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Konomi's Move List


Konomi is a great character in this game. She has a short hop, a super jump, a fash dash, quick pokes, and great combo ability. She lacks a long range distance game, but can make up for that with the right assist.


Konomi is good, but lacks long range. Satsuki gives her long range. In addition, Satsuki can make Konomi a lot safer. You have to use meter to cancel into Satsuki, yes, but being able to combo after a 5C into dash 5C B+C gives Konomi good damage, and good pressure. Satsuki guns interrupt a lot of things, and allow you to get in against what would otherwise be more difficult matches such as Manaka or Riannon.

Against characters that can throw stuff out that can stop Mizuki while she's running (i.e. Manaka/Riannon), she is really good. Mizuki allows Konomi to jump in safely, and also opens up huge combo opportunities such as comboing after her air super, 214A knees in the corner, and so on. Mizuki is also really good at making wiffed or blocked DPs and such safe thanks to her running uppercut which leaves the opponent in blockstun for extended periods.

All-around assist for Konomi. Her neutral D assist move (fireworks) is good for creating screen filler, allowing you to safely approach an opponent. It can also be used as in an Assist Counter to get your opponent off of you, but you must be mindful of Ma-ryan's spacing relative to both you and your opponent. It also does have a bit of start up and if an opponent is already mid-jump, the fireworks could be missed completely. Ma-ryan Kick can also be used in neutral to either approach or to hit your opponent doing something mid-screen (Ma-ryan Kick whiffs crouchers, however). In the corner, Ma-ryan Kick allows for your combos to be extended easily, allowing Konomi to get 8-10K damage in a single combo against all of the cast.



Konomi is very quick, has a short hop, a running dash, super jump etc. So you'll want to poke with 2A a lot because for some reason, 2As in this game are really strong, especially as anti air sometimes. On wakeup, abuse the small hop to do an overhead or low mixup. In addition, pressuring with things like 2A 2A delay a bit 5C is a good way to keep the opponent from moving. Once they start staying seated, you can do things like 2A 5A dash throw. If the opponent jumps at you, B+C them for a huge chunk of life. If they stop jumping, then you can start pressuring them on the ground. A little trick with divekicks is to do short hop j.B and then before landing, do a divekick, because it's an overhead. If you find the opponent anti-airing you too much, try doing a divekick to hit them, but be careful, as the punishment from a blocked divekick is pretty harsh. Other than that, get the opponent to the corner, and just pressure them, staggering your strings in an effort to hit them with a CH move into damage.


Konomi is a short range character, so if you can stay out of her range, but stay in range to hit your own stuff, then you should be good. If you see her do 214A on block, stand and block, then you will block a divekick if she does it, and you can punish that. In addition, if she stops or if she ends with any part, you can easily punish. Her DP is quite good, so she will often do it off the ground, after she blocks a jump in attack, etc. Try to bait these and punish them as well. For the most part, she can't combo off of overheads, so try to block obvious overheads, and then stay low blocking so you don't accidentally reset yourself. Just be careful because her jumping pokes are very ambiguous as to which side she’ll end up on.


Target Combos

  • 2A 2B 5C
Standard, safe even as a blockstring.
  • JB 2A 2B 2C -
You can start with a deep JB, if it's too high up, you can't combo anything after it. Obviously, you can do the 5C or 214A endings, but 2C also works. j.B on counter hit, though, is a lot more lenient.
  • JC 2A 2B 214A 214A 214A
JC is easier to combo 2A afterwards than j.B, even without counterhit. You should still hit with it as deep as possible.
  • 2A 2B 214A 214A J2363214A+B
You can do the super ender instead of a 3rd 214A, midscreen, corner, anywhere. 1 meter.
  • (CH)623A j.236C
If you hit with her DP on counter hit, you can OTG with a quick jump into J236C.
  • 623A xx 236236A+B
Her A DP combos into her DP super.
  • {9} JB 214A 214A 214A –
Off of a short hop, unless it’s CH, you generally cannot combo into 2A, but the 214A is quicker and allows you to combo into it.
  • JB 623A 623B xx 236236A+B –
Corner combo. You can combo a B DP from an A DP in the corner, and in turn, cancel the B dp into her super.
  • J236A/B/C [66] B+C 214A 214A 214A
Air CH combo starter
  • B+C [66] B+C 214A 214A 214A
Air CH combo starter. If they are high enough, you can do teo heavy smashes before the rekka.
  • 5C [66] 2B 214A 214A J2363214A+B -
Ground CH starter. Even a simple combo like this off of a CH 5C will do a lot of damage. Requires 1 meter.
  • 2C [66] B+C 214A 214A 214A.
Ground CH starter. In high emotion, Konomi's 2C bounces the opponent against the wall, and if you're fast enough you can do a dash B+C.
  • B+C [66] B+C 2141236A+B
CH anti air starter. This is a combo into her curry super. You can generally do it from a B+C if timed correctly.
  • 5B B+C 5B 623B J236C
Basic punish combo off 5B. The 5B must be done while dashing into the opponent or the B+C won't connect properly. TK the J236C at the end for an OTG hit.

Assist Combos


  • 2A 2B 5C (5D) dash forward 5B B+C 214A 214A 214A
Requires 1 meter for the cancel. Timing is relatively strict.


  • JC 2A 2B 214A 214A J2363214A+B (5D) [66] B+C 214A 214A J2363214A+B
Corner combo. Requires 3 meters, not always worth the damage when doing the last super, but this shows the potential you can do with Konomi.
  • 2A 2B 214A 214A 214A (4/6D) [66] B+C 214A 214A 214A.
Corner Combo. You can combo after Mizuki's wall bounce with a dash B+C. Requires 1 meter


  • 5B 623C 236236AB 6D [Dash] B+C 2141236AB
Mid-screen into corner combo. You must use 6D at the apex of the jump on the last hit of DP super.
  • 623A 623C 23623AB 6D (time this to the end of the third hit of the DP Super) [Walk] B+C (214A 214A 236C/2363214AB OR 2141236AB)
Corner only combo. Timing changes on Partner call during Emotion High because DP Super's animation changes. Does around 9-10K, depending on character. Can either end meterlessly or with Stomp Super.


  • 2A 2B 6D 214A 214A 2363214AB
Mid-screen confirm into corner carry combo. Use black orb at the beginning of the combo to have it overtop of opponent by the end. Divekick super for damage and to allow the orb time to track over the downed opponent.
  • 623A 623C 23623AB 5D (time this to the end of second hit of the DP Super) [Dash] B+C (214A 214A 236C/2363214AB OR 2141236AB)
Corner only combo. Same as the Ma-ryan combo above but with timing for Camyu.

Move List

Normal Moves


A quick short range finger tap forward. Whiffs on crouchers against some characters, and combos into 2A and pretty much whatever.


A knee forward. It has somewhat short range, but it has it's specific uses.


Konomi swings her bag forward and hits the opponent. This move is pretty quick, and has great range. You can't cancel out of it into specials, though. On counter hit when you're at "Emotion High", this move stuns the opponent for long enough to dash forward and hit a 2B into combo. Excellent move all around, and safe on block.


A quick low kick. Chains into itself, and into 2B.


A somewhat long range low poke. Combos from 2A, and out of it, you can combo into her 214A, 5C, or 2C. This move is going to be used often, as with most 2Bs. Not safe on block, but can chain into the safe-on-block 5C.


A low slide on the ground. This move has good range, and in the corner on counter hit, it can cause a wall bounce. It grounds the opponent which is nice, but the damage is quite low compared to other moves you can do to knock the opponent down. It's also not very safe on block, so you can lose a lot of life for tossing this move out there. You can't cancel it into specials either.


This move is amazing. She does an uppercut, and it's extremely good for anti air, and shoots the opponent up in the air high enough to combo a 214A. On counter hit, it knocks them up even HIGHER, and you have time to run forward and do another B+C into more combos. This move is extremely good for combos, and chains from a 2B or 5B. However, you must be point blank range for that to hit. Overall, this is the move that will keep your opponents from jumping.


Quick knee attack. Good as a rising move. Has no hitbox below it so cannot be used as a cross up but since it looks like JB, could be used to fool your opponent into blocking high while doing a short hop, and then once you recover, going for a low.


Quick knee, can cross up. Has a hitbox below Konomi. Relatively fast.


Konomi takes her bag and swings it in a down/forward arc. Good range, and good priority.

4 or 6+C

Grounded lever throw. Konomi takes the opponent and does a spinning neck breaker drop. The lever direction determines which side Konomi/the opponent ends up on after the throw.

Special Actions

Short Jump 「小ジャンプ」 - Tap 7 or 8 or 9
  • (Description) - KOF style short hop. It does have landing recovery, which can be cancelled into a special move, however.
High Jump 「大ジャンプ」 - Tap 2 Then 7/8/9
  • (Description) - Konomi's forward and backward super jumps have good forward/backwards momentum, so you can use them to approach the opponent quickly. Use it with caution, however, as many characters have an Anit-Air move which hits directly in Konomi's forward super jump arc.

Special Moves

Satchel Upper 「カバンあっぱー!」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Standard DP. Works very well. You can keep yourself safe if it's blocked by using an assist to hit the opponent when you would normally be punished.
  • (A version) - A version has the least amount of invulnerability, but recovers the fastest.
  • (B version) - B version has more invulnerability and jumps higher. Easier to punish.
  • (C version) - C version has the most invulnerability, but if whiffed or blocked, it's extremely easy to punish.
What Should I Eat?♪ 「何食べよかな~♪」 - 214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - This is her rekka of sorts. She jumps at the opponent with a knee. The A version goes forward, the B version goes up and forward, and the C version goes almost straight upwards. After the first hit, Konomi is in the air, and you can do either another 214A/B/C for a second knee, a j.236A/B/C divekick, or her j.2363214A+B super. You can do the knee a third time, too if the second hit was another 214 move. The third knee sends the opponent flying and causes a wall bounce. This move is NOT safe, so be careful when tossing it out. You can delay the 2nd/3rd hit a bit, but it's very easy to punish if blocked, so be careful.
Get Out of the Way! 「どいてどいて~!」 - J236+[Attack] [Air Only]
  • (Description) - Divekick. The divekick is an overhead, and unsafe on block. The C version takes a pretty big leap forward. Because of assists, you can make it safe on block, though. On counter hit, air to air, it will bounce the opponent, giving you a free B+C launch. You can also tiger knee the divekick to do one almost instantly off the ground. Can be used as an OTG.

Super Moves

Genghis Khan-1192♪ 「1192作ろうジンギスカーン♪」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) - Shoryu-reppa. Not bad, but the first hit often hits, and then the 2nd and 3rd hit whiff, making it very easy to get punished even if you guessed right on when to use it. You can also be punished between the 2nd and 3rd hit very easily, making it hard to make it safe even with your assist.
Superb Balance!? 「絶妙なバランス感覚!?」 - J2363214+AB [Air Only]
  • (Description) - Stompy super. If this hit, Konomi will stomp on the opponent very happily for several hits. Combos easily after 214A 214A, and does decent damage.
Mom's Killer Curry! 「お母さん直伝必殺カレー!!」 - 2141236+AB
  • (Description) - Curry super! This super is an attack throw and is air unblockable (though it can be blocked on the ground). It has poor range, but is generally used as an ender to corner combos since it adds a very decent amount of damage. It comes out slow so it's inadvisable to try using it in a tick setup.

Splash Arts

Wait Up, Genjimaru! 「ちょっと待ってよゲンジマル~!?」 - 632146+BC
  • (Description) - Konomi runs off the screen and then back on with her dog. If you touch the dog, it does about 10,000 damage (half life). It's unblockable, but fairly slow. you can jump it, or you can hit Konomi out of it.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

キャラメルマキアート Caramel Macchiato
イカスミパスタ Squid Ink Pasta
マーブルチョコレート Marble Chocolate
セサミプリン Sesame Pudding
ソーダゼリー Soda Jelly
ショコラオレンジ Chocolate Orange
グレープジュース Grape Juice
ミントシャーベット Mint Sherbet
ホワイトマシュマロ White Marshmallow
レモンスカッシュ Lemon Squash
カラフルキャンディ Colorful Candy
スパイシーカレー Spicy Curry





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