Fantasy Strike

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Developer  —  Sirlin Games
Available Systems  —  PlayStation 4, PC, Switch
Official Website  —  English
Community  —  Discord Server, Subreddit

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Fantasy Strike is a 2019 fighting game developed by Sirlin Games. The game was released simultaneously for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on July 25th 2019.

Fantasy Strike is a modern take on classic arcade fighting games featuring a cast of characters from the Fantasy Strike universe. These characters can also be seen in tabletop games published by Sirlin Games such as Yomi, Codex, or Puzzle Strike.

It's free to play on all platforms! The F2P features include: ALL CHARACTERS! Two costumes each, Casual Queue, Ranked Queue, VS AI and Practice Mode. You can queue for Casual and Ranked simultaneously.

On 7/22/2020 Core Pack owners will be able to send friend match challenges to F2P players. Until then, you must both own the core pack.

Core pack is tied to your in game fantasytag, which means you can play with it across Steam and Nintendo Switch using the same account (but not Sony because they have a closed ecosystem).

However, in an interesting twist due to Sony rules: "All cosmetics you buy DO travel with you across platforms, and your Fantasy+ membership does too. Your gems (virtual currency) do NOT travel across platforms. So you can buy gems on any platform and then if you SPEND those gems the things you buy will travel across all platforms with your account."

If you buy the Core Pack or Collector’s Pack though (these are things bought with real money, not gems), then those will only travel with your account between Switch and Steam; Sony will not allow the Core Pack or Collector’s Pack to go into or out of the PS4 ecosystem."

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