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Hina is a brash, outspoken woman, and is Shimo's older sister. She and Shimo have similar fighting styles, but unlike Shimo, Hina's moves revolve around charge inputs. Moreover, her damage tends to come from single strikes and short combos, and due to the way her specials work, spacing is especially important when considering which ones to use.

Move List

Normal Moves

Yata Hina 5LP.png

Hina quickly unsheathes her sword, doing a short-ranged slash. 2200 damage with medium startup and recovery.

Yata Hina 2LP.png

Hina quickly unsheathes her sword for a crouching sword slash. It comes out very fast and recovers quickly, but the hitbox of the move is misleading as the small green slash does not hit the opponent, so its range is way lesser than it seems (more than LP, nonetheless). 2000 damage.

Yata Hina jLP.png

A horizontal sword slash in the air. Similar to cr.LP, it is fast but its range is slightly worse. 2200 damage.

Yata Hina 5LK.png

Quite similar to Crow’s LK, a low kick directed to the opponent’s ankle. Its range is shorter than her LP. 2600 damage.

Yata Hina 2LK.png

A crouching kick that has slightly more range than LK. 2000 damage.

Yata Hina jLK.png

An air version of her LK. Same range as LK, 2000 damage.

Yata Hina 5HP.png

An long-range sword slash with a nice hitbox. 6400 damage.

Yata Hina 2HP.png

A vertical, rising sword slash. Same range as LK and j.LK. A convenient property of this move is that it sends the opponent flying into the air, enabling a reset, or just leaves the opponent for a knockdown.

cr.HP: 5000 damage (knockdown)

cr.HP, j.LK: 6600 damage (reset)

cr.HP, j.LP: 6760 damage (reset)

cr.HP, cr.HP: 9000 damage (knockdown)

cr.HP, j.HP: 9000 damage (reset)

cr.HP, HK: 9400 damage (reset)

cr.HP, HP: 10120 damage (reset)

Yata Hina jHP.png

A fast, diagonal crescent slash in the air. Unlike Shimo's j.HP, it can be used for crossups. 5000 damage.

Yata Hina 5HK.png

A turning kick that deals 5500 damage. Has more range than LP.

Yata Hina 2HK.png

A sliding kick that shares the same range with HP. 5500 damage.

Yata Hina jHK.png

A horizontal jumping kick. 5500 damage.

Command Normals

Yata Hina 3HP.png

Universal sweep. Very fast, and shares its range with HK. 5600 damage.

Yata Hina 4HK.png

Hina takes a step forward and does a straight, horizontal kick. Same range as HP and cr.HK. 5200 damage.

LP + HP (Overhead)
Yata Hina UOH.png

A jumping forward slash. It has a moderately deep hitbox and a decent horizontal range as well. 3000 damage.

HP + HK (Unblockable)
Yata Hina UUB.png

A slower version of HP. Has good range despite it slow start-up.

Special Moves

Yugizan [4]6P
Yata Hina Yugizan.png

Hina performs a dashing sword slash.

  • LP - A short dash, then a slash. 5200 damage.
  • HP - A dash that continues until the enemy is in range, then a slash. 4000 damage. Input 623HP for an extra followup.
  • EX - moves quickly and retains the properties of the HP version.
Retsugizan [4]6K
Yata Hina Retsugizan.png

Similar to Yugizan, a dashing diagonal sword slash. It hits low and knocks the opponent down. The only thing that will really juggle after this is a super move.

  • LK - a short dash, then a slash.
  • HK - A dash that continues until the enemy is in range, then a slash.
  • EX - moves faster and retains the properties of the HK version, with slightly more damage.
Shinenzan [2]8P
Yata Hina Shinenzan.png

An anti-air jumping slash.

  • LP - Comes out fast, but has a low altitude. 5500 damage.
  • HP - Hits twice up close with a higher altitude and slower recovery.
  • EX - hits three times and goes as high as the HP version.
Bougetsuzan 412369P
Yata Hina Bougetsuzan.png

A jumping overhead slash. The strength of the button determines the range.

  • LP - approximately 1/4th of the screen.
  • HP - approximately 1/2 of the screen.
  • EX - a little over 1/2 of the screen


Kantanenzan 236236P
Yata Hina Kantanenzan.png

A large, one-hit sword slash. Thanks to its hitbox size, it works as a solid combo ender from [4]6P (though you'll want to avoid using the follow-up of the EX version if you want to hit with 236236P) or [4]6K.

10000 damage.

Issenkousa 236236K
Yata Hina Issenkousa.png

A sword combo of multiple strikes. Has its uses, but Hina tends to do more damage from (and get more use out of) 236236P most of the time. However, much like 236236P it can be used to end a [4]6P attack.

6 hits, 16200 damage.


[YATAGARASU v4.3] HINA BnB Combos & Misc. Strategy [1]

2LK > 2LK > YugizanH
2HK > RetsugizanEX > 2HP > YugizanH
2HP > YugizanH > 5HP


Hinalp.png Hinalk.png Hinaparry.png