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Chadha is a soft spoken wrestler. As the archetypal grappler his fighting style favors high-risk high-reward throw mixups. Chadha is normally slow and hulking but can move at surprising speed in bursts. Unlike most other characters, it is essential to learn how to defend yourself properly to avoid being whittled away by nimbler characters who will try to pressure you forever. Chadha's greatest assets are brought to full bear after successful parries.

Move List

Normal Moves

Chadha 5lp.png

A quick thrust, works well in pretty much any situation. Decent range as a poke and a decent hitbox as an emergency anti-air. Will whiff against crouching opponents at a distance. Chains into other light moves and cancels into specials.

Chadha 2lp.png

Similar to the standing version but with a much lower hitbox.

Chadha jlp.png

Chadha's fastest air move, not terribly useful but good to stuff other options air to air.

Chadha 5lk.png

Chadha's fastest ground normal. Exceedingly small range gives it limited use, even for tick-throw setups. Not special cancellable.

Chadha 2lk.png

A quick low kick to keep your opponents in check. Not much combo potential but very important for keeping Chadha's options open.

Chadha jlk.png

Falling knee. Extremely quick to come out with many active frames, but suffers from poor range. Works well as a surprise setup for a tick throw. Up close it can be used as an instant overhead (but will whiff on crouching opponents) and on okizeme as a delayed cross up.

Chadha 5hp.png

The chop of death. Has a deceptively high hitbox which makes it ideal as an anti-air, but will lose most trades. Will cause groundbounce on BL counter hit, leading to massive damage.

Chadha 2hp.png

Slow shoulder tackle with super armor.

Chadha jhp.png

Body splash. Vulnerable to anti-airs but capable of crossing up.

Chadha 5hk.png

A huge high kick. Fairly slow but allows Chadha to punish jumps and pokes from a very large distance. Will whiff against crouching opponents.

Chadha 2hk.png

Very slow low kick, avoid using.

Chadha jhk.png

Dropkick. Great reach and damage but must be spaced carefully to avoid being too vulnerable.

Command Normals

Chadha 3hk.png

Universal sweep. More damage than Chadha's crouching HK and will knock down on hit.

LP+HP (Overhead)
Chadha lphp.png

Universal overhead. Great to go over sweeps and set up a tick throw, not much different from jumping LK otherwise.

HP+HK (Unblockable)
Chadha hphk.png

Another mix up tool. You can buffer an 1800 during this or link into either LP Mega Death Pressure or cr.HP.

Special Moves

623P Scourge Impact
Chadha 623p.png

A menacing standing punch. Can be used to reflect projectiles back at your opponent.

  • LP - Surprisingly fast, great for building meter on knockdown.
  • HP - Fairly slow, but higher damage and can link into normal attacks on hit.
  • EX - Fast, multiple hits, and has guard point. Launches on hit and is super cancellable. Invulnerable to normal throws.
623K Chadha Today's Kick
Chadha 623k.png

A dropkick that covers good distance. Has high damage and knockdown but is extremely vulnerable even on block if spaced incorrectly.

  • LK - Short distance, typically a combo ender. Safe on block when performed at roughly half screen range.
  • HK - Long distance and will jump over projectiles. Great as a punish tool. Unsafe on block unless performed at maximum range.
  • EX - LK's startup with HK's range and damage. Unsafe on block at any range, although it will burn 50% of your opponent's guard bar.
360P Mega Death Pressure
Chadha 360p.png

The spinning piledriver every grappler worth his weight can perform. Unblockable but will only connect if the opponent isn't in hit/blockstun. You can even grab opponents out of the air with this move as well if you parry a deep jump-in! Be wary as the startup is quick, but not instantaneous.

  • LP - Largest range.
  • HP -
  • EX - Most damage, least range.
360K Running Punish
Chadha 360k.png

This move has two parts, a movement component and a throw attempt. If executed point blank Chadha will attempt a grab right away.

  • LK - Chadha only moves a short distance.
  • HK - Chadha moves a third of a screen width for his grab.
  • EX - Chadha moves half a screen width and has guard point during movement.
360P Nudus Punish

Aerial version of Mega Death Pressure. Can be used in juggle combos as a combo ender. Typically won't hit anyone if they are below Chadha in the air. EX has super armor.

  • LP - Hitbox is above Chadha. Chadha j360lp.png
  • HP - Hitbox is deep. Chadha j360hp.png
  • EX - Largest hitbox. Chadha j360pp.png Getting Anti-Aired results in being put in a BLCH combo.


360xP Giga Death Pressure

This is the move you want to land all the time. If chosen as your reserve super, it has multiple levels based on how many rotations you input. The fourth and final level requires two full meters. Given enough practice you can reliably perform five rotations off a single superjump.

  • Level 1 - 720 Chadha 720p.png
  • Level 2 - 1080 Extra hop Chadha 1080p.png
  • Level 3 - 1440 Extra hop Chadha 1440p.png
  • Level 4 - 1800 Extra drop which doubles the damage Chadha 1800p.png
236236HK Peredu Great Moment
Chadha 236236hk.png

Chadha's anti-air super. Works in many situations and is great in combos, but has no invulnerability to speak of.

236236LK ????
Chadha 236236lk.png

Chadha hops forward and performs a throw attempt. This super has invulnerability on startup and guard point on landing. Be careful not to be too close that you jump over your opponent and whiff. If Chadha is hit from behind during this move it will auto-correct, as such it is wise to punish it in the air.

Chadha auto-corrects.


LP+HP Overhead cr.HP (feels like 2 frames to land it) 623LP+HP 236236HK

623LP (hits them out of the air), 623LP, cr.HP/cr.HK.

j.HK/HP cr.HP 623LK

623HP cr.HP 623LK

623HP cr.LP cr.LP cr.LK

j.HK/HP cr.HP 623LP+HP 236236HK

(corner) j.HK/HP cr.HP 623LP+HP cr.HP 236236HK

(air BL counter) 623LK 623LK 623LK cr.HP 236236HK

Guard Break setup

cr.HP 623LP cr.HP 623LK+HK and either 360P Mega Death Pressure (any strength) or 360P Giga Death Pressure


General Strategy

Chadha has a scary mixup game and good single hit damage on his normals. The goal of any grappler character is to instill fear of the command grab and psyche them out.

His cr.HP into LP Scourge Impact combo puts him in just the right position to go for mind games. You could do either 360LP Mega Death Pressure, 360K Running Punish, another Scourge Impact or EX Impact, if the Scourge Impact whiffs and you're close enough or they block it you can go right into Gige Death Pressure, walk in and throw or tick into the regular throw with LP or LK, or walk in cr.HP into Today's Kick. You could also do HP or HK. HP will catch them if they try to neutral jump or jump towards you or just generally tapping buttons. HK will catch them if they try to jump away. Or even jump and Nudus Punish. You have a ton of options with Chadha. Experiment and see what they're weak to.

Once you get a knockdown you could do j.HP or j.HK but getting a good setup is hard because his command grabs send them flying so far away from you. If you can get the setup than go for it, be aware that certain AA normals (like Shoto cr.HP) beats j.HP.

Aside from basic tick setups or doing cr.HP on their wakeup you could also just do EX Scourge Impact. It will beat any wakeup attacks except for Supers. The problem is the amount of damage you do to them will be roughly the same as they do to you. They could also jump out. Something worth exploring to keep them in check.

If you're close enough it's often a better idea to go for a regular throw rather than a Command Grab just because your command grabs have significantly more recovery. Let's say you tried to grab them on wakeup and they jump out. If you did a regular grab they can still jump and HK/HP you but they cannot get a full combo. If you did a Command Grab then they have more than enough time to do that. You could also do cr.LK and LP or EX Scourge Impact to catch them trying to jump out or trying to tech a throw.

If the opponent wants to play keepaway/zoning be aware that you're cr.HP is a very good normal and is excellent at whiffing and building meter. You could also harass them with LK Today's Kick at the right range until they punish it. Building meter and getting a Super loaded and dare them to jump at you is legit. You could also use your other good normals like st.HP and st.HK to footsie them. Be aware that j.HK has deceptively good range and at almost max range can still be comboed into cr.HP and then Today's Kick.

Unfortunately while Chadha can cancel HP into his Grab Super, if the opponent parries the HP they can still hit you out of the Grab Super.

More reset gimmicks: If you do an EX Scourge Impact and you don't combo into Peredu Great Moment or you're too far away you could go for a reset by comboing right into either LP or cr.LP.

Following the cr.LP you could walk in and do; cr.HP, HP, HK, cr.LK. Be super risky and a do a Drop Kick. You could also dash in and Giga Death Pressure or LK Super as they land. If they try to jump out cr.HP and cr.LK will catch them.

Mix it up. Make them respect the Peredu Great Moment if you have a super loaded. In fact, if they're jumping in and you have a life lead, try to do the Peredu Great Moment. If they hit you out of it while they're in the air they can only get that one hit, they can't combo off of it and they don't get a BLCH combo out of it either. The timing to hit you out of the Super has to be very specific. They cannot jump in, see that you did the super and react. They have to commit in order to hit you out of it.