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Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire
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Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire is a 1995 arcade fighting game developed by Kaneko. It is the sequel to The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan. Fists of Fire features nine characters, including three versions of Jackie Chan from his various movies. The game uses digitized graphics similar to Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter: The Movie.

Fists of Fire's gameplay is notable for its chaotic pace, despite being almost entirely ground-based. It features fast cancellable dashes, high damage chain combos, and powerful throws that strongly favor offensive play. The neutral game primarily focuses on fast short and mid-range buttons; all standard projectiles were changed or removed to compensate for the fact that jumps would be too slow to navigate past them.

The community plays on Fightcade 2. More info can be found by joining the Discord in the info box.

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There are 4 regional versions of Fists of Fire, all of which are accessible from the arcade board's service menu. (video)

  • USA/Europe: The "default" version for the purpose of comparison and the version that is used in Fightcade.
  • Japan: Adds a copyright warning at the beginning, but otherwise identical.
  • Southeast Asia (SEA): Jackie Chan speaks Chinese in the voiceover. Otherwise, it is identical to the USA/Europe version.
  • Korea: Uses the SEA voiceover, and uses different defense multipliers and guts scaling numbers that result in higher damage.
-This difference applies regardless of which damage setting is chosen in the game configuration.
-Also, the Kaneko logo is changed to KA + a picture of a cat (a pun referencing "Neko", the Japanese word for "cat")

Wiki Roadmap

97% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
In Progress:
  • Fill out missing matchup/strategy info
    Finished: Lau
  • Landing page, Info box, Navbox
  • FAQ/HUD/Controls/Strategy/Glossary/System/Community pages
  • Colors and Stage images
  • Move data + hitbox images for all characters
  • Combo section with video links for all characters
  • Tooltips for move/combo headers (+ collapsible info boxes)
  • General Strategy/Anti-Airs for each character
  • All punishes in the Matchup sections
  • Hurtbox images for hitstun, blockstun, juggles, OTGs
  • Separated the Combos and Strategy page, finished formatting
  • Add video timestamps to any new combos that were added in later

Changes from The Kung-Fu Master Jackie Chan

The following list outlines major changes between Kung-Fu-Master (KFM) and Fists of Fire (FoF): -- (click to expand sections)

Visual/Asthetic Changes
  • All colors changed (except for M. Lion color 1)
  • HUD changes (timer, character portraits, health bars, Super meter)
  • Stages now change between rounds (different colors, time of day)
  • Removed Mortal Kombat-style "Finish Them" screen; taunts no longer can be used as an "animality" transformation
  • Changed how arcade mode progression is done; now completely random order, with "boss version" mirror match at the end.
General System Changes
  • Timer: round length significantly reduced (from ~68 seconds to ~41 seconds)
  • All 3 versions of Jackie Chan became playable
  • New attacks given to every character
  • Properties of old attacks changed (especially projectiles, which were largely removed)
  • Added a Super meter, removing the old "desperation" attacks (essentially Supers that could be done repeatedly while at low health)
  • Overall gameplay speed significantly slowed down (walks, jumps, move animations)
  • Added a limited juggle system
  • Added rolls and invincible attacks on wakeup
  • Added OTG (off the ground) attacks on knocked down opponents, who gained the ability to mash for faster wakeup
  • Added many command normals (including an overhead for each character)
  • "Rapid-Fire" normals changed to conform to the standard chain system (no longer able to chain 2LP > 2LK > 2LP, for example)
  • 5LP no longer a proximity normal, now leads to Autocombos
  • Added enhanced "mashed" special moves (formerly, only Kim-Maree's HP Throw had this)
  • Removed knockdowns from sweeps, significantly changing their utility
  • Added "spike" property to many air heavy normals
  • Made all crouching hurtboxes roughly the same size, so there is very little variation in high attacks vs crouching hitboxes
  • 236P (Fireball) no longer a true projectile; new version knocks down
  • 623P (Uppercut) can now be mashed for additional hits
  • 236K (Tatsu) added
  • 6HK (Overhead) added
  • 2HK no longer knocks down
  • 236P (Crow Shot) no longer shoots projectile
  • 236LP is now an overhead
  • 63214P (Crane Wings) can now be mashed for additional hits
  • 41236K (Flip Kick) added
  • Her old Far 5HK is now 6HK and hits overhead; 5HK is now a non-proximity normal
  • Air 2HK (Pogo) can continuously juggle into itself
  • 2HK no longer knocks down, but leads into an Autocombo
  • Birds now fly around Yeung (visual effect only)
  • Charge moves no longer require charge; in FoF they can be input with a simple 46, 16, or 28 motion.
  • 2HK no longer knocks down
  • 16P (Slash Sword) no longer shoots a forward-moving projectile
  • 46K (Scissor Kick) no longer a 28K input; more unsafe on block, can be mashed for additional hits
  • 28K (Gatling Kick) added, allowing for juggle combos
  • Super: input is now 646KK, has upward trajectory and new "buzzsaw" animation
  • 2LK no longer knocks down, allowing for combos from a low starter
  • 236P (Thousand Spears) no longer a mash input, and has a followup on hit/block; sucks in on hit for reliable combos
  • 236K>K>K (Rekkas) now hit High~Mid~Overhead instead of High~High~Mid, no longer require 236K motion for each followup
  • 3HP/1HP Crouch Throw added
  • 2HK no longer knocks down
  • Jump LP/LK no longer stay active until landing
  • Air Throw (j. 6HK/4HK) can now be done during air resets even if no juggle potential remains
  • 28LP (I Want You!) now knocks down
  • Command Throw input changed to 236K (from 41236K)
  • Super input changed to 41236KK (from 6,41236KK)
M. Lion
  • 3HP/1HP Crouch Throw added
  • 2HK no longer knocks down
  • 4HP no longer performs Mighty Cape attack (still works with 6HP; this makes back throw safer to attempt)
  • 646P (Lion Crusher) can now be mashed for additional hits, allowing a knockdown
  • 236P (Lion Bomb) functions differently; now explodes after a set distance (instead of detonating on contact)
  • 63214P/K (Teleport) added
  • Super transformation is now slower and more vulnerable on startup
Spiritual Kung-Fu Jackie
  • Became playable (no longer CPU-only arcade boss)
  • 236K (Crush Kick) no longer knocks down airborne opponents
  • 63214K (Command Throw) added
  • Super added
Drunk Jackie
  • Became playable (no longer CPU-only arcade boss)
  • 236P (Jug Throw) no longer has hitbox before hitting the ground
  • Drunk Dragon input changed to 63214P (from 63214,6P), stun massively reduced
  • Super changed completely (formerly, he would turn invincible and drink for a few seconds for a damage boost)
Admiral Jackie
  • Became playable (no longer CPU-only arcade boss)
  • 41236P changed to palm attack (formerly, was a projectile similar to his Air Dragon Shot but on the ground)
  • Air 41236P slowed down significantly
  • Super added

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