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Pokemon: Close Combat
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Pokemon: Close Combat is a beginner-friendly 2D fighting game currently in development by BattleCapacity. First released to the public as a demo in February 2023, Close Combat has quickly grown in popularity on the back of its charming, hand-drawn animation. Its ever-growing roster consists entirely of fighting-type Pokemon, from rushdown characters like Primeape and Galarian Zapdos to zoners like Toxicroak and Falinks to even unorthodox picks such as Scrafty. By taking inspiration from iconic fighting game franchises like Street Fighter, Close Combat achieves the feel of a classic arcade fighter with a fresh, expressive cast.

Since release, Close Combat has updated frequently with new characters debuting on roughly two-month intervals. The game has grown to boast eleven unique fighters, a Wobbuffet-staffed training mode and a single-player gauntlet harboring a secret final boss, with many more additions on the horizon. Throughout, its developers have interacted extensively with the player base, determining new additions to the game's roster via public polls and posting weekly developer updates on Discord and X. If you're looking for an active online community, a competitive tournament scene and a place to mow down hoards of opponents with a cartwheeling Bewear, you've come to the right place!

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Gameplay Changes
Demo 09
Community Updates
February 24, 2023

Trainers have deepened their understanding of what we once called Guard Health - with these new insights into the nature of blocking, counter-hits, and parrying, Endurance has been officially recognized as the new method of determining how Guard Breaks work. A more detailed explanation can be found in the patch notes, but to put it simply - be careful with throwing out attacks with wild abandon, or you might find your defenses in shambles!

Every combatant has received significant changes too substantial to cover here, so check out the patch notes and character pages for more info! With health values majorly increased, combo routes changed, and many more, it's like a whole new world! These changes will continue into the next version as well, so stay tuned!

Wanting a break from all the bashing and clashing of a typical Close Combat match? Well, wait no further, because the first Event Mode stage has been added - Togeball! Give this new minigame a try, and post your high score to the Discord if you're wanting to show off your skills!

Congratulations to ancla for winning the Fourth Official Tournament!

The next update to the game will be a two for one deal - in exchange for taking a bit longer to cook, Demo 10 will come with two characters! The first is being chosen by the developers, but the second will be selected through a community vote! The Pokémon on the ballot will be determined by anyone who participates in the new Ranked Matchmaking system, so come check out the Discord for more information on this event.

A New Combatant: Scrafty

Case File #DF560: Scrafty

Wanted for:
Assaulting a bus driver
Stealing Rare Candy from at least one baby
Wiki vandalism
Unlicensed Lucky Punch usage
General hooliganery

Subject is dangerous, unpredictable, and accompanied by at least four Scraggies at all times. Do not engage!
Addendum: Subject participation in official Close Combat tournaments has been grudgingly authorized. Trainers and spectators are encouraged to report any breach of conduct to their local Officer Jenny.

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Training Mode
Patch Notes
G. Zapdos
Great Tusk