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Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match



Atlus (US)

Aquaplus (Japan)

PS3, Arcade (Taito Type X2)

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Aquapazza: Aquaplus Dream Match is a crossover anime fighting game developed by Examu featuring a wide variety of characters from classic and new Aquaplus and Leaf visual novels alike, The game was released in Arcades first in 2011 with a PS3 port coming in 2012 and the US getting the game later in 2013. The game is rather different than most anime games and features a slower paced and grounded style of gameplay akin to something "like King of Fighters" but is also often compared to something "in the likes of Dengeki Bunko" with its use of Assist Characters for more hectic combat


Ma-Ryan became a witch and decided to make a love potion so she could use it to make all sorts of men fall in love with her. After mixing the potion for about 360 hours, she messes up and makes Aquapazza; a potion used to mind control people. She then realizes that a bunch of people from different worlds got thrown together and, more importantly, that there's the possibility of a bunch of hot guys being there. Her plans change in order to cause chaos and take over the world; now it's up to you to stop her!

Wiki Roadmap

20% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Character and assists pages created, have some good info
  • Need to categorize images/files. (Done)
  • The movelist images on the various character pages should be updated with names to reflect the English release. (Done)
  • System pages are rather barebones
  • Assimilate frame data from AquaPazza wikia
  • Need images for the Ma-ryan (BOSS) page for her colors. Ideally ones that look like the other pages.






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