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By silver tongue or bloodletting, I will have justice. DeGrey is a Lawyer who will shine light onto the truth and bring justice to those who would do wrong by any means necessary.


DeGrey is extremely old and has been fighting for truth and justice for a long time. After an ill fated encounter with a particular tyrant, he made a pact on deaths door with the Nox Oracle, Persephone, to live on until he had finished his mission of crushing the tyrant- with the caveat that his time would be up when his mission was complete. She left behind a ghostly reminder in Desdemona to be sure that he didn't stray from his mission. He successfully defeated the tyrant, but to his shock found that he still lived on, his mission not yet complete.


DeGrey is a character heavily oriented around frame traps. In the corner, his damage on almost any counterhit is high and in the corner his pressure becomes terrifying. He also has a powerful neutral tool in his otherworldly friend, Desdemona. DeGreys biggest weaknesses are his lack of a reliable reversal and his sometimes risky tools in neutral.

In terms of strategy, your play is going to depend heavily on whether you are against a zoner or not.

  • In matches versus zoners it is crucial to properly use gFS C.png (ground ghost) and walk quickly behind it in order to maximize distance gained towards your opponent. Otherwise you will find yourself easily held at arms length and since DeGrey has t-rex arms you won't be able to do anything. Once in DeGrey wants to stay in, prevent jump outs (mostly with neutral FS J.png+FS A.png or FS T.png) then punish the opponent when they scramble to try to create distance.
  • In other matches, DeGrey wants to apply safe pressure and bait the opponent into a bad choice. You will usually have the advantage in controlling spacing due to Desdemona but most opponents have strong counterplay to DeGrey's close up tools. DeGrey's mixup game is not especially strong, so you will need to either bait the opponent into mistakes (blocked reversals, etc) or play patiently and wait for opportunities to exploit.


Health: 6
Super meter charge time: 15 seconds


Name Button Damage Startup Active Recovery Hitstun Blockstun Hit Adv. Block Adv. Counterhit
Punch nFS A.png 1hp 7 7 10 19 17 3 1 8
Can cancel into FS A.png(FS A.png) on hit/block/whiff, FS B.png or FS C.png on hit or block. Important for starting pressure in the corner. Causes knockdown on an opponent in ground bounce state.
Punch of Justice nFS A.png(FS A.png) 1hp 11 6 13 22 20 4 2 10
Slightly delayable, can cancel into FS B.png or FS C.png on block/hit.
Elbow Lunge FS R.pngFS A.png 1hp 15 8 12 22 20 3 1~4 9
Can cancel into B or C on block/hit. Throw invulnerable f13-32. Has a variable block adv. depending on distance(will always be +4 on setsuki) Causes ground bounce on an airborne opponent and wall bounce on airborne counterhit. Will knockdown opponent in ground bounce state.
Ground Pound FS L.pngFS A.png 1hp 12 5 20 22 20 -2 -4 KD
Causes a ground bounce/launch on CH for a combo. Causes flipout on an opponent in a ground bounce state.
Counter-Point Step FS B.png - 39 - 0 - - - - -
Frames 1-9 invincible, can cancel into FS B.png(FS A.png),FS B.png(FS B.png) or FS B.png(FS C.png). Can also be done with no followup (sometimes called empty FS B.png).
Daggerfall FS B.png(FS A.png) 1hp 5 8 7 20 23 6 9 25
High frame advantage move on block. if spaced improperly it can be grabbed out of startup.
Tyrant Crusher FS B.png(FS B.png) 2hp 6 6 29 KD 20 KD -12~-14 KD
Breaks armor and causes wall bounce on CH. Can be made safe at max range.
Justice Kicks FS B.png(FS C.png) 1hp 13 7(5)9 23 KD 20 KD -5~-11 KD
Frames 1-20 invincible. First hit is required to deal damage, but the second hit will still knockdown if the first whiffs. will always combo on normal hit, but the second hit may whiff if the first is blocked at certain ranges. Can unreliably be made safe at certain ranges.
Ghost FS C.png - 8 - 23 - 20 - 26 -
Hitgrab projectile, puts opponent in hitstun for 50 frames. Ghost active for 61 frames, Breaks armor. Important to note that the ghost starts from where it was at on screen when the button is pressed. Counts as a level 2 projectile.
Ghost Riposte FS S.png 2hp 5 28 28 - - - - -
frames 1-5 strike/projectile invincible. Counters strikes
Aerial Punch nFS J.pngFS A.png 1hp 8 9 10 20 19 13 12 KD
Mainly used as a defensive tool, causes ground bounce on CH for a followup
Two-Fisted Punch FS J.pngFS A.png 1hp 7 7 5 20 19 13 12 32
Powerful air to air and jump in attack, has a nice hitbox for crossups.
Flying Kicks FS J.pngFS B.png 1hp 12 14 16 20 19 1 -6~11 9~17
Cancels into FS J.pngFS B.png(FS B.png) on whiff, hit or block. Will KD and cause a small ground bounce on aerial CH. Variable frame advantage depending on how close to the ground you use it, but if you land without making them block something you will always be at neutral.
- FS J.pngFS B.png(FS B.png) 1hp 12 14 20 22 20 KD -6 KD
Unsafe on block and causes DeGrey to rise slightly. Slightly delayable.
Air Ghost FS J.pngFS C.png - 7 - 29 - 20 - 26 -
Air Version of Ghost, Ghost is active for 28 frames. Good for altering your jump trajectory. Should be used quite sparingly, it does not travel as far as the ground version and leaves you even more vulnerable to reversals.
Final Arbiter FS J.pngFS S.png 1hp 0+1 20 24 KD 20 KD -7 KD
Frame 1-2 invincible, 3 damage on CH



  • nA(A) (2 damage)
  • jB(B) (2 damage)
  • jA nA(A) (3 damage)
  • Crossup jA nA(C) nA(A)/jB(B) (4 damage, has to be a sideswitch crossup to combo)


  • CH bA fA B(B) (4 damage, depending on range you may have to go directly into B(B))
  • CH fA nA(A) (3 damage)
  • CH fA jS (2 damage, only works on tall characters, for when nA(A) won't reach)
  • CH Anti air fA B(B) (3 damage, same combo as normal hit, but the wallbounce can make confirming more difficult)
  • CH njA fA (2 damage)
  • CH air to air njA B(B) (3 damage, you have to be very quick to get justice fist here)
  • CH air to air jA nA/bA (2 damage, nA causes KD while bA causes flipout)
  • CH nA nA(A) (3 damage)
  • CH B(A) nA(A) (3 damage)


  • Anti air fA B(B) (3 damage)
  • FS C.png, FS J.pngFS B.png(FS B.png) DeGrey has one true (blockstring) chip-out combo, i.e., the ability to deal a full point of damage through chip with no method for the opponent to avoid it. It is most commonly used after KD but with the right spacing can be used at any time. It is quite unsafe on block typically, so it is best saved for ending a round. With incorrect spacing or timing there are a couple ways this can fail. The first is a gap between the FS C.png and the followup FS J.pngFS B.png(FS B.png) that an opponent can exploit with a reversal to interrupt the combo. The second is starting the FS J.pngFS B.png too close to the opponent and actually crossing them up. This may kill due to surprise or may land you in hurt town against an experienced opponent mashing reversal.

Wild Card