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Multi's Move List


Multi is a robot that cleans floors for schools but she was kidnapped by Ma-Ryan to clean some different floors.

She also has a lot of normals that are good for pressuring the opponent and setting up tick throw game, she has one of the better corner games because of this. She also has some unique movement options including air tatsu's that can change her jump trajectory, a roll instead of a dash, and probably the best walkspeed in the game.


A good balanced choice for her. With Ma-ryan, she gains a good spacing tool with her 5D Fireworks. This can be a Godsend for her in many matchups. Ma-ryan kick is comboable in corner for a full loop, or midscreen to push to corner. Unfortunately her midscreen knockdown will not fully corner carry and does not give the same okizeme as lets say Mizuki or Yuu. Ma-ryan is a balanced assist for Multi that is never really a bad choice.

At the moment, Mizuki gives Multi the most stable high damage. Her 5D uppercut is a great combo extender and will let Multi do a corner carry from midscreen, or a full loop in corner. Her 4/6D flying kick is quite fast and it gives Multi sort of a psudo fireball at times. Mizuki is slightly harder to use but gives Multi the highest stable damage output compared to the other Assists.

A easy to use assist in terms of combos. Yuu will gives Multi access to a Midscreen corner carry, as well as a corner loop. She gives no real spacing options but since she is a following assist, 5D fan slap can be a good option if she is ever near the opponent. 6D Fire Pen is a great tool for pressure and gives Multi the ability to combo off her grabs. Yuu is an easy assist to use in combos and gives her good damage options, but does not give Multi much utility.

Can be very helpful on matchups that Multi is outranged on. A great utility assist though not as combo friendly. (I will add more once I experiment more with Satsuki.)


Multi is a character with a great stagger game, high damage, a great antiair, and a small hitbox. Being patient is key with this character, especially in matchups where she is outranged. One hit is all Multi really needs to push someone into the corner. Once you are able to get momentum on your side don't let up, but dont rush. Her stubby attacks have deceptive range, especially her 5B, and it can be quite a hassle for many characters to deal with her stagger game.

Her air game is strong with j.A. Her C.Tatsumaki gives her some good gimmicks at times but do not overuse it. Due to Multi's floaty jump, it can be quite easy to antiair her so use it sparringly.

Take note that you do have the fastest walk speed in the game, but at the cost of not having a dash. It is great for tick throwing but can be a hassle in some matchups.

Stagger for counter hits while mixing in throws and fake throws into 5B. Be on point with your 2B antiair. Be mindful of the opponents range and sit if you have to.

Be Patient.


5A/2A (x1-4) > 5B (optional BC(1hit) 236C~B

5A/2A (x1-4) > 5B (BC(1)) 236C~B > 22A (corner only)

5A/2A (x1-4) > 5B 623x

5A/2A (x1-4) > 5B (BC(1)) 236236AB

j.A 623A

j.A 623A > land 22C (corner only)

j.A 623A > 641236AB (corner only)

...5C 66 (dash cancel) 623X or 641236AB or 22C (corner with clean floor only)

Assist Combos

(Loop Enders) -

               j.A j.623A Land 22C
               j.A j.623A 641236AB
               236A~A 22C


5A/2Ax 5B 236C~5D~B

5A/2Ax 5B 236236AB (HIGH EMOTION) 5D (When Faceplant after roll occurs) Walk into Corner BC(1) 66 BC(2) BC(x) ... (Loop Ender)

5A/2Ax 5B 236C~5D~B BC(1) 66 BC(2) BC(1) 66 BC(2) ... (Loop Ender)

5C 66 BC(2) 5D 5C Walk into Corner BC(2) (Optional BC) ... (Loop Ender)

Boss Ma-ryan

2/5A > 5B >5D >5C >Ma-ryan hits>(loop ender)


j623A/B > 6D >641236A+B (corner)


5A/2Ax 5B 236C~5D~B 29 j.A j.623C 22C or 236x~A

5A/2Ax 5B 236236AB (HIGH EMOTION) 5D (When Faceplant after roll occurs) Walk into Corner BC(1) 66 BC(2) BC(x) ... (Loop Ender)
May be able to do a different set of BCs, I will test later but from what I remember Mizuki hits them so high that the mopped area will dissapear by the 2nd BC. Will test later today.

5A/2Ax 5B 236C 5D B Walk into Corner BC(2) BC(1) 66 BC(2) BC(1 or 2) ... (Loop Ender)

5C 66 BC(2) 5D 5C Walk into Corner BC(2) (Optional BC) ... (Loop Ender)

(Level 3 Setup)
5A/2Ax 5B 236C~5D~B 6321463214BC - Guaranteed damage on every character. Some less than others. Multi herself can avoid the most damage. Arawn can activate and block the whole thing and punish if he survived.


5A/2Ax 5B 236C~B 5D 9 j.A j.623x 22C or 236x~A

5A/2Ax 5B 236236AB (HIGH EMOTION) 5D (When Wall Slam Occurs(?)) Walk into Corner BC(1) 66 BC(2) BC(x) ... (Loop Ender)

5A/2Ax 5B 236C~B 5D(At peak) Walk into Corner BC(1) 66 BC(2) BC(1) 66 BC(1 or 2) ... (Loop Ender)

22A unblockable setup - Note can be escaped very easily by many characters.
(22C Loop Ender) j.8 j.C (Falling) Land BC(2) 5D BC(2) (Loop Ender)

The j.C will hit them when they stand and slip on puddle, if they do not stand they will eat a j.C. This combo is meterless for Yuu. After a loop, Yuu will recover by the time you need her again and will not need a cancel. Combo goes back into a 22C so can be done over and over. Opponent can jump, command movement, super, or reversal out of 22C Puddle. Riannon is highly susceptible to this setup.

May work with other assists such as Ma-ryan.


5A/2Ax 5B 236C~B > 5D > BC(1) 66 > BC(2) > BC(1) 66 > BC(2) > j9.A 623A > (loop ender)

You must walk forward at some point during the juggle to stay on the clean streak.

Move List

Normal Moves


Multi cleans you. Fast chainable jab that is advantage on block, so it's very good. Great for staggers.


One of Multi's best pokes. Doesn't have that much horizontal range but is fast and has a great hitbox that can be very deceptive. Take note that it does not seem to have a hitbox on the mop somewhere below the knees so watch out for very low attacks such as Karula and Sasara 2a. Neutral on block.


Another one of Multi's best pokes, has good range for a character of Multi's stature, but is not cancelable as a tradeoff. When standing on a clean streak, this move moves forward much more and causes a wallbounce.


Crouching version of 5A, same advantage and everything as far as I can tell, may start up a frame or two slower though.


Multi thrusts her mop handle upward while crouching. This is a great antiair move. After a sucessful antiair you can meaty with a 236A~A when properly timed. If you are on a mopped area, you can cancel into a 66 roll and 5a for a quick reset.


Super unsafe sweep where Multi lunges at the opponents feet. Goes the furthest out of all her normals and hits low twice, but as a tradeoff is completely unsafe unless covered by assist. Still an important move because it can go under fireballs, punish people from far, and catch them not blocking low during footsies. Still very unsafe on wiff so even with assist this move should be used with caution.

Causes wallbounce and goes farther when she lands on clean floors.


Twice hitting huge sweeping type anti air. First hit is not an anti air hit so it's actually quite slow to hit anti air, and it also moves Multi back which can make it a little bit harder to hit with. However it still covers a large area and is comboable especially on counterhit, so make sure to use it for punishing obvious jumps.


Really good air normal. Jumping light with good range and lots of active frames. You always want to cancel this into a 623X (normally A version) to improve comboability and blockstun.

j.A is workable both as air to air and jumpin


Sort of specific use, it's Multi's only fast air normal that hits above and in front of her, it's almost strictly for situational air to air situations. You may choose to use this move for further spaced jumpins or for following up wiffed j.623C on the way down.


This move is really weird, when you wiff a j.C Multi will somehow slip in the air, and fall down with an unsafe butt attack, so you should use it with caution. However, this is Multi's best jumpin and can crossup, so you will definitely be using this.

Unlike j.A and j.B, you can not special cancel j.C.

4 or 6+C

Standard grabs, they look hilarious. They keep the opponent close to you which is exactly what you want as Multi. The fact Multi has a very fast walkspeed makes it easier to tick throw.

Special Actions

Forward Roll 66[前転]
  • (Description) Has some melee invulnerability and will wiff high attacks just like her crouching animation. Multi will also count as airborne if hit out of this move making it hard to get a big punish on. However, she can pretty easily be thrown out of it. The roll goes through the opponent and can be used as mixup.
Back Roll 44 [後転]
  • (Description) - As far as I can tell, it's like the forward roll but backwards.
Mop Effect [モップがけ地面効果]
  • (Description) - Preforming certain normals and special moves while on a mopped area will alter them.
High Jump [大ジャンプ]
  • (Description) - Performing 27 or 8 or 9 will allow Multi to jump high than normal. Her high jump has a different arc than other characters.

Special Moves

Mop Rush「直伝のモップがけ」 - 236+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Multi mops the floor while running across the screen, this is the move that leaves the clean streak behind for the Mop Effect. In matchups where you don't need to worry about being hit fullscreen all the time this can also be used as a movement option since Multi does not have a traditional dash or run.
  • (A version) - Travels slow, doesn't knock down on hit.
  • (B version) - Travels medium speed, knocks down on hit.
  • (C version) - Travels fast and does the most damage, knocks down on hit.
Additional Commands 「追加入力」 - 236+[Attack] A or B or C after Mop Rush
  • (Description) - Followup to the above move, you're normally going to want to cancel it into something otherwise it keeps going for quite some time.
  • (A version) - Stops the mopping action, unsafe on block. However, if you do this move from spaced such that the initial mop does not hit, you can make this move safe or even frame advantage, mostly for okizeme vs characters that don't have shoryus.
  • (B version) - Mid hit, comes out fast so you can frame trap people with it. If done right away, there is no gap in blockstun between the mop rush and this move, so whether or not you want to delay will depend on the situation.
  • (C version) - Slowest most unsafe followup, but it's overhead and groundbounces on counterhit. Make's Multi's go into a knocked down state fairly quickly so at times you can luckout.
Cleaning is My Purupose「お掃除だけは得意なんです」 - 22+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Multi scrubs the floor and leaves a small slippery spot. It's a projectile but it won't hit people who are crouching, which can make it pretty annoying on people who are downed in the corner. You can also stick it out in matchups where it's safe to do stuff from fullscreen if you so please. This hits low so there is some unblockable setups with it as well. Opponents are able to wakeup jump, dragon punch, or use another move that moves them on wakeup to avoid the cleaned spot.
  • (A version) - Comes out fastest, least damage. Only stays out briefly.
  • (B version) - Medium speed, medium damage. Stays out quite some time.
  • (C version) - Comes out slowest, most damage. Stays out an absurdly long time.
Cyclonic Separation 「サイクロン方式を取り入れました」 - 623+[Attack] (Air OK)
  • (Description) - Multi spins on the ground, hits a lot of times and does quite a bit of guard damage, but every version is very obviously unsafe on block. However when there is a clean streak out, you can control Multi back and forth by moving the stick, making it harder to punish. This move seems to have either some invul or lower body invul, I'm not sure. Seems to be unairblockable(?).
  • (A version) - 2 hits.
  • (B version) - 3 hits.
  • (C version) - 4 hits.
  • (Description Air Version) - Without a doubt one of Multi's best moves. The air tatsu's are all pretty unique from each other.
  • (A version) - Hits while coming down. Can be used to crossup, extend jumpins, and cancel your air to airs for better advantage. Multi falls the fasted from this version. Can be done Rising from a Super jump for a SF4 esque escape out of corner but some characters can punish you easily.
  • (B version) - Sort of weird version inbetween A and C, no clear cut use.
  • (C version) - Will float Multi in the the air diagonally upwards, and allows you action on the way down which is a very useful property for baiting anti airs and throwing off the opponent. You cannot do more than one air tatsu without landing. You can Tiger Knee this move and follow up with a falling move such as j.A for a nice pressure option.

Super Moves

Cleaning Requires Tenacity「お掃除は何よりも気合が肝心です」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) - Multi's main metered hitconfirm when midscreen or when she doesn't have assist in the corner. Does a lot of damage and corner carry. Other fringe benefits include having some invul, flying across the screen on wiff, and hitting low every time on block so that it cannot be easily impact guarded.
Immense Vacuum 「吸引力は絶大です」 - 641236+AB (Air OK)
  • (Description) - Multi's only completely invulnerable reversal. Hits on both sides which is pretty useful, but since it is airborne it can be airblocked so be careful. She can also end corner combos with this move.

Splash Arts

Sisters' Housecleaning「姉妹たちの大掃除」 - 6321463214+BC
  • (Description) - Multi summons a bunch of her sisters, and like her 236236AB they all hit low. Guard breaks galore but be careful of the long startup. Characters with very good air movement options may be able to avoid most of this. Super matchup specific.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

まっさらシーツ Fresh Sheets
窓辺のアイビー Windowside Ivy
黄色いポット Yellow Flowerpot
赤いポスト Red Post
お庭のあじさい Garden Hydrangea
3時のおやつ 3 O'Clock Tea
ペルシャの絨毯 Persian Rug
まっくろ本棚 Black Bookshelf
青空テラス Sky Blue Terrace
ももいろクッション Rose Cushion
夜のカーテン Nighttime Curtain
オレンジトイボックス Orange Toybox





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