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Fantasy Strike
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Fantasy Strike is a Free-to-Play Fighting Game developed by Sirlin Games. The game was released simultaneously for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam on July 25th 2019.
A modern take on classic arcade Fighting Games featuring a cast of characters from the Fantasy Strike universe. These characters can also be seen in tabletop games published by Sirlin Games such as Yomi, Codex, or Puzzle Strike.

Billed as being strategically difficult and mechanically elegant, Fantasy Strike was designed with accessibility and strategy in mind.

  • Every character is always available, not locked behind DLC
  • No special inputs, all moves can be done with a single button press
  • Combos are short and fast
  • Frame advantage is shown through visual effects on hit
  • Health is displayed in obvious, discrete segments


Wiki Roadmap

60% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Main page and the navbox are a work in progress.
  • FAQ, Controls, Mechanics, Glossary pages in progress.
  • update Midori, Quince images
  • Style change: All frame data for advantage (hit, block, counter) should explicitly use + or - symbols. ~ is still used to indicate a range
  • Add Strategy info to all characters.
  • Add Matchup info to all characters.
  • add Frame hitspark image to mechanics
  • add auras image to mechanics

  • Grave - expand on matchups and general strategy
  • Geiger - Expand general strategy, write matchups
  • Setsuki - write longer General overview, add detail to move data, add general strategy and matchups, double check combos
  • Rook - expand on general overview and move data, touch up matchups
  • Lum - improve general overview, improve move data descriptions, double check matchups
  • Quince - double check move data descriptions, improve combo section, expand on general, add matchups
  • Jaina - exand general overview, expand on move descriptions, expand general strategy, add matchups
  • Argagarg - expand general overview, expand on move descriptions, expand on strategy and add matchups
  • Valerie- expand on move descriptions, add more to strategy, improve matchups
  • Midori - improve overview, clean up and add more to move descriptions, improve strategy section, add more matchups
  • DeGrey - clean up some style, clean up combo area, Add general strategy, double check matchups
  • Onimaru - fill out overview, improve move descriptions, add more general strategy, add some meter strategys, improve combo section, add matchups