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Yatagarasu v4.3 Heads-Up Display (1)


1Health Gauge • Displays player stamina. Once fully depleted, the player is Knocked Out (K,O).

2Button Locking Level Indicator • Displays the two levels of Button Locking/Parrying. The squares will light up according to which parry is attempted (Top = High Button Locking (HBL), Bottom = Low Button Locking).

3Player Name • Indicates player's name. Will display custom names in netplay matches if one has been created.

4Round Count & Victory Medal • Shows number of rounds needed to win and how many rounds a player has currently won. Default round count is set for two points. Victory Medals include: [DESCRIPTION NEEDED]

5Timer • Indicates time remaining in a round. Starts at 99, player with the most Health at 00 timer seconds is awarded a Victory Medal.

6Guard Gauge • Displays guarding endurance. When fully depleted, the defending player will enter the Guard Clash (Guard Crush) state and be unable to defend briefly. Gauge will flash red when approaching a potential Guard Crush.

7Win Count • Displays match win streaks.

8Super Move Reinforcement Indicator • The steady light indicates the Super Move that has been selected to be Reinforced for improved damage. Red/Top = Super Move 1, Blue/Bottom = Super Move 2.

9SP Gauge • Displays current EX and Super Move stock. The number aside the gauge indicates total number of complete SP Bars (0, 1, or 2). A bar is portioned into a half, indicating available access to EX moves (as EX moves require 1/2 of an SP Bar).

Yatagarasu v4.3 HUD (2)

COMBODISP.jpg Msgcrop.jpg

10Message Display • Indicates when a when a particular event has taken place during the course of a round. Messages include: Omit Idol, Tech Hit, First Attack, Reduce, BL Counter, Highjump Counter, and/or Superarmor Counter.

11Combo Display • Displays number for successful combination attacks (white font) and combo invalidity (red font)

Yatagarasu v4.3 HUD (3)


12Red Life • Total damage received when hit. Red Life is not recoverable.

13Stun (Piyori) • When an opponent is stunned, this display will appear notifying when that player will be able to fully recover from a dazed state. Stun values vary from 90/90, 110/110, 130/130, to 150/150. Denominator = Total number of stun recovery frames induced, Numerator = Number of frames left to fully recover from Stun/Piyori.

14Dynamic Commentator Dock (Assist) • Displays assistant commentator of player's choice. Occasionally appears to boost player morale, talk smack to other players as well as rival commentators, and provide an atmosphere of hype. Navigator flavors currently include: Kokujin, KSK, Tokido, and hidden commentator, MurderFace (Awakened to the Surge of Trolling Intent). COMMENTATORS CAN BE DISABLED IN GAME OPTIONS.

Yatagarasu v4.3 HUD (4)

Parryinc.jpg Blowupparry.jpg

15BL Timing Guage • This gauge will appear when attempting to Button Lock (BL) within a certain number of frames of an attack connecting with the target. The number of Bars indicate the timing offset: More Blue Bars will gesture too soon of a BL attempt before guarding while more Orange Bars gestures too late of a BL attempt after guarding has already occurred.