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Mega Knockdown

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Mega Knockdown
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Counter Hit Studios
Mega Memecast

PC - Steam
July 29, 2022

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Mega Knockdown is a 2D fighting game with a unique simultaneous turn-based combat system that emulates key strategy concepts like oki, pressure and spacing.

A Turn-Based Fighting Game

Gameplay is divided up into a series of simultaneous turns. Each "turn" starts with an input phase, where both players select a movement option (walk, stand still, jump) and a combat option (attack, block, throw) in double-blind fashion. Once both players are locked in, a second or two of action takes place based on what both players chose, and then the next input phase begins. It all happens pretty quickly, with minimal interruptions.

The game is continually being tweaked with competitive balance in mind. SuperCombo.gg has called it a "read your opponent" simulator. At the same time, due to its inherent accessibility, one could argue this game could be a great resource for teaching or learning fighting games. There is an extensive in-game tutorial as well as an in-game training mode with displayed frame data.

Mega Knockdown is currently in Early Access. Big updates to the art are rolling out throughout the year thanks to the contributions of new lead artist Alan McMillian.

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Mega Knockdown

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