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Jyuzumaru is a serious, stern monk. By and large, he can pick up damage of some kind from a lot of seemingly random pokes, particularly if he has meter, and has a serviceable pressure game with proper use of his normals and specials. He does falter a little in terms of range, if only because some of his more spacious moves take some time to start up and can be easily parried. Overall, though, he is a very strong character for a variety of playstyles.

Character Variations

Pressing Down when hovering over Jyuzumaru in Character Select results in a "Dark" version with slightly altered move properties. Most notably, this version has greatly increased frame advantage on his st.LP, st.LP target combo and does not have access to the Rela special move. Differences between the variations are pointed out in the move list when applicable.

Move List

Normal Moves

Yata Jyuzu 5LP.png

Standard jab. Fast normal with decent range and good frame advantage on block. Can cancel into another, slightly higher LP as a target combo. Both can be canceled into special moves, but you're more likely to combo if you hit with the target combo. Cancels into light attacks, specials and supers. Can only be parried high.

Yata Jyuzu 2LP.png

Standard crouching jab. Slight advantage on block. Cancels into light attacks, specials and supers. Can be parried both high and low.

Yata Jyuzu jLP.png

Short-ranged horizontal jab. Good as a quick air-to-air attack. When used as a jump-in, it may cause Jyuzumaru to ambiguously pass through the opponent and land on the other side.

Yata Jyuzu 5LK.png

Low kick to the ankles. Hits mid despite its appearance. Slightly more range than st.LP. Even on block. Can cancel into a higher LK that will usually whiff crouching characters as part of a target combo. Cancels into light attacks, specials and supers. Can be parried both high and low.

Yata Jyuzu 2LK.png

Standard low crouching kick with the leading leg. Longest ranged light attack. Slight advantage on block. The end of the recovery frames may be canceled into any light attack. Dark Jyuzumaru can't cancel the recovery frames, but can still link into anything except another cr.LK fairly easily. Cancels into specials and supers. Can only be parried low.

Yata Jyuzu jLK.png

Downward knee attack. Comes out very quickly, so it's useful for the odd jump-in if timed properly. Crosses up, but needs to hit very deep to combo afterwards due to the low hitstun.

Yata Jyuzu 5HP.png

A step-in knuckle to the gut. Does decent damage and covers a nice range in front of Jyuzumaru. Can be super-canceled. Can only be parried high.

Yata Jyuzu clHP.png
Yata Jyuzu clHP 2.png

A curving uppercut. Very useful normal for meaties, frame traps and anti-airs, and start-up is pretty quick. Can only be parried high.

Yata Jyuzu 2HP.png

A punch from the rear hand. Important footsie normal. Leads into very strong combos on hit. Even on block. Can be parried both high and low.

Yata Jyuzu jHP.png

A downward punch with the rear hand. Has a very quick start-up time, but is not as deeply angled as j.LK. Useful for the occasional forward super-jump starter. May cross-up on Jyuzumaru and Chadha, much more reliably so on the latter.

Yata Jyuzu 5HK.png

A hooking kick with the front leg. Has a fairly high hitbox, so it can be used as a somewhat bootleg anti-air, but the start-up is kind of slow to throw it out carelessly. Can't be special- or super-canceled. Can only be parried high.

Yata Jyuzu 2HK.png

A long kick with the front leg. Hits low. Slightly less range than cr.HP. Like cl.HP and cr.HP, this is an excellent tool for starting combos. However, it is also like st.HK in that it has a little bit of start-up time; be careful about how you use it, and mind your spacing, as some combos will whiff if you hit too far out with this move. Also has less hitstun then cr.HP, disallowing the use of his stronger combos on hit. Can only be parried low.

Yata Jyuzu jHK.png

An upward kick. Great air-to-air normal. Can be used as a late jump-in when timed correctly.

Command Normals

Yata Jyuzu 3HK.png

Universal sweep. Highest range of all of his ground normals. Very punishable on whiff or block. Can only be parried low.

LP+HP (Overhead)
Yata Jyuzu UOH.png

Universal overhead. Has a higher hitbox than j.LK despite using the same sprites, but is still good for avoiding wake-up lows and sweeps. Will link into cr.HP and cl.HP when hit deep on crouching characters. Even on block and hit on standing characters.

HP+HK (Unblockable)
Yata Jyuzu UUB.png

May not see a lot of use. Has the range of f.HP, but wind-up time makes it relatively easy to predict unless your opponent misreads the range on it. Links into super on hit and block.

Target combos

st.LP, st.LP
Yata Jyuzu 5LPLP.png

Very useful target combo with enough hitstun on the second hit to connect HP Rekkas or link a super afterwards. Also links into cr.HP, though this is very difficult. The second hit tends to whiff when doing the target combo outside of close range, especially on crouching characters. May be canceled into specials and supers. Second hit is even on block and can only be parried high. Dark Jyuzumaru gains greatly increased frame advantage on hit and block.

st.LK, st.LK
Yata Jyuzu 5LKLK.png

More range than the former target combo. Launches on hit, but only supers and EX Kamuifuchi will juggle. The second hit will whiff on most crouching characters (except on Hanzo and himself). Slightly negative on block. Can only be super-canceled. Second hit can only be parried high.

Special Moves

236P Rimuse
Yata Jyuzu Rimuse.png

A Fei-Long style rushing punch. Can be repeated up to three times (five, if you're using the EX version) and the regular versions may be canceled into Rela on either of the first two hits. The light and hard versions may be interchanged freely during a string. One of Jyuzumaru's basic tools for pressure, mostly by throwing in the occasional 214P cancel to throw off the opponent's timing; using it in blockstrings is risky if the opponent anticipates a delayed 236P input or a 214P cancel. Even when this move is spaced properly, it is negative on block, enough so to be punishable. Can only be parried high.

  • LP - Faster start-up and slightly better recovery, but barely moves forward.
  • HP - Slower start-up and recovery, but moves pretty far. Hitting with a heavy attack is probably the best way to get a chance to use this move. Usually your best option if you hit with a cr.HK, as it has enough sliding range to connect 90% of the time.
  • EX - Starts up the fastest, enough so to combo out of all light normals. The first hit is completely safe on block while the following hits get increasingly unsafe, but is pretty difficult to punish due to the high pushback on block. Unlike the regular versions, it may not be canceled into Rela.
623P Okimunpe
Yata Jyuzu Okimunpe.png

Spinning shoulder charge. Jyuzu thrusts himself forward a little bit during the actual attack, giving it some decent horizontal coverage. Not a move to throw out blindly, though, as start-up on non-EX versions is high enough to get hit out of it. The regular versions may not be punished on block. Can be parried both high and low.

  • LP - decent start-up, but will only really combo out of a cl.HP or a cr.HP. Super-cancelable.
  • HP - much slower start-up, and doesn't combo at all except from BL counters, but has good range and launches the opponent, leading into very damaging combos. Dark Jyuzumaru may hold the HP button down for a quickly recovering fake which is useful for parry baits, throw mixups and the like. Super-cancelable.
  • EX - starts up a little faster, as it combos easily out of heavy attacks and the st.LP -> st.LP target combo. Does two hits and launches the enemy like the HP version, but deals less damage and causes more combo scaling. Has armor on the first few startup frames, Dark Jyuzumaru gets armor on the entire startup. -4 on block.
623K Emushi
Yata Jyuzu Emushi.png

A series of rising jump kicks. Basically works as an anti-air attack, with relatively quick start-up for all three versions, particularly EX. However, all versions tend to be somewhat unsafe on whiff or block. Can be parried both high and low.

  • LK - No invincibility. Generally better than the HK version in combos since it deals almost the same amount of damage but causes less combo scaling.
  • HK - Upper-body invincibility. Can be used as an anti-air attack. It is possible to connect a 236236K afterwards mid-screen or a 214214K in the corner.
  • EX - Fully invincible startup. May autocorrect on crossups.
214P Rela
Yata Jyuzu RelaOkimunpe.png
Yata Jyuzu RelaPekkamui.png
Yata Jyuzu RelaKamuifuchi.png

A forward spinning step. Can be used during 236P so long as the last punch has not been thrown out yet. As mentioned earlier, this move is one of Jyuzu's best options to bait parries during 236P, but is predicable if used too often. Dark Jyuzumaru doesn't have access to this special move.

  • LP - Shortest distance, but shortest start-up and recovery.
  • HP - Longer distance, longer start-up, longer recovery.
  • EX - Start-up close to LP version, and slight distance increase from HP version. Changes certain follow-up properties.

The following attacks are followups to Rela that can be used when a button is input during the actual slide:

  • LP - Corresponding version of Emsi with very slightly increased startup. Becomes the same as the HP followup after EX Rela. Safe on block. Can be parried both high and low.
  • HP - Important combo tool. Same damage as the LP version, but will launch the opponent for a juggle. Unsafe on block, but can rather easily be hit-confirmed from a cr.HP or cl.HP. Gains extra damage when done after EX Rela. Can be parried both high and low.
  • LK - Pekkamui: a slow, low-stepping kick similar to st.LK and has okay range. Can be followed up with 236P for an additional knock-down punch which is very unsafe on block. After EX Rela, the low kick gains slightly more damage and enough hitstun to link a super or light attack afterwards. Can only be parried low.
  • HK - Kamuifuchi: a flying kick attack with slow start-up that travels fullscreen and hits overhead. Does more hits and damage after an EX Rela. Very unsafe on block. Can only be parried high.


236236K Raikurutekunpe
Yata Jyuzu Raikurutekunpe.png

A sliding, 3-hit palm attack. Pretty good range, very good damage, very fast start-up, and enough invincibility to go through fireballs; the go-to move for a ground combo finisher, and a good punishment option off of a lot of random confirms. It can even be linked from a cr.HP. Reinforcing this super is recommended.

214214K Raikuruhoshi
Yata Jyuzu Raikuruhoshi.png

A super 623K, basically; several quick rising kicks followed by one more to knock the enemy down. Very fast anti-air, but unlike the regular 623K, no horizontal movement. If the distance is gauged well, this super is pretty decent for ending a juggling combo, but 236236K is arguably the more applicable super for a variety of situations.


All listed combo damage assumes that Super 1 is reinforced.

0 bars:

  • st.LP, st.LP xx 236HP x 3 (9757)
    • Standard, low damage combo, but works both at mid-screen and in the corner. May add additional light attacks before the target combo (very character-dependent).
  • st.LP, st.LP, (link) cr.HP xx 236HP x 3 (12905)
  • cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214P~HP, sj.HP (11127/11758)
    • Standard meterless combo off a cr.HP. The sj.HP may be interchanged with f.HP for slightly more damage, but this won't allow for continued pressure.
  • 623HP, sj.LP (8600)
    • Leads into an ambiguous left-right mixup on landing. Substitute the sj.LP for f.HP or sj.HP for more damage but reduced mixup opportunity.
  • (corner only) cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214P~HP, cl.HP xx 623HK (14737/15578)
    • cl.HP has to hit as late as possible for the 623HK to connect. Also works off a 623HP.

0.5 bars:

  • cr.LK, cr.LK xx EX 236P x 5 (11351)
  • st.LK, st.LK, EX 214P~HK (9972)

1 bar:

  • st.LP, st.LP, (link) 236236K (14500)
  • st.LP, st.LP, (link) cr.HP, (link) 236236K (16939)
  • cr.HP, (link) 236236K (17484)
    • Works from any distance.
  • cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214P~HP, f.HP xx 236236K (18722/19799)
    • This combo may not work from a maximum distance cr.HP.
  • 623HP, f.HP xx 236236K (23075)
  • 623HK, 236236K (14914)
  • cl.HP xx 623LK xx 214214K (22000)
    • Max damage punish combo. Use 236236K instead for slightly less damage (21189) but a much easier cancel. If the super-cancel is missed it is still possible to juggle with 236236K for less damage (20034).
  • (corner only) 623HP, cl.HP xx 623LK, 236236K (23027)
  • (corner only) cr.HP/cl.HP xx 214P~HP, cl.HP xx 623LK, 236236K (18692/19767)

2 bars:

  • (corner only) cl.HP xx 214214K, 236236K (29219)
    • Rarely applicable, but powerful punishing combo.

Aerial BL counter combo examples:

Possible BL counter combos and damage tend to vary wildly depending on how and where the BLC connected and which starter was used. Raw supers and normals connect pretty easily in pretty much all situations but don't deal the maximum possible damage.

0 bars:

  • (BLC), 623HP, sj.HK (~16000)
  • (BLC), cl.HP xx 623HK (~14000)

1 bar:

  • (BLC), 623HP xx 214214K (~23000)
  • (BLC), 214214K/236236K (~19500/18500)
  • (BLC), f.HP xx 236236K (~24000)

2 bars:

  • (corner only) (BLC), 623HP, 214214K, 236236K (~31000)