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Melty Blood/MBTL/HUD & UI

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1) Character Portrait

The portrait of the current character in play. Player 1 is on the left, while Player 2 is on the right. In online matches, your PSN/Steam ID and player grade are located next to this portrait.

2) Life Gauge

This gauge displays your remaining life. Dark-blue health represents Vital Source, life that can be recovered during Heat mode. If the gauge is depleted, the round or match will end.

3) Moon Icons

This gauge is primarily consumed when using Moon Skills, but can be refilled by landing hits and shielding attacks, among other methods. Both characters start the match with full Moon Icons. See Moon System for more info.

4) Magic Circuit

This gauge is required for EX Specials, Arc Drives, Last Arcs, and Forced Releases. Magic Circuit is gained by hitting or getting hit with attacks, blocking, and other methods. See Magic Circuit for more info.

5) Round Icons

Each round you win will be tallied up here. Usually matches are decided by the first to win 2 rounds, but this can be adjusted in the game's settings. There are different icons for winning normally, winning with Arc Drives/Last Arcs, or with a Perfect (losing no life).

6) Timer

Each round has a set time limit. If the timer reaches zero, then the character with the most life is the winner of the round.

7) Unique Gauges

Currently, only Noel has a unique gauge, which is used to indicate how many Black Keys she has left for the round.

Combo Counter

MBTL Invalid Combo.png

Indicates the number of hits dealt in the current combo. Invalid combos are indicated by the combo counter becoming grey.

System Text

Various texts will appear on the edges of the screen, relating to any interactions that occur.

  • Arc Drive
  • Counter
  • EX Edge
  • Fatal Counter
  • Heat
  • Invincibility
  • Last Arc
  • Moon Drive
  • Punish
  • Rapid Beat
  • Recover
  • Reversal
  • Shield
  • Skill Bonus
  • Whiff Penalty
  • Bounce Bonus

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