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Anime stuff

Assist Type

Projectile Pursuit

Projectile - Since Satsuki's attacks are projectiles they are not influenced much by spacing.

Pursuit - Satsuki will follow you around anyway.


May Blast「メイ・ブラスト」
D - Recharge time: 1.6 seconds

Satsuki fires a bullet down the screen. The move starts up very fast and the projectile is quick. The hitbox for the projectile is very big and will hit crouching opponents (except for crouching Konomi, Multi, and Morgan). This move is great for zoning, keeping yourself safe and following up hits for combos.

Samidare Fire「五月雨(さみだれ)ファイヤー」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 3.5 seconds

Satsuki fires 5 consecutive shots down the screen. For the extra attacks, this move has several deficiencies compared to the neutral version. The start up is much slower, so its easier for your opponents to stop the attack. Also, the hitbox for each attack is much narrower. It will not hit crouching opponents at all. If you land an air hit with this, the opponent will tech immediately. All of these make this move somewhat hard to use. Still, the move covers the screen with projectiles for a good amount of time and opponents that know that it only hits standing characters will duck. You can take advantage of this and use it to force your opponent to crouch then start pressuring them.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

アッシュグレー Ash Gray
モカブラウン Mocha Brown
ナイトブルー Night Blue
ラズベリーレッド Raspberry Red
コバルトグリーン Cobalt Green
クールブラック Cool Black
アップルレッド Apple Red
シーサイドブルー Seaside Blue
アイリスパープル Iris Purple
ブロッサムピンク Blossom Pink
ビターオレンジ Bitter Orange
シュガーホワイト Sugar White





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