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Kotaro is a cheerful young ninja who is aspiring to be an opera singer. In battle, she relies on her tricky movement and command grab to get around the opponent's defenses.


+ strong mixup game

+ good fuzzy guard setups

+ unconventional movement options


- mixup options are often unsafe

- low damage

- very meter dependent

Move List

Normal Moves

Yata Kotaro 5LP.png

Standard jab. Good frame advantage on block, used in Star's Gift combos due to the fact that it's her highest damage normal that can be chain-cancelled.

Yata Kotaro 2LP.png

Not much reason to actively use this. Same frame data as st.LP on block and hit, but has less active frames.

Yata Kotaro jLP.png

Very horizontal hitbox. Useful for air-to-air situations due to its fast startup, but don't expect to hit any grounded opponent. Special-cancellable.

Yata Kotaro 5LK.png

Long-reaching mid kick. Mostly used as combo filler since it's rather terrible on both block and hit by itself.

Yata Kotaro 2LK.png

Standard low-hitting kick. Pretty fast and decent range for a light normal.

Yata Kotaro jLK.png

Could be used for crossups, though linking after it is difficult. Special-cancellable.

Yata Kotaro 5HP.png

Short-range sword slash. The main benefit of this attack is that, unlike cr.HP, it can only be parried high which might be useful if you want to hit someone with a meaty attack.

Yata Kotaro 2HP.png

Chains into 6HK making it her best punish starter. Excellent anti-air, if a bit slow to come out.

Yata Kotaro jHP.png

Very large amounts of active frames on this move and a decent hitbox to boot. Great for jumpins, fuzzy guards, crossups and even some air-to-air situations. Special-cancellable.

Yata Kotaro 5HK.png

Good for stuffing high jumps from far range and keeping people from jumping out of the corner.

Yata Kotaro 2HK.png

Very low-profile hurtbox. Can even be used as a situational anti-air.

Yata Kotaro jHK.png

Premier normal for fuzzy guards after a standing reset outside of the corner. Decent for air-to-airs and jumpins due to its long horizontal range. Special-cancellable.

Command Normals

Yata Kotaro 3HK.png

Universal sweep. Very slightly more range than 2HK. Remarkably safe on block.

Yata Kotaro 6HK.png

One, Two! Great combo tool that allows for more juggle options afterwards than any of her other moves. Very unsafe on block.

2HP (in mid-air)
Yata Kotaro j2HP.png

Kotaro drops straight down with the same animation as her j.HP. Stops all of her air momentum, so it could be used for fake crossups, baiting anti-airs or messing up the opponent's anti-air/parry timing. Causes a hard knockdown.

LP+HP (Overhead)
Yata Kotaro UOH.png

Universal overhead. Links into 2HK on hit against a crouching opponent. -2 on hit and block if they were standing.

HP+HK (Unblockable)
Yata Kotaro UUB.png

Uses the animation of her standing HP. Awful range. Probably not very useful.

Target Combos

cr.HP, 6HK

Kotaro's best combo starter. Super unsafe when blocked, so make sure to hit confirm it.

Special Moves

236P Sawarabi Daiichimaku
Yata Kotaro Sawarabi.png

Sword dash. Bounces off the opponent allowing you to follow-up with any of her aerial special moves, but not normals. May combo into either super on hit. If this attack is parried, Kotaro loses all her followup options allowing for an easy punish.

  • LP - travels about half-screen.
  • HP - travels almost full-screen.
  • EX - throw-invincible startup. Fastest startup of all the versions allowing it to combo easily from light attacks.
214P (in mid-air) Jurokusen
Yata Kotaro Jurokusen.png

Throws a kunai at different angles depending on the strength of the button used. Very useful for hit-confirms into super, jumpins in general or to cover yourself after a sword dash. EX version throws two projectiles.

236P (in mid-air) Oborozukiyo
Yata Kotaro Oborozukiyo.png

Spinning sword fall. Good hitbox that stays active until she reaches the ground. May combo into either super on hit. Potentially unsafe if it is spaced poorly. The EX version hits twice and may be super-cancelled on either hit.

63214P Kakushin Kenbu
Yata Kotaro Kakushinkenbu.png
Yata Kotaro KakushinkenbuEX.png

A command throw that dodges some lows and throws. Combos into 6HK for a juggle. The HP version travels slightly farther and is slightly slower compared to the LP version. The EX version is low invincible for most of the startup, and gives much better frame advantage and combo scaling on hit than either of the other versions. Likely one of the best ways to spend meter.

214K Tendaibu

Command jump that may be used on both the ground and in the air. Allows for tricky crossups, unorthodox jump arcs, pressure strings... The regular versions don't allow you to use another normal attack if you already used one during the current jump, or are airborne from connecting a sword dash. High jump counter state until landing.

  • LK - jumps straight up.
  • HK - jumps forward at an angle similar to a super jump.
  • EX - travels forward at a lower angle and more quickly than HK. Unlike the other versions, you may always use a normal attack after this.


236236P (in mid-air) Tomoni Maiodorumaku
Yata Kotaro Tomoni.png

Mostly useful as a combo-ender.

214214P (in mid-air) Star's Gift

Throws a kunai that applies a debuff on hit which slows the opponent's walking speed and prevents jumps for a short duration. Also greatly reduces the pushback when hitting normals on the opponent allowing for some silly combos with light attacks. Reinforcing this super *quadruples* the duration and allows the debuff to be applied on block for about the same duration as the non-reinforced version.


Yatagarasu AoC β kotaro basic combo and Oki [1]

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