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Anime stuff

Assist Type

Strike Pursuit

Rathy's attacks are melee and she is a pursuit type. So if you leave her behind she cannot hit anything. This can also be used to your advantage when she is near the opponent instead of you.


D - Recharge time: 2.2 seconds
Rathty swings her overly-sized hammer downward. Has huge startup. Despite how this animation might look, it is NOT an overhead. The hammer swing itself actually consists of two attacks; the swing of the hammer itself and the "pop" of it hitting the floor. The hammer swing is the part that is genuinely a useful oki tool, as a blocked swing will drop your opponent's emotions massively. If your opponent decides to mash, a CH hammer swing will not only do huge damage (4k+), but will also pop the opponent up into the air for a juggle.
The groundslam has a fullscreen hitbox that covers the entire floor. You can use it to force an opponent to block or jump from longer ranges.

Hammer Throw「ハンマー投げ」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 3.7 seconds
Rathty swings her hammer around her using the momentum to strike multiple (3) times; though damage scaling only applies to one hit. Useful for crossup setups, combos, and most importantly...guard break setups. In emotion low, getting hit by 6D is almost more favorable than blocking it. Combine 6D with a few heavy attacks and their guard pops wide open.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

マラカイト オリーブ Malachite Olive
カルサイト オレンジ Calcite Orange
クリスタル ホワイト Crystal White
アズライト ダーク Azurite Dark
タンザナイト ブルー Tanzanite Blue
ルベライト レッド Rubellite Red
コンドライト ブラウン Chondrite Brown
トレモライト グリーン Tremolite Green
セレスタイト スカイ Celestite Sky
サルファ イエロー Sulfur Yellow
アメシスト パープル Amethyst Purple
クロコアイト トロピカル Crocoite Tropical





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