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Help:Uploading Files

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Guide to uploading images to Mizuumi Wiki through Special:Upload.

File Name Convention

Please name files using the game abbreviations when possible, as well as a short description that will let the file be easily identifiable by name alone.

Other than the usual - (dash) and _ (underscore) characters, avoid using special characters in file names as it can lead to confusion and may not work nicely with templates.

Format Examples
Examples for Under Night In-Birth
  • UNICLR_Logo.png
  • UNI_Linne_5B.png
  • UNI_Help_HUD.png

How to upload new files

  1. Have the file(s) you want to upload ready.
    • (Optional for single file upload) Rename the file to Mizuumi Wiki file name convention above.
  2. If multiple files need to be uploaded, select "Yes" for the "Upload multiple files" option.
    • Note: Please ensure files are named properly. The multiple file upload will overwrite any files with the same name without any warning.
    Multiple File Upload
  3. Click on the "Browse..." button.
    Browse Button
  4. Select the file(s) to upload.
    • Tip: For multiple file upload, hold down Ctrl when left-clicking to select multiple files.
    Single File Upload
    Single File Upload Preview
    MultipleFile Upload (No preview available)
  5. (For single file upload) If the file isn't named to the convention above, rename the file using the "Destination filename" field.
    Destination Field
  6. Add categories for the file(s) by adding the following to the "Summary" field:
    • [[Category:GAMENAME]]
    • [[Category:CHARACTERNAME]]
    • [[Category:Under Night In-Birth Exe:Lateclr]]
    • [[Category:Linne]]
    Category Field
  7. (Optional) Also in the "Summary" field, feel free to add a short description for the file(s).
    • Note: For multiple file uploads, the summary will be used for all files.
  8. Select a license.
    • In most cases, "This is from the game or its official website" should be used.
    License Field
  9. Click the "Upload file" button.
  10. (For multiple file upload) Before closing or navigating to a new page, wait for the "Done." message to indicate all files are uploaded.