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Full Name:   Sasari Haruha/Shashin Haruhisa (ササリ・ハルハ/春葉 沙々理) <br\><br\> Age:   13  —  Occupation:   Former Miko <br\><br\> Height:   147cm  —  Weight:   39kg <br\><br\> 3 Sizes:   B70 W54 H75 <br\><br\> Interests:   Helping others, Getting Drunk <br\><br\> Dislikes:   Cleaning Laundry <br\><br\> Values:   Collecting Pamphlets in various locations <br\><br\> Weapon:   Shikigami and charms



A pseudo-miko with a lot of vigor. Ran away from home dreaming of a fun daily life. Her tone of voice often changes.

Game Play

Sasari is a zoning character with incredibly airtight rushdown. With a well placed doll on the field, she can get the opponent into long, airtight blockstrings, which also function as high damage combos, hitting up to 75% life for no meter. When she gets pushed back, these combos are no longer airtight, but can be used as stagger pressure. Setting up a doll is difficult, however, and getting the enemy properly placed in one is even more difficult. However, when she does, the rewards are vast.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 620

Combo Hits Before Damage Reduction - 4

Shave Ratio - 30

Move List

Original Action

All normals cancel into her original action commands.

5O: Summons a doll in front of Sasari at about chest level.

6O: Summons a doll far away from Sasari at chest level.

2O: Summons a doll in front of Sasari at knee height.

j.O: Summons a doll in front of Sasari in the air.

j.6O: Summons a doll far in front of Sasari in the air.

j.2O: Summons a doll at 2O height on the ground from the air. Very useful.

236O: Summons a doll that immediately does a slash attack. Takes 50% meter.

214O: Summons a doll that pauses for an instant, and then turns into a tornado, moving forwards. Hits many times, useful as a tool to do multiple safe mixups. Takes 50% meter.

j.236O: Summons a doll that immediately does a downwards slash attack. Takes 50% meter.

Normal Moves

5P: A waist level hand smack, cancels into everything but 2P.

2P: A hand smack to the legs that hits low. Cancels into everything except for 5P.

j.P: A 3 hit air orb that hits high. It can be used as a jump in but isn't overall that useful.

5K: A kick to the knees that hits low. Cancels into everything but Punches, and 2K

2K: A kick directly on the ground. Cancels into everything but Punches, and 5K

j.K: A kick outwards in the air. Has good horizontal range and hits high. Combo fodder and air-to air.

c.5S: A short blue energy swipe in front of Sasari. Cancels into f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, and 6HS. Jump cancellable.

f.5S: A longer blue energy swipe in front of Sasari. Cancels into all HS moves. Jump cancellable.

2S: A downwards energy swipe that hits mid. Cancels into HS moves.

j.S: A large energy swipe that hits above, below, and crosses up. Very good hitbox, but is also slow.

5HS: Sasari throws three cards at the enemy. Special cancellable after the cards are released, useful for zoning and combos. Also cancels into 6HS. This move is cancellable whether or not it hits.

2HS: Sasari attacks with a small energy ball at the enemies legs that hits mid. This move is unique in that it has very long hitstun, enough to combo into 6HS. Cancels into 6HS and specials.

j.HS: Sasari throws three cards downwards at a 45 degree angle. Cancels into any special and j.S.

Command Normals

6HS: An overhead launcher, sort of like a volleyball uppercut. Can be used in combos since 2HS combos into it.

Special Moves

236P: Throws a fireball straight in front of her. Combos from 5HS at any range. Knocks down.

j.236P: Throws a fireball diagonally down at a 45 degree angle. Knocks down grounded enemies.

214P: Sasari summons an ice chunk from the ground that launches. Can be BRKed into air strings.

j.214K: Sasari throws a ring of cards at a shallow angle downwards. It does one hit on the way out, and then comes back hitting multiple times and launching. Useful for making an opponent on the ground block.

22P/K/S: Sasari summons lightning on the ground. P hits right in front of her, K about a character length away, and S about 3/4ths across the screen.

623S: A three hit attack which moves far forwards and the third hit is low. Useful as a combo ender as it actually knocks down.

214S: A counter move which counters air, mid, and low normals. Maybe specials/projectiles but that needs to be tested. Fairly bad recovery on whiff and obvious. Be careful with it.

236/214HS: Moves the doll backwards or forwards, depending on if you use 236 or 214 and if you have switched sides since you summoned the doll or not. If you use this over and over there quickly becomes a delay before the doll will move. This move is staple in your pressure and loops. Useable in the air. This is a useless clap if you don't have a doll out, and if the doll goes more than just a little off screen, you cannot bring it back onscreen and it is gone. Moves the doll very slightly upwards.

623HS: The doll releases a burst of energy that has a very large hitstun like 2HS. Can be used in combos, moves the doll slightly downwards, if the doll goes too far down, it will disappear.

22HS: The doll turns into a ball and bounces off the ground and then goes up to 5O height. Ruins low doll placement so it can be risky as it creates the need for another doll.

421HS: The doll shoots a projectile straight upwards. Catches people off guard and covers a spot that Sasari cannot always cover herself. Useful. Moves the doll upwards.

2364S: Requires 100% meter. Sasari holds a ring of cards in front of her, if they hit, she does a powerful ice, wind, lightning, and fire combination attack. Can be used in combos as an easy finisher.

2146HS: Requires 100% meter and a doll. Sasari makes her doll do a long autocombo, ending with the doll disappearing. The doll will do this in the direction it was facing when it was summoned, not necessarily in the direction of the enemy. Not a good use of the meter.


Use your doll. Always have a low doll out for use in pressure and combos, as a high doll will whiff people in hitstun when they crouch. On knockdown, generally you want to set up a doll using 2O


Basic Combos

Basic String: 5K c.S f.S 5HS 623S
Low damage basic bnb with knockdown. 2K 236P can be used as OTG.

Close String: 5K/c.S 2HS 6HS Aerial
If you can confirm a close 5K/cS into 2HS, this is the basic combo. Does more damage, doesn't give knockdown.

Alternate Basic String: 5/2P 5/2K 5S 5S 5HS 236P
Basic magic series cancel chain. You can go into this combo from a falling j.P or j.S if you land deep enough. However, the fireball is techable so this doesn't give you knockdown. This string is also safe on block in case you don't get the confirm, and leads to a doll or lightning based blockstring in the same manner as the combo.

50% Meter Launcher Ground String: 5K c.S f.S 5HS 623S BRK 2HS 6HS Aerial
A way to easily go into Sasari's air strings. Should confirm from basically any range, even if the first hit of 623S whiffs, this still works. 2HS comes immediately after the delay, inputting 2SP~HS isn't a bad idea.

Starter Aerial: j.KS dj.KS dj.HS dj.236P
Basic aerial. Nothing special about it. You can summon a doll on the way down.

50% Meter Aerial: j.KS dj.KS dj.236O land 2HS Finisher
Aerial for 50% meter. The dj.236O groundslams them, and 2HS is untechable. You can either knockdown from the 2HS with something like 236P or 623S, or use another 6HS in order to do another aerial, or even combo into 2364S.

Doll Loops

The basis for the doll loop is getting as many hits in between each 214/236HS as possible to make sure the doll can still move.

Corner: c.S f.S 214/236HS c.S f.S 214/236HS {f.S (5HS) 214/236HS} x N

  • The 5HS is needed when the doll is not on top of the enemy, and the 214/236 commands need to be adjusted to be aimed at the enemy, with moving the doll towards the center of the screen being preferable. It takes practice to get the feel for this.

Corner: c.S f.S 2146HS c.S f.S 236HS f.S 214HS f.S 5HS 236HS f.S 214HS f.S 5HS 236HS f.S 214HS f.S

  • This is an example of the corner loop from above.
  • At that point the combo ends, no matter what you do, even hitstun is reduced so much you cannot do a 22B afterwards. However, anything will be a stagger, so a mash or poke will get hit into another shorter loop.

Midscreen: c.S f.S 236HS {f.S 5HS 214/236HS} x N

  • This is the midscreen version. In general you need the 5HS to do this combo. However, sometimes it can be omitted. In general this combo will be ended by the user making a mistake, rather than too much pushback.

Midscreen: c.S f.S 214HS 2HS 6HS Aerial

  • This is an alternate combo that can be used in place of a doll loop midscreen that leads into an aerial.
  • This only works if the doll pulls the back to you, not away.


Duna: If the Duna is sitting back and spamming projectiles, your prime projectile spamming point is actually pretty much a blind spot unless she is moving backwards. j.HS xx j.236P is incredibly strong in this matchup, and if you get a doll on the ground by where Duna is turtling from, she will not be able to outzone you. Her melee is better than yours and you need to be careful about this. j.214K is incredibly strong in this matchup.

Cielo: Do not like Cielo get in on you. If you let Cielo get in you have killed yourself. You have low HP, Cielo has high HP, and Cielo does a LOT of damage on her throws. Unfortunately, she is going to be coming at you from the air and you can't do much about this. Try to stay above her, throw out well spaced j.HS and j.214K to make sure she can't jump, but chances are it is going to be difficult to keep her out. Also, her crouching hitbox is small, you need your dolls to be low if you want them to be useful.

Neva: Neva is incredibly difficult to approach. She struggles to get in on you, but she has a full screen counter that will counter your projectiles, and her anti-air is incredibly good. She can dash through projectiles and her normals eat projectiles. Her unblockable oki is unavoidable as far as I know and she outdamages you, even with doll loops. Get her in pressure, keep her blocking, build up chip damage, use your best combos, and kill her before she can steamroll you. Needs very aggressive zoning, if your offense doesn't have a doll involved, you're not trying hard enough and you're not doing the best job you can. You need that chip.

Frame Data


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
5P these are example values


Original Actions

Finishing Skills

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