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Like Kou, Crow is a traditional shoto character. He lacks Kou's ability to convert st.HP and cr.HK from long range, weakening his footsie game somewhat. He makes up for it by being easily able to set up pressure with his fireballs and having access to stronger reversal options.


  • meterless invincible DP
  • EX fireball is great at forcing pressure
  • gets stronger conversions from BL counters


  • poor damage outside of close range
  • higher execution requirements on his advanced combos

Move List

Normal Moves

Move: Startup/Active - Hit Adv/Block Adv
LP: 6F/4F - +4F/+3F
Yata Crow 5LP.png

Standard jab. Chains to c.LP, hits Hanzo, Jyu and Chadha crouching

cr.LP: 5F/3F - +4F/+3F
Yata Crow 2LP.png

Crouching jab. Hits mid. chains to all light normals.

j.LP: 5F/11F - ?/?
Yata Crow jLP.png

Randy Savage its not but, its an elbow. Stays out a long time.

LK - 8F/4F - +3/+2
Yata Crow 5LK.png

Mid-hitting toe kick. Max damage light normal.

cr.LK: 5F/2F - +1F/±0
Yata Crow 2LK.png

Hits low, decent range.

j.LK: 7F/11F - ?/?
Yata Crow jLK.png

Jumping knee. Good downward hitbox.

HP: 10F/4F - +4F/+1
Yata Crow 5HP.png

Longer range than it looks. Hits crouchers.

cl.HP: 8F/6F - +3F/+0F
Yata Crow clHP.png

Upwards hitting punch that may stop some crossups.

cr.HP: 9F/3~4F - -1F/-4F
Yata Crow 2HP.png

Good anti-air normal. Max damage normal. Slightly slower than Kou's.

j.HP 9F/4F - ?/?
Yata Crow jHP.png

Awkward superman punch. Highest damage jump in.

HK: 8F/4F - +2F/-1
Yata Crow 5HK.png

Upwards roundhouse kick. Hits crouchers.

cr.HK: 9F/3F - -1F/-3F
Yata Crow 2HK.png

Low forward yo. Special cancellable, super cancellable. You're going to get real familiar with this normal.

j.HK: 7F/5F - ?/?
Yata Crow jHK.png

downwards jump kick. Crosses up.

Command Normals

LP+LK (Overhead)
Yata Crow UOH.png

Short-hop j.LP. The box is out for a lot longer than it seems, and extends a bit farther down as well.

HP+HK (Unblockable)
Yata Crow UUB.png

A slower f.st.HP. Despite low speed, has decent range.

Yata Crow 3HK.png

Sweep. Similar to Ryu's in that it extends out moderately far but recovers slowly.

Yata Crow 6LP.png

Two-hit overhead. Due to the higher damage and two-hit property it is slightly more useful than Kou's version.

Yata Crow 6HK.png

A hop kick. The recovery frames may be canceled into a special move or super for a combo. +2 on block.

Special Moves

Ateyumi – Kagebi 236P
Yata Crow Kagebi.png

Crow’s fireball. They travel slower and are faster to recover than Kou's.

  • LP: Moderate speed. When thrown from longer range Crow can dash behind it to gain pressure.
  • HP: Fast speed.
  • EX: Slowest speed and greatly reduced recovery. Potent pressure tool at closer ranges. Dissipates after traveling for a while.
Manchuin – Toriuchi 623P
Yata Crow Toriuchi.png

Crow's uppercut.

  • LP: Low invincibility on startup. Single hit.
  • HP: Fully invincible startup. Single hit. 7000 damage on the first active hitbox, only 2500(!) on the later ones. Make sure to time this properly in combos!
  • EX: Fully invincible startup. 5 hits. Slower to startup than the normal versions.
Himezori – Yuzuruha 214K
Yata Crow Yuzuruha.png

Potent combo tool. All versions launch the opponent on hit, allowing for varying juggle opportunities. The normal versions whiff on crouchers and won't combo from light attacks.

  • LK: Single hit. Mainly used in BL Counter combos for a corner carry from anywhere on the screen.
  • HK: 3 hits.
  • EX: 2 hits. Hits crouchers and is -3 on block, so most characters won't be able to punish it unless they parry. Only Shahouhassetsu will juggle after this.


Shahouhassetsu Ukifune 236236K
Yata Crow Shahouhassetsu.png

Crow's Shoryureppa. Fully invincible and fast startup (3f). Not that amazing in combos as usually only a few of the hits will connect and the range is pretty short.

Kasanejumonji – Kujigarasu 214214P
Yata Crow Kasanejumonji.png

Guard break on the first hit. Fully invincible until the first active frame. Pretty slow to come out. Unlike Kou, Crow gets a juggle opportunity after this move, leading to some of his higher damaging combos on a clean hit. Useful for punishes.


0 bars:

  • cr.LK, cr.LK xx 623HP
  • 6HK xx 623HP
  • cr.HK/cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214LK, 214HK, 623HP
    • only works against standing opponents. Omit 214LK to make it easier.
  • cr.HK/cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214LK, cr.HK xx 623HP
    • difficult, but more damaging variant
  • (aerial BLC), [214LK]x4, 623HP
    • standard BLC conversion that works from anywhere
  • (corner only) (aerial BLC), [214LK]x2, [623LP]x2, 623HP
    • slightly more damaging corner variant

0.5 bars:

  • cr.LK, cr.LK xx EX 214K
  • (aerial BLC), EX 214K, [214K]x2, 623HP
  • (corner only) (aerial BLC), EX 214K, [623LP]x2, 623HP
    • slightly more damaging corner variant

1 bar:

  • cr.HK/cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214LK, 214HK, 623HP xx 236236K
    • only works against standing opponents
  • cr.HK/cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214LK, 214LK, 236236K
    • easier variation
  • cr.HP xx 214214P, 214HK, 623HP
    • high damage punish combo
  • cr.HP xx 236HP xx 236236K
    • easier punish combo. Only works from point blank.
  • (aerial BLC), [EX 214K]x2, 623HP
    • highest damage possible from a BLC

1.5 bars:

  • cr.HK/cr.HP/cl.HP xx EX 214K, 236236K

2 bars:

  • (corner only) 214214P, 214214P
  • cr.HP xx 214214P, 214HK, 623HP xx 236236K


Crow1.png Crowlk.png Crowparry.png