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Reference guidelines for editing on Mizuumi Wiki.

Editing Guidelines

  • Stay focused on facts and general guidance. Avoid extreme or derogatory opinions.
    • Avoid using words or phrases such as "best", "worst", "useless", "just a worse...", or "do not use". Instead, provide clear and general use cases, such as "This move can be used as an anti-air, however 3C is usually the better option as it has a larger hitbox and head invulnerability."
  • Use edit summaries as often as possible.
    • This helps other editors know what was edited by a glance.
  • Avoid using personal language such as using idioms, or slang.
  • Stay in touch with the other editors.
    • The best way to communicate with other editors or ask for help is through the Discord server
    • If needed, use the dedicated Talk pages to discuss as well.
  • The wiki is meant for information first and foremost.
    • Keep humor, memes, and jokes to a minimum. In particular, avoid making extensive edits just to add jokes.
    • If it will detract or delay the reader from getting the proper information, leave it out.
    • If problems continue to occur after warnings, disciplinary action may be taken.

Useful Templates

Basic move list template used across many games on Mizuumi Wiki
Basic gallery for character colors
Navigation for game and character pages that should be used at the bottom of every page.