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Hinokakera (ヒノカケラ?), sometimes abbreviated as Hikake (ヒカケ?), is a series of Japanese dōjin 2.5D fighting games (full 3D graphics, but the gameplay is based on 2D style games), set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world. The game is developed and self-published by Akaishi Ryuuka (赤石 榴火?) under the name "Reddish Region". The series has had 3 major revisions so far.

While the combat system itself is rooted in 2D, all battles take place in endless 3D stages, similar to the Tekken series of fighting games. In a sense it's a 2D anime fighter with 3D mechanics and stylings, lending it a unique feel.

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Hinokakera Chaotic Eclipse
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Wiki Roadmap

18% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • General Information pages: (22%)
    • Controls: (5%)
      • Needs further reformatting
    • FAQ: (95%)
      • Created but may need to be updated further.
    • Netplay: (8%)
      • Done but needs reformatting
    • System: (5%)
      • Technically done but needs to be organized and properly formatted.
    • HUD: (2%)
      • Done but could use reformatting.
  • Character Pages: (78%, 6% each character)
    • Move lists: (3% each character)
      • Need to add the proper moves for each character, as its all templates right now.
    • Strategy: (2% each character)
      • How does each character play? Gameplans?
      • Matchups are not necessary but are desirable.
    • Combos: (1% each character)
      • Raven:
        • Unfinished
      • Silvis:
        • Unfinished
      • Aya:
        • Unfinished
        • has all moves
      • Camille:
        • Unfinished
        • has all moves, some damage
      • Kasumi:
        • Unfinished
        • Has strategy and some moves.
      • Celes:
        • Unfinished
        • has all moves
      • Hardy:
        • Not started
      • Clestis:
        • Unfinished
      • Aronia:
        • Not started
      • Kakeru:
        • Started
        • Move list completed!
        • Combos are present but need work.
      • Malakh:
        • Unfinished
        • Combos are listed with the worst formatting known to man.
      • Ashley:
        • Not started
      • Aya Immortal:
        • Not started
  • General Information pages:
    • Controls:
      • Needs reformatting
    • Netplay:
      • Needs reformatting
    • System:
      • Needs to be organized and properly formatted.
    • HUD:
      • Needs reformatting.
  • Character pages:
    • Move lists: 1/13
    • Strategy: 0/13
    • Combos: 0/13

Silvis Laws
Camille Enfield
Kasumi Seiga Freslight
Celes Alfort
Hardy Alfort
Clestis Farrell
Aronia Excel
Aya Immortal