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Bloody Roar Extreme
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Nintendo GameCube (2002)
Xbox (2003)

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Delay-based (Dolphin)

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Bloody Roar Extreme is a fighting game co-developed by Hudson and Eighting, which acts as an updated version of Bloody Roar: Primal Fury. It is a 3D 1v1 fighting game with a strong focus on meter management, a unique transforming mechanic, and heavy use of various cancelling mechanics, which makes it stand out among other fighting games. Each character has 3 forms: Human (which is weak), Beast (which is strong) and Hyperbeast (which is very strong but has a limited duration); core gameplay revolves around trying to force situations where the player is in their Beast form while their opponent is stuck in Human form.

Despite being a 3D fighter, the game makes use of various motion inputs and places a larger focus on the horizontal and vertical axes over sidestepping, so it plays much more similarly to 2D fighters.


"With human-Zoanthrope relations still unstable, a place called the Kingdom of Zoanthropes is founded to help end oppression and conflict. Roughly 80 percent of its residents are Zoanthropes, though both Zoanthropes and humans are considered equal. This new land, however, relies heavily on Zoanthrope soldiers and mercenaries as a source of income, selling their service to various foreign countries. Rumors also persist that the Kingdom is conducting some sort of experiments on Zoanthropes, all while some citizens object to its authoritarian rule, threatening the ideal of peace for all Zoanthropes. In an effort to demonstrate their mercenaries' strength to foreign powers and train additional soldiers, the Kingdom holds a Zoanthrope fighting tournament, with the winner earning the title of "Strongest Zoanthrope" and a large cash prize."

Wiki Roadmap

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45% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Navbox Controls, Stages, and HUD have been properly fleshed out and separated.
  • Character pages feature basic movelists, descriptions for each move and basic frame data.
  • Character pages are well put together but need:
    • Images for each move
    • Map of strings
    • Full frame data
  • Due to BREXs extensive move list, efforts are going towards highlighting key/most used most moves first and foremost.


Advanced Mechanics
Character Data
Debug Menu
Alice the Rabbit
Bakuryu the Mole
Busuzima the Chameleon
Cronos the Phoenix
Fang the Wolf
Gado the Lion
Ganesha the Elephant
Jenny the Bat
Kohryu the Iron Mole
Long the Tiger
Marvel the Leopard
Shenlong the Tiger
Stun the Insect
Uranus the Chimera
Uriko the Half-Beast
Xion the Unborn
Yugo the Wolf