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Melty Blood: Type Lumina is an fighting game based off Type Moon's visual novel Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon. Just like the original series, it is being developed by French-Bread. Type Lumina was released worldwide on September 30th, 2021 for Playstation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Melty Blood: Type Lumina
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Tamsoft Corporation (PC)
GameLoop Inc. (PC)



Playstation 4/5

Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
PC (Steam)
Official Websites

Official English Website

Official Japanese Website
Online Play

Rollback Netcode via GGPO

Player Resources

Type Lumina Match Database

Community Channels

Panic Shield Anonymous (NA)

Reverse Beat Brazil
Melty Sud Discord
Melty Blood LAN Discord
Leumina (Europe)
Official News

May 7, 2024 - Patch Update

1.4.3 Patch Notes

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May 31, 2023 - Patch Update

1.4.3 Patch Notes

December 15, 2022 - Added playable characters "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "Ushiwakamaru"

・Added playable characters "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "Ushiwakamaru"
・Added 4 new color variations and color palettes for all characters.
・Added new BGM
・Added "IKUSA BAYASHI, IZA MAIRU!" and "The Astral Prison"
・Added 10 remastered version tracks from "MELTY BLOOD Actress Again"
・Added several new stories to Single Play Mode
・Added "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "Ushiwakamaru" stories
・Added the largest "Boss Rush" yet
・Added approximately 530 free words to Titles
・Added Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese to the supported languages!
1.4.0 Patch Notes

All items...

MBTL Wiki Roadmap

Click here for character page roadmaps.

65% complete
Page Completed To-do %
Main Page
  • Page created and links to all subpages including news and roadmaps.
  • Will be expanded as characters are added or if design spec changes.
  • Directional and button inputs listed and described
  • Confirmed that no actions are leftover from AACC that are not present in TL.
  • All actions listed..
  • Page exists
  • Beginner questions about gameplay explained.
  • PC launch netplay issues that have been fixed noted at the bottom.
  • Add a few more beginner questions about gameplay.
  • Expand on known issues about PC version (controller support, ultrawide displays, etc)
  • Terms only applicable to AACC have been removed.
  • New TL terms added.
  • Separate between mechanics (as listed ingame), metagame (externally coined terms), and notation (used on the wiki).
  • Move properties defined.
  • Most framedata definitions added.
  • Confirm all terms listed in game movelist are in the glossary.
  • Page Exists
  • All HUD elements relevant to the battle system are explained.
  • Link each system text to their relevant sections on the Offense/Defense/Etc. pages when they're all complete.
  • Page Created.
  • Match footage DB linked.
  • Some discords linked.
  • List the rest of the active Melty Blood discords that play Type Lumina.
  • List external guides being worked on for citation and reference
  • List Type Lumina-specific database and learning tools
  • Page Created
  • Explained color customization
  • Player Cards fully explained.
News & Updates
  • Created page
  • Added instructions on adding pages
  • Will be updated when gameplay patches or news is announced.
  • Page exists.
  • Explained Combo properties: Beat Edge, Reverse Beat, Rapid Beat, FC, Skill Bonus, SMP, and the Launch/JC Limit.
  • Explained Attack properties: Launcher, Blowback Edge, Invincibility, Clashes/Clash Frames, Armor, and Chip damage.
  • Detailed Attack cancel rules, whiff/block/hit
  • Air throw rules/interactions written.
  • Explained Offensive Magic Circuit usage: EX moves, Arc Drive, Last Arc
    • How to earn Magic Circuit offensively.
    • Add a footnote about Heat and Blood Heat being defensive Circuit usage.
  • System data about combo scaling (if we can get it)
  • Page exists
  • Defense modifiers added
  • Shield mechanics summarized
  • Option selects listed
  • Create page
  • Explain Blocking rules
  • Explain Shield interactions (all of them)
  • Explain throw tech
    • Add Option selects relevant to throw tech situations
  • Explain air/ground recovery
  • Explain super armor state
  • Explain defensive Magic Circuit usage: Heat, Blood Heat, how meter is earned on defense
Moon System
  • Page exists
  • Division between Moon Gauge spending and Moon Drive mode exists
  • Make sure nothing is unmentioned in reference to the in-game tutorials.

Moon Gauge:

  • Explain the difference of using a Moon Skill visually/input wise compared to normal special moves

Moon Drive:

  • Explain how Moon Drive activation provides combo or pressure extensions otherwise unavailable.
  • Page created
  • Ground movement explained
  • Air movement explained
Game Data
  • Page Exists.
  • Character Backdash Framedata written.
  • Sprite Priority written.
  • Input buffer, airtime, landing recovery, etc. noted.
  • Provide a universal list of the remaining character vitals: Prejump frames, move speeds, dash timings, etc. preferably using Cargo instead of standard wikitables.
    • This page should be a summary of information compiled on character pages regarding vitals.
      • Add Aoko Aozaki and Dead Apostle Noel's vitals to the existing lists.
  • Add any other explicitly universal information about characters and gameplay mechanics