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Skullgirls 2nd Encore+
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Hidden Variable, Future Club


Steam, PS4/5, Switch
(latest patch)

PS3, Vita
(pre-season pass)
Xbox 360, NesicaxLive
(2nd Encore vanilla)
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Skullgirls 2nd Encore+ is a 2D tag team fighting game with a cast of original characters, each animated using traditional hand drawn techniques. Initially released in 2012, it has been periodically updated over the years with new characters and patches, culminating in the '2nd Encore+' subtitle. In 2021, a season pass began, including the new characters Annie, Umbrella, Black Dahlia and Marie.

  • Versus series style team game: Skullgirls has mechanics such as assists, DHCs, tags, snapbacks, recoverable health, pushblocking, lenient chain rules, and air blocking. Pushblocking is tied to a guard cancel mechanic, can grant high/low protection, and doesn't cost any resource. After a character KO, the next character will enter the battle falling from the side of the screen, Marvel vs Capcom style.
  • Custom assist: Any action can be chosen as an assist, excluding air actions and metered actions. As a result, most characters have multiple viable assist choices. Even things such as dash can be chosen.
  • Resets: The gameplay flow of Skullgirls emphasizes using resets (intentionally dropping a combo to do a mixup) to maintain momentum after landing a hit. This means the action never stops since a reset can happen at various points in a combo. Common resets include restand mixups or taking advantage of the lack of an air tech mechanic to cross under or over an opponent. A skilled player can potentially loop resets into a character KO until the opponent guards correctly or the flow of the match is reversed with one of the many character specific reversal tools.
  • Undizzy and IPS (Infinite Protection System): Combos in Skullgirls are flexible since there are many ways to cancel attacks, there is no hitstun deterioration, and restands are possible. To compensate, these mechanics set the limit on how long a combo can be. If these limits are broken, the opponent is allowed to burst out of the combo. However, the burst is not always fail-safe and can be baited and punished with a high damage combo. Keep in mind the built up undizzy value can carry over between resets. Working around the undizzy value to either fit in resets or maximize damage on the fly is a key skill at high level.
  • Ratio team system: Both players choose their own team size of 1, 2, or 3 characters. The fewer characters you pick, the more health you have and damage you deal, but this is offset by less utility from team mechanics and less life bars.

Wiki Roadmap

80% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Fill out season pass character pages when it becomes possible. Update patch notes page and relevant wiki sections to reflect new updates.
  • Character sub pages are varying levels of complete
    • Combo sub pages generally are mostly complete but optimizations for consistency and/or damage are always welcome.
    • Some reset pages are just videos, although the videos are very extensive, the pages themselves could benefit from text transcription.
    • Strategy pages are varying levels of complete, and may benefit from text transcription of videos.

Endless tasks:

  • Add links to resources (on Skullgirls/Links and on character link subpages)
  • Keep community page up to date

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