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Samurai Shodown

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Samurai Shodown
(SamSho 7)
Samurai Shodown 2019.jpg



PS4 (NA, EU, JP)
June 25, 2019

XB1 (NA, EU, JP)
June 25, 2019
October 24, 2019
Google Stadia (discontinued)
November 19, 2019
Switch (JP, NA, EU)
December 12, 2019
June 11, 2020 (Epic)
June 14, 2021 (Steam)
Official Websites


Online Play

Delay-based Netcode

Player Resources

2.40 Official Frame Data Doc

Community Channels

Samurai Shodown Discord

Samurai Friends Discord
XboxFighters Discord
List of Regional SamSho Discords

About the game

Samurai Shodown (known as Samurai Spirits in Japan) or "SamSho" is a 2019 fighting game by SNK, colloquially referred to as Samurai Shodown 7/SS7, due to being the 7th mainline entry in the series. Canonically, the game takes place between the events of Samurai Shodown V and the original SamSho. However, it has also been called a soft reboot of the series, due to featuring characters from various points across the main timeline. The game is considered a cult classic in the fighting game community, due to its unique gameplay style.


The Samurai Shodown series, and by extension SamSho 2019/SS7, is unlike any fighting game in today's market. Its most notable features are its easy to pick up game mechanics and short (on average) combos, which still offer immense depth of gameplay, due to its slow pace and high overall damage, along with the mechanics being impactful enough to add many layers of decision making and mind games.

The game features strong offensive mechanics like untechable throws that can be combo'd out of, an universal, high damage move in the form of Super Special Moves (SSM) and Weapon Flip Techniques (WFT) - supers that do high damage and, on hit, disarm your opponent, robbing them of the majority of their moveset (usually) and forcing them to fight an uphill battle to retrieve their weapon.

SamSho's defensive mechanics aren't anything to scoff at either: the game features various mechanics that can turn the tide of any match in your favor, as long as you capitalize on them correctly. SamSho's most famous defensive mechanics are its Deflect and Blade Catch, which can deflect any weapon-based attack, putting your opponent in an unfavorable position and a burst system, known as Rage Explosion - an unblockable, 0 damage attack with high pushback that can be done even while in hitstun. Rage Explosion gives you instant access to your Weapon Flip Technique and a powerful comeback mechanic known as Lightning Blade or more commonly known as Issen, a lightning-fast, full-screen dash attack that scales off of your missing health and can do up to 70% of an opponent's lifebar in a single strike, ensuring that no match is one-sided, regardless of the current gamestate. It also features a Just Defend, where if you block just before an attack connects, you recieve no chip damage and get access to Stance Break, a 0 damage guard cancel that knocks the opponent away, giving you some breathing room.

Due to the strength of both offense and defense, SamSho forces both players to make every decision count and to observe their opponent's habits carefully, giving its neutral a unique feel that no other fighting game can really replicate.

The game features a varied roster of 30 characters from across all of the SamSho games, along with some amazing and ...rather questionable guest character choices, adding a variety of choices in terms of playstyles commonly seen in other fighting games, although they have been tuned to fit SamSho's gamepace, giving a unique take on staple archetypes and unique character styles that you can only find in a game like SamSho.

The game is also set to receive a netcode overhaul, replacing its rather horrible delay-based netcode system with "Rollback Netcode" created by CodeMystics, a company which has already retrofitted various, older SNK titles with their brand of netcode with overwhelmingly positive reception!

(The Rollback Beta Testing will start on February 10th - February 17th (JST) on Steam)'
Please play as much as you can and help test out the Rollback Netcode and give feedback on the forums while it's up so we can get the best product possible! <3

SS Beta Date.jpg

Wiki Roadmap

55% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • All characters have been checked with the latest Frame Data (data up-to-date with 2.40 Patch)
  • General game info pages: Controls, Mechanics, System Data, and Patch Notes have good info and are up to date.
  • Character data and hashtags are properly transcluded from System Data and the FAQ respectively.
  • All Characters now have their respective Colors + Retro Colors added.
  • All Characters Rage Gain has now been added to the Character Table.
  • All Characters now have their Unarmed boxes filled out.
  • All Characters have their "Playstyle" icons and summaries filled out.
  • The following pages have been reformatted (11/30):
    • Amakusa
    • Basara
    • Darli
    • Earthquake
    • Hanzo
    • Haohmaru
    • Hibiki
    • Kazuki
    • Sogetsu
    • Warden
    • Yashamaru
  • The following characters have Cancel / Recoil / Deflectable boxes filled out (0/30):


  • Many characters still have missing move descriptions.
  • Most characters that have information on the move descriptions are lacking in useful information.
  • A few character page sections need rewrites: due to wording redundancies, poorly written segments, typos and/or outdated info.
  • Images should preferrably be in a transparent HD format.
  • Make sure all characters's Frame Data and Information is following the Template Documentation guidelines of inputting data.

Notable character page specific issues:


  • Neutral and Okizeme sections under "Gameplan" is empty.
  • Missing move descriptions for most of her moves.

Cham Cham

  • Introduction section needs rewrite: currently only has a placeholder introduction.
  • Some Pros/Cons need rewrite.
  • Missing move descriptions on: Wall Jump and almost all her Special Moves.
  • Lacking information on move descriptions.


  • Most, if not all of her move images are of awful quality: need to have update with HD quality


  • Missing move descriptions and lacking information on those that have them.


  • Move descriptions are lacking in information.

Gongsun Li

  • Introduction section needs rewrite: due to currently reading more of a placeholder text.
  • Move descriptions are lacking in information.


  • Okizeme section is outdated since his Universal Overhead (Armed) doesn't knockdown anymore, making his mixup obsolete.
  • Missing move descriptions on almost all of his moves.


  • 214D: Toad Plague section needs rewrite and better formatting (maybe link directly to the moves that can be beaten by frog?)


  • Missing move descriptions on her Unarmed Normals: u.5S / u.2S / ju.S.


  • Pros/Cons section needs to be trimmed down: group together points into a more focused subject (example: "Good Offense").
  • Missing move descriptions on her Unarmed Normals: ju.S and u.66S


  • Introduction section needs rewrite: some of the segments are already present in the gameplay section.


  • Introduction section needs rewrite: text should be slightly reformatted and rewritten to reduce clutter.
  • Crazy Downpour (KRZ) section needs slight rewrite: poor wording.

Tam Tam

  • Introduction section needs rewrite: outdated information.
  • Pros/Cons section needs to be trimmed down: group together points into a more focused subject (example: "Good Offense").
  • Missing move descriptions for a lot of his moves.


  • Introduction section needs rewrite: due to most of the info is already being in the gameplan section.
  • Tsubame Gaeshi (j.1236S) section needs rewrite: too bloated text.


  • Gameplan section needs rewrite:
    • Neutral section lacks information.
    • Okizeme section containing poor writing.

Patch Notes
System Data
Cham Cham
Gongsun Li
Tam Tam