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Daemon Bride

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Developer: Examu
Official website: http://www.examu.co.jp/dmb/head.html
Discord: https://discord.gg/heRhq4e

Daemon Bride: Additional Gain

Daemon Bride is one of the lesser known titles by Examu, released only in arcades in Japan. Sporting a balanced roster with angelic and demonic themes, Daemon Bride is a game about a bunch of high schoolers that have contracts with demons or angels. It features staples such as a succubus with a pretty boy and alluring female with a magic snake, but also more oddball characters such as gang member with angry quid and dog with Satan as a bird.

You can find the primer for the game in Japanese available here, which has the story, background information for each character, move sets and systems.


Thanks to a 2016 hack, NesicaXLive-games such as Daemon Bride became playable on PC. It's strictly the arcade version, with no features such as training mode or single player content. Using screen-sharing application Parsec it's possible to netplay with decent results. The setup for this game is more than most, but everyone in the Discord will be happy to help!

Wiki Roadmap

5% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Important files have been categorized.
  • Need to finish character template before start making the other ones.
  • Once templates are done, need to upload the sprites.
  • Need to write all system pages for this game.
  • Frame data can be found at Primer of Duel, needs to be translated.

Daemon Bride