, then throw them into the wall and impale them on swords. Pseudo grab. It is affected by proration and is generally not worth the meter


Sabe is very much a "go with the flow" character. You have a good amount of options no matter what's going on, so you mostly have to just play basic response game. If the opponent is dicking around and running away from you, use 236S/j.HS and dash 623P/2HS to catch them. If they keep trying to pressure string you, 236HS can grab them out of nearly anything. If they keep jumping at you/iading, use 2HS/623P and combo accordingly. If they're actually blocking go for 2B ticks into command grab or overhead. As long as you capitalize properly on all the damage opportunities you gets it's not hard to keep up or turn a match around entirely.



Meterless, Anywhere xx > 236HS / 214HS

  • If you're too far away to connect the grab, use 214HS as your combo ender instead.

Meterless, Anywhere 214P > Walk Forward > 5K Delay 5HS 6HS > Air Combo

Meterless, Anywhere 5K cl.5S Delay 5HS > 214HS > 5P 5HS 6HS > Air Combo

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 236HS BRK > (Dash) > 5K > (Dash) > cl.5S 5HS 6HS > Air Combo

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 236HS BRK > 5K cl.5S Delay 5HS > 214HS > 5P 5HS 6HS > Air Combo

50% Meter, In Corner xx > 236HS BRK > (Dash) > 5K > (Dash) > cl.5S 5HS > 623P > cl.5S 2HS > Air Combo

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 214HS BRK > Dash > 5K Delay 5HS 6HS > Air Combo

  • Using meter to capitalize off 214HS, not quite as easy as 236HS.
50% Meter Extender xx > j.236HS BRK > 5K (cl.5S) 5HS 6HS > Air Combo
  • Can only be performed once per combo, may have to omit the cl.5S if proration is high like with the meterless 214HS BnB.
150% Meter Extender xx > j.236HS BRK > 5K cl.5S 5HS > 2146HS
  • Finisher combo, rarely ever get meter for this thing.

Air Combo xx > j9.(P) S > dj9.S HS K > j.236HS


  • 2K cl.5S f.5S > 214P Dash / IAD / 236S (midscreen)

Important Normal Strings

2P / 2K > 2S / cl.5S > 5HS

2P / 2K > cl.5S f.5S


Vs. Lunathia

Get in. That part isn't really Sabe specific, but it applies to him more than some characters. Sabe's zoning isn't exactly what you would call stellar, which is why Lunathia will just walk all over you if you stay anywhere out of normal range. Once you do get in, though, the matchup becomes a lot easier. Lunathia's close game is alright, but yours is probably better. If you can land a hit on her, you're looking at anywhere from 40-80%, depending on the meter. Watch out for Hell's Rain. Basically, the matchup comes down to DO NOT LET HER KEEP YOU OUT. All she needs is to make one mistake and the round is yours.

Frame Data


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
5P these are example values


Original Actions

Finishing Skills

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