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Melty Blood/MBTL/Controls

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Melty's moves and combo sequences are notated with a combination of button letters and numbers, known as Numpad Notation. First of all, the game has 4 buttons: A, B, C, and D.

Here are the digital directional inputs possible in Melty Blood:

And here are how those same directions correspond to the layout of a number pad. 5 represents the lever neutral position, and 6 always faces the same direction the character is facing for consistency.

By representing lever directions with numerals as shown above, any set of lever and button inputs can be represented with a combination of button letters and numbers. Additionally, moves are given prefixes to signify certain properties, such a j. for "performed in midair". More information on notation specifics can be found in the Notation Glossary.

A, B, and C correspond to weak, medium, and heavy attacks respectively.
Attacks can be chained into each other in any order using a system known as Reverse Beat. The only limitation is that normals can (typically) only be used once per string.
AAA, BBB, or CCC will give a Rapid Beat, an autocombo that ends in a launcher.
Note that once you start a Rapid Beat, Reverse Beats no longer become possible.
Standing A normals can chain into themselves via 4A three times before transitioning to Rapid Beats.
2A normals transition to Rapid Beats without extra inputs after three are used.
B+C and a cardinal direction will perform a Moon Skill, a powered-up special move that uses Moon Gauge instead of Magic Circuit.
B+C with at least 50% Moon Gauge will activate Moon Drive, a fully invincible powered-up state.
2A+B will perform a Moon Charge, which fills your Moon Gauge and Magic Circuit while draining health as long as the buttons are held.
The D button functions as shield, which is a parry mechanism. Your options out of this parry will depend on what buttons you press and how much Moon Gauge you have available.
A or C after a successful Shield will give you a Shield Counter.
B after a successful Shield will give you a Crossup Counter, which tracks the opponent and hits them from behind.
B+C after a successful Shield with 50% Moon Gauge gives you a tackle that crosses through opponents and leaves your character in an airborne state.
The attacker can cancel into shield after their attack clashes with a defender's shield at any point.
A+D will result in a throw. The same command is used on defense to tech throws.
Every character universally has a ground and air throw.
Air throws can be cancelled into and are usually used to end combos.

Movement and Metagame

Commands will assume facing right, and using the numpad notation above. Commands will be underlined.

  • Block: Hold any direction away from your opponent. You will only actually block when an opponent's attack would hit you.
    • Note: Holding up-back on the ground (7) in neutral state will cause you to jump, leaving you vulnerable during the jump startup frames. After that, the block in the air will count as an air block. In general, air blocks are vulnerable to grounded attacks but can block ground projectiles.
    • Holding directly back (4) will put you into a standing block against approaching attacks. Standing blocks block high attacks (such as most non-projectile air attacks) and mid attacks, but not low attacks.
    • Holding down-back (1) will put you into a crouching position, from which you can crouch block. Crouch blocks block mid attacks and low attacks, but not high attacks.
  • Doublejump: Input by pressing an upward direction in midair to jump in that direction. Will force you to face toward the opponent. Must land or get hit before you are able to do it again. Neutral double jump can drift like neutral jump.
  • Superjump: Tap any downward direction, then 8 for a forward superjump. A jump that goes farther, higher, and faster than usual, but with slightly higher startup. You can only super jump forward
    • Super Double Jump: A doublejump that goes higher and farther than usual.
  • Dash: Press 66 to dash forward and 44 to dash away. Most (all?) ground backdashes have startup invincibility frames.
  • Float: After neutral jump or jump into double neutral jump. You can influence the direction of your character by holding forward or back to cause them to float in a certain direction
  • Air Dash: Input the dash command in the air to go in that direction. Will NOT force you to face toward the opponent. Must land or get hit before you are able to do it again. To instantly air dash, you must input 956 or 9A+B for an instant air dash, or 754 or 7A+B for an instant air backdash.
  • Air Tech: Press & hold any attack button during aerial hitstun to airtech. You tech backwards, in place, or forward by holding 4, 5 and 6 respectively. You're invulnerable for the full duration of the airtech.
  • Ground Tech: If aerial hitstun lasts until you hit the ground, or you're hit with a move that inflicts a soft knockdown, holding any attack button will cause you to ground tech. Similarly to airteching, you can tech backward, in place, or forward by holding 4, 5, or 6. While you're invulnerable for the full duration of backward and neutral tech, forward teching has some vulnerability at the end and can be punished, so be careful.
  • Forced Ground Tech: If you hold D, your character won't tech in the air, but will ground tech the moment they hit the ground. Sometimes characters can create an unblockable situation by reading an air tech using a blockstring to Guard Break you. In these situations it may be more advantageous to ground tech instead of air tech.
  • Throw Tech: Press A+D just after being grabbed by a regular throw. More information here.

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