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Game Downloads

Fully Patched Game Download

Backup version of fully patched game (Has player data on it)

Keyboard Mod

Gleam of Force doesn't fully support keyboard play. They don't even let you go on netplay if there's no controller connected. Why? Who knows. The devs just hate keyboard for some reason.

If you want to go online or just change your keyboard layout, you'll first need to download AutoHotKey and VJoy. From there, download this player-made VJoy library.

After that, put the .ahk files inside GOF's folder and start it with fixKeyboard.ahk.

To configure controls, open the ahk with notepad and edit the letters at the bottom (Defaults to IJKL + ASD).

Alternatively, you can use Input Mapper or reWASD, which is cleaner, but more work intensive.