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Mizuumi Wiki is a site dedicated to host open information for niche versus games.[1] The original mizuumi.net was created back in 2006 by User:Bellreisa as a wiki + IRC channel for IaMP.[2] Over time, the site grew to include more games and in 2011 multiple wikis were consolidated into the one you're currently visiting.[3] For almost a decade, the wiki ran its course hosting more games in the process. In early 2019, mizuumi.net and the IRC channels were taken down after a hosting migration, leaving only the wiki running for now.[4]

Site Rules

By editing at Mizuumi Wiki, you agree to the following rules:

  1. All content added to the wiki, whether it is text or images, must be safe for work.
  2. Your contributions are not final and are considered public. Any content on the site may be freely edited by all registered users.
  3. The staff reserves the right to revert edits, such as those done in bad faith or with incorrect information. Reverted contributions will remain in an article's history.
  4. Attempts to vandalize the wiki and accounts suspicious of spam activity will result in a ban.
  5. Mizuumi Wiki won't host pirated or illegal content that could put the site in jeopardy. External links to said content however, do not fall under the responsibility of the admin staff.