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Melty Blood/MBTL/FAQ

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How different is Type Lumina from Actress Again Current Code?

  • Visuals:
    • The screen resolution has been changed from 4:3 to 16:9.
    • Full redesign and redraw of every character with massive resolution improvements.
    • Added palette customization options, however there are only 15 default palettes as opposed to 36.
  • Characters
    • Full, Half, and Crescent moon forms have been removed.
    • Numerous characters have been cut from the roster.
    • Saber, Vlov Arkhangel, and Noel are newcomers in the base game.
  • System Mechanics
    • Rapid beat, aka "autocombos" have been added. Performed by doing the same input multiple times in a string where the move has no designated follow-up.
      • 3C is the launcher, it stabilizes the opponent's positioning.
    • Guard gauge has been removed. Replaced by the Moon Gauge.
      • The Moon gauge is used to preform Moon Specials, and Shield.
    • Magic Circuit goes up to 3 bars, 4 in Awakening.
    • Circuit Charge is available to everyone (2A+B).
    • Circuit Spark (burst) has been removed.
    • Forced Release has been added. Burst, but it is that's only available with 1+ meter, while blocking or in neutral but not while being hit.
    • Max Heat has been removed. Characters can sit at full meter. (Last Arc requires 4 bars or Blood Heat)
    • Initiative Heat has been removed.
    • "Reduce", has been removed.
    • Awakening: If you are 1 round away from losing the game your Magic Circuit's maximum will increase to 4 bars. If you lost the previous game, additionally gain 1 bar of meter.

I heard that there are autocombos in this game. Do I have to use them?

In short, no, you do not have to use the autocombo system. Many players have already found many damaging combos that do not use Rapid Beat whatsoever, and the ones that do use Rapid Beat tend to do something else with it instead of doing the autocombo into airthrow. Rapid Beat however is a good place to start if you are new to the game or character you're playing, since it can help you deal damage before you've started to learn harder, more rewarding combos.

The autocombo system (called "Rapid Beat") will trigger if you try to use a normal you have already used in the string. This will happen if you mash your inputs. It can activate by using the same normal attack twice in a row, or by trying to use a normal you've already Reverse Beat into during the string. Additionally, you can cancel the pre-launcher part of the Rapid Beat into a special, so you don't have to transition into the launcher autocombo. The launcher can be used outside of them autocombo as well, mapped to 3C on every character. The same rules apply in the air as on the ground, however instead of a launcher it will result in a throw ender.

Which character should I start with?

Play whoever you like the most! The Rapid Beat system allows for you to pick up and play every character on the roster easily, though each character has their own nuances and differences. Spend some time with a character, and if you like them, stick with them. Otherwise, move on.

Shiki Tohno is designed to be easy to play at all levels of play, so if you really want a more strict answer, play Shiki, and go from there.

How does online ranking work?

MBTL's online ranked system has two components:

  • "RP" is a point system that determines your global position on the "Ranking" board.
  • A letter-based "rank" appears next to your username on the player card, from D to S+.

In general the first system behaves as you expect: After an initial threshold where you always gain points you start gaining or losing points based on the outcome of ranked matches. You can use the Ranking mode to sort by highest RP score globally or per-character and see your position on the board relative to everyone else.

The second system is not as clear since it doesn't actually relate to your position on the ranking board. You can easily notice this by seeing the disparity of ranks across the top players on the RP ranking board. The letter on your player card changes based on 10-game win or loss streaks and requires that you play within your own rank to move up or down. This means if you are B rank, you must win 10 games against other B ranked players (does not have to be the same person) to move up to A rank. This system is actually always in play so your rank can change in player matches, ranked matches or a combination of both if you meet the requirement.

The PC version has netplay issues apparently?

On Day 1, most players had their game crash when trying to match with other players in a Ranked Match. The game also would softlock or freeze when leaving the Player Match screen. You could get around these issues by setting your Steam download server to somewhere in Japan. The following day, French Bread released a patch that fixed these issues.

Do not skip intros in online play. It can result in large desyncs and 1-sided rollback that the game struggles to fix for the next ~10 seconds. Yes, they did fix the intro-skip in the Aozaki Aoko/Dead Apostle Noel patch in January. Then proceeded to break it again when they released Mario and Powered Ciel in April. Apart from that, the game's netcode is fine.

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