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Samurai Shodown

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Samurai Shodown
(SamSho 7)
Samurai Shodown 2019.jpg



PS4 (NA, EU, JP, CN)
June 25, 2019

XB1 (NA, EU, JP)
June 25, 2019
October 24, 2019
Google Stadia
November 19, 2019
Switch (JP, NA, EU)
December 12, 2019
PC (EGS, Steam)
June 11, 2020
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Online Play

Delay-based Netcode

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Frame Data Doc

Community Channels

Main SamSho Discord

Samurai Friends Discord

Samurai Shodown (known as Samurai Spirits in Japan) is a 2019 fighting game by SNK. Canonically, the game takes place between the events of Samurai Shodown V and the original SamSho. However, it has also been called a reboot of the series.

The Spirit of Samsho

The End Credits Theme (Revive the Soul) projects us with the deepest spirit of the game. Samsho is a great fighting game in its unique mechanics but it is also a game with a great essence. Instead of being a formal title, a Samurai in this game is someone that fights for their cause, whether to protect, to prove, or to honor. They all have reasons to keep them moving, to never give up, to follow their Bushido, fair, unstoppable, ever-lasting heart. Every character in the game has an honorable soul that deserves our respect. Playing this game can bring joy and at the same time, feel the admirable spirit of a true Samurai.

Wiki Roadmap

95% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • All characters have full movelists (info up to date to 2.10)
  • General game info pages: Controls, Mechanics, System Data, and Patch Notes have good info and are up to date.
  • Character data and hashtags are properly transcluded from System Data and the FAQ respectively.

Only minor stuff to be added.

  • Needs to add safe jump setups and other tech for most of the cast.
  • FAQ needs expansion, chances are people will be confused about the season pass being free and the game's high damage. 5sp's FAQ should be a good starting point for the new game's page
  • Half the cast need their Ver.1.11 patch notes transcribed to numpad
  • Categorize and licensing all character images.

Samurai Shodown

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AmakusaBaikenBasaraCham ChamCharlotteDarliEarthquakeGalfordGenjuroGongsun LiHanzoHaohmaruHibiki TakaneIrohaJubeiKazukiKyoshiroMinaNakoruruRimururuRuixiangShikiShizumaruSogetsuTam TamUkyoWan-FuWardenYashamaruYoshitora