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Move List

Normal Moves

Yata Azure 5LP.png

Highly damaging light attack (4000). Leads into his target combo as well as LK and EX Mueikyaku.

Yata Azure 2LP.png

Azure's fastest normal at 5f startup. Doesn't lead into anything, but has decent frame advantage.

Yata Azure jLP.png

Fastest jumping normal. Can be special-canceled.

Yata Azure 5LK.png

Just as fast as cr.LP, but worse frame advantage.

Yata Azure 2LK.png

Azure's only chain-cancelable light attack. Best chained into st.LP.

Yata Azure jLK.png

Crosses up, but linking after it is difficult. Can be special-canceled.

Yata Azure 5HP.png

Unlike most characters, Azure can special-cancel his standing HP. Buffer it into LK or EX Mueikyaku in footsies.

Yata Azure 2HP.png

High frame advantage on block and hit. Links into st.LP and itself.

Yata Azure jHP.png

Most damaging jumpin.

Yata Azure 5HK.png

Great anti-air normal due to its disjointed hitbox. Whiffs on most crouching characters.

Yata Azure 2HK.png

Standard low forward.

Yata Azure jHK.png

Good range and may crossup.

Command Normals

Yata Azure 3HK.png

Less range and slower to startup compared to cr.HK. May not be very useful.

LP+HP (Overhead)
Yata Azure UOH.png

One of the best universal overheads in the game. +3 on block and hit against standing characters, links into cr.HP against crouching.

HP+HK (Unblockable)
Yata Azure UUB.png

Scary when combined with his fireball super.

Target combos


Simple target combo that knocks down. +2 on block. Super-cancelable.

Special Moves

236P Byakujin Reppu
Yata Azure Reppu.png

Ground fireball. Button strength determines the speed. 2 hits up close, but won't combo by itself except when used as a meaty. The fireball won't be launched if Azure gets hit during the initial active frames. Super-cancelable.

236P (in mid-air) Byakujin Shippu
Yata Azure Shippu.png

Air fireball. Button strength determines the angle. Hitbox doesn't become active until it starts moving.

214K Mueikyaku
Yata Azure Mueikyaku.png

Arcing jump kick. Hits mid.

  • LK: +0 on block/+3 on hit. Resets the opponent on air hit.
  • HK: +3 on block/+6 on hit. 2 hits against most standing opponents. Links into cr.LK. Resets the opponent on air hit.
  • EX: +1 on block. Low invincible startup. Causes ground bounce if both hits connect, but the opponent can still be juggled afterwards if only one strike hit.
236K Keiho
Yata Azure Keiho.png

Command dash. The button strength determines the distance and recovery time. May pass through the opponent. No invincibility whatsoever.

  • LK: Shortest distance, medium recovery.
  • HK: Medium distance, longest recovery.
  • EX: Longest distance, fastest recovery.
214P Rokumonshihosho
Yata Azure 214P.png

Upwards-hitting punch special that is mostly used in juggle combos. Not really a viable anti-air in most situations. Lengthy active frames. Can be canceled into high jumps and super.

  • LP: fastest startup.
  • HP: slower startup, but same damage and scaling as the LP version.
  • EX: moves slightly forward. Eats less juggle points than the other versions.


236236P Shunjunrankujin
Yata Azure 236236P.png

Fireball super. No invincibility. The button used determines where the fireballs land. The fireballs won't come down again if Azure is hit during the startup. Reinforcing this super adds two additional projectiles, increasing the damage by roughly 60%(!).

  • LP: fireballs land at half-screen range.
  • HP: fireballs land at full-screen range.
  • LP+HP: fireballs land on top of Azure.
632146P Kukyogachirin Shishinomai
Yata Azure 632146P.png

Command grab super. Fully invincible startup. Can be jumped out of on reaction, so only useful as a reversal. Reinforcing it adds additional hits and a new animation (purely cosmetic).


Azure combos and setups [1]