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Jet is a close-range powerhouse who excels at pressure with most of his normal moves being very advantageous on block, as well as being able to reset the opponent into a low/high/throw mixup anywhere on the screen. Using his L.G.J. super he can easily carry to the corner. His main weakness lies in the footsie game as he has trouble confirming into damage from longer ranges, and the range on most of his moves is pretty short.


  • massive damage potential
  • oppressive close-range pressure and powerful mixups
  • good corner carry


  • no crossup attack
  • mediocre damage output outside of close range
  • lacks a reliable reversal

Move List

Normal Moves

Yata Jet 5LP.png

Standard standing jab. At 3F startup its the fastest normal in Yatagarasu. +2 on block. Hits all crouchers. Chains into sHP

Yata Jet 2LP.png

This normal is the juice. 5F startup, +5 on block. Very high damage for a light attack (4000). Can't be chain-cancelled and can't be chain-cancelled into. Special and Super-cancellable.

Yata Jet jLP.png

Jumping elbow. 4F startup.

Yata Jet 5LK.png

Gut punch. Moves Jet forward slightly, so its range is actually quite a bit better than the hitbox indicates. ±0 on hit, -1 on block, but chains into s.LP

Yata Jet 2LK.png

Slowish 6F crouching low. +1 on block. Super cancellable.

Yata Jet jLK.png

Slower than j.LP at 5F, but stays out until landing.

Yata Jet 5HP.png

Straight punch to the dome. ±0 on block. Super-cancellable.

Yata Jet 2HP.png

Not as strong as d/f.HK or f.HP but has deceptive range and does good damage.

Yata Jet jHP.png

Faster startup (8F) and wider hitbox than j.HK, also retracts faster.

Yata Jet 5HK.png

Short range hook to the gut. 7F startup. -2 On block.

Yata Jet 2HK.png

8F low. +1 on block. Special and Super-cancellable.

Yata Jet jHK.png

Slower than j.HP (11F), bigger downwards hitbox.

Command Normals

Yata Jet 6HP.png

This move is the nutter butters. Max damage normal. Hits crouchers. +5 on hit. Links into LP, cr.LP and F.H.J. Super Art.

Yata Jet 3HK.png

Sweep. 15F startup, 1 active frame so juggling with it is difficult at best.

LP+HP (Overhead)
Yata Jet UOH.png

Jet's universal overhead. Linkable into c.LP,c.LK and F.H.J. Super Art.

HP+HK (Unblockable)
Yata Jet UUB.png

Jet's guard break. +5 on hit, and +14 if it breaks their guard. 1F links into 6HP.

Special Moves

All of Jet's hard versions of his special moves cancel into any of his other special moves, except into 236K. Can only cancel into moves that have not yet been used in the current string, and only up to two times.

236P JET Blow
Yata Jet Blow.png

Dashing uppercut. Pretty long startup and pretty unsafe on block.

  • LP: Same damage as the HP version, but causes less damage scaling. Useful for combos.
  • HP: Moves further forward than the LP version. 2 hits during L.G.J.
  • EX: More damage, fastest startup, 2 hits and launches on hit. Moves about as far as the HP version.
214P JET Knuckle
Yata Jet Knuckle.png

Haymaker. Rather punishable on block. Pretty good move to throw out in order to stop super jumps. During L.G.J, both versions launch on hit. Super-cancelable.

  • LP: Doesn't move far forward. Combos from all heavy special moves. Less damage and worse scaling than the HP version.
  • HP: Moves about half-screen.
  • EX: Most damage, knocks down on hit. Fully invincible for 4F, lower-body invincible for 6F, so it can beat some meaty attacks on wakeup.
236K JET Ducking
Yata Jet Ducking.png

Command dash with a variety of followups. Can't be cancelled into from heavy special attacks. All followups are negative on block. During L.G.J, both versions become much faster and travel further.

  • LK: Short distance, fast recovery.
  • HK: About twice as much distance as the LK version, longer recovery.
  • EX: Slightly less range than the HK version. Very quick and has upper-body invincibility for most of the animation.


  • LP: Straight punch that looks like 6HP. Special-cancellable.
  • LK: Slightly more damaging st.LK that may chain into his target combo.
  • HP: cr.HP. Forces standing. Special-cancellable.
  • HK: 3HK with slightly worse combo scaling.
214K JET Straight
Yata Jet Straight.png

Short swing blow. A quick dash backwards followed by a move similar to his 6HP. Pretty safe on block.

  • LK: Fast startup. Less distance on the backdash.
  • HK: Longer startup, travels further backwards. Launches on hit when performed during L.G.J.
  • EX: Follows up with EX 236K, including the upper-body invincibility and all the same followups.
623P JET Upper
Yata Jet Upper.png

Ducking uppercut. Punishable on block. Launches on hit. Upper-body invincibility for most of the startup. Situationally works as an anti-air. Becomes positive on block during L.G.J allowing for some powerful pressure strings.

  • LP: Very short range.
  • HP: Slightly more range than the LP version. Upper-body invincibility lasts up to the active frames. Moves very far forward during L.G.J.
  • EX: About the same range as the HP version with slightly improved damage and faster startup. Upper-body invincibility lasts up to the active frames.
623K JET Shot
Yata Jet Shot.png

Quick and annoying overhead strike. All versions are potentially punishable on block if they hit on the first active frame. The HP and EX version have many active frames making them suitable meaty attacks, becoming advantageous even on block if timed properly.

  • LK: 15f startup. Least recovery.
  • HK: 20f startup. More recovery.
  • EX: 14f startup. +5 on hit if it hits on the first active frame. Causes ground bounce on air hit.


236236P F.H.J.
Yata Jet FHJ.png

Single-hit haymaker that deals moderate damage. 2F startup, fully invincible on the first frame only, making it not so good as a reversal. Many active frames, dealing less damage the later it hits. May be linked after a 6HP or cr.HK. Unchanged properties during L.G.J.

214214K L.G.J.

Genei Jin! 8f startup, fully invincible for 5f. Improves the speed, recovery and properties of all of his special moves and most of his normals. Movement, dash and jump speed is unaffected. EX moves aren’t available. Grants unlimited juggles until the timer runs out. st.HP and 6HP become special-cancelable. st.LK becomes chain-cancelable into all light attacks (except cr.LP). Can’t cause guard damage to the opponent. Damage decreases slightly the less time remains. Removes the limit on special cancels on special attacks, though you may still only use moves that haven't been used yet in the same string. Reinforcement of this super makes the light versions of his special moves special-cancelable while active.


Basic combos [1]

JET Ducking juggles [2]