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Aja Salisbury


Move List

Normal Moves

Yata Aja 5LP.png

4f startup. Whiffs on most crouching characters. The recovery can be canceled into another LP for easy hit confirms. Special- and super-cancelable.

Yata Aja 2LP.png

Standard crouching LP.

Yata Aja jLP.png

Not as quick as most other jumping LPs.

Yata Aja 5LK.png

Max damage light normal, chains into HK.

Yata Aja 2LK.png

Standard crouching LK.

Yata Aja jLK.png

Fastest air normal, many active frames. Can crossup, but linking after it is often not possible.

Yata Aja 5HP.png

Long range slash. Special- and super-cancelable.

Yata Aja 2HP.png

Lower vulnerable hurtbox compared to standing HP. Special- and super-cancelable.

Yata Aja jHP.png

Max damage jumping normal. Very large range.

Yata Aja 5HK.png

Its vulnerable hurtbox doesn't extend as far out compared to her HP attacks, useful counterpoke. Special- and super-cancelable.

Yata Aja 2HK.png

Amazing anti-air normal. Mixing it in with your other anti-air options can easily result in BL counters against parry-happy opponents. Special- and super-cancelable.

Yata Aja jHK.png

Best jumping attack for crossups.

Command Normals

Yata Aja 3HK.png

Fast sliding kick that travels about 3/4 screen distance. Frame advantage if it is blocked at the tip, but can easily get parried or neutral jumped.

LP+HP (Overhead)
Yata Aja UOH.png

-1 on block and hit against standing opponents. Leads into the LK,HK target combo against crouching.

HP+HK (Unblockable)
Yata Aja UUB.png

Aja is considered to be crouching during the animation.

Target combos


Useful target combo for easy two-hit confirms. +2 on block. Special- and super-cancelable.

Special Moves

Aja may cancel the first special move in a string into other special moves on hit and block (but not on parry) at any point in their recovery frames. The LP/LK versions of her special moves may be charged up to two different levels by holding the button down, usually resulting in better hitboxes, damage and other properties.

236P Gekisensai
Yata Aja 236P.png

Horizontal slash that pulls the opponent in on hit and block. Negative on hit and block, enough so to be punishable in a lot of situations.

  • LP: Charge level improves frame advantage and pull distance, but only LV3 is advantageous on block and hit. LV3 version has a large disjointed hitbox.
  • HP: -
  • EX: Fullscreen vacuum effect.
236K Mushinshou
Yata Aja 236K.png

Overhead strike. Very negative on both hit and block regardless of version, but large pushback so it can be hard to punish when spaced properly.

  • LK: LV2 ground bounces opponents that have been launched. Strong combo potential.
  • HK: -
  • EX: Causes knockdown.
214P Gouezan
Yata Aja 214P.png

Anti-air slash. Quick startup coupled with a gigantic hitbox.

  • LP:
    • LV1: no invincibility
    • LV2: super armor on startup
    • LV3: fully invincible until recovery
  • HP: Upper-body invincibility on startup
  • EX: Fully invincible until active, upper-body invincibility afterwards.
214K Kokuushin
Yata Aja 214K.png

A launcher that whiffs on crouchers. Unsafe when blocked. Mostly combo-filler as Gouezan makes for a better anti-air.

  • LK: charge level greatly improves damage and scaling.
  • HK: -
  • EX: -
41236P Ryokusendan
Yata Aja 41236P.png

A rushing slash. Destroys incoming normal and EX projectiles (except Azure's Reppus). Unlike other specials, the LP and HP versions can only be canceled during the active frames and may not be super-canceled.

  • LP: Charge level increases the range, adds additional hits and improves the frame advantage (though all versions remain disadvantageous when blocked).
  • HP: 2 hits.
  • EX: 4 hits. Launches on hit. +0 on block. Remarkable in being one of the only ways to safely end blockstrings.


236236P Gekisen Gojou Renge
Yata Aja 236236P.png

Moderately damaging ranbu that has better juggle potential than a lot of Aja's specials, though most of the hits will whiff on airborne opponents. Best used in combos that leave the opponent grounded.

214214K Kongou Shingonsou

Timer super that removes the limit on special cancels in strings and slightly reduces the charge time for her powered up special moves. Canceling into it from her normally unsafe specials generally leaves you at a slight frame advantage on block and allows linking afterwards on hit. Lasts 6 seconds. Reinforcing it doubles the duration.


Combos using EX meter [[1]]

Super 2 confirms [[2]]