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MKD Noel Portrait.png
Doctor Noel Flaskin
Playstyle All-rounder, Setplay
HP 1500
Unique Traits: Firmly Planted
Grounded combos knockdown jumping opponents

Unusual Botanical: Vine
Unleash a delayed attack after charging it up


Dr. Noel Flaskin is an all-rounder/setplay character with powerful space control and easy access to knockdowns.


Noel plays a very "standard" game, controlling space in mid-screen with 5B, 5C, and Fightning Flurry. If the opponent gets antsy and jumps, all of Noel's grounded anti-airs lead to a knockdown. Noel can choose to give up pressure to plant vines, giving her a tricky moveset that combines a vine projectile with her other attacks. Having access to many unique options lets Noel have a lot of flexibility in her gameplan, allowing her to adapt to the matchup or opponent's playstyle.

"My degree is in botany. Please stop coming to me for medical advice."
Lore:Ever since Steve "The Cheese" Montero's shocking betrayal, Noel has been biding her time, sowing the seeds of revenge. With Steve back in town to host a fighting tournament, she knows that this is her chance to even the score.

Pros and Cons

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Tricky style - Unusual Botanical allows Noel many strong, unique game positions.
  • Space Control - Fightning Flurry and vines controls a huge amount of space both on the ground and in the air.
  • Lots of Knockdowns - Anti-airing with either Fightning Flurry or Normals lead to knockdowns.
  • Good normals - Has access to best normals such as 5A, 4B, and 5C.
  • High chip potential - Amazing "checkmate" potential, using Vine and/or Fightning Flurry for chip after knockdown.
  • High difficulty - Easy to overextend and end up in a poor situation. Requires higher than normal game knowledge.
  • Reliant on vines - Vine brings out the best potential in Noel but requires giving up turns to get started.
  • Unsafe specials - Fightning Flurry when blocked leaves her at major disadvantage at best, or is unsafe. Vines leaves her completely vulnerable.

Normal Moves

MKD Universal A.png
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Normal 100 10 1/1 All 10 Combo A 1 - -

Noel has access to the full suite of A normals, notably 5A for strategic mashing. Anti-airing with any A normal leads to a knockdown for strike/throw pressure or vine setups.

Combo A 300 - - - - KD (air hit) 1 - -

Three-hit follow up combo. Knocks down jumping opponents. Automatically triggers on a clean A hit.

MKD Universal B.png
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Normal 100 20 2/2 All Unsafe (close) -> -20 (far) Combo B 1 - -

5B and 4B are powerful space control options that both control the ground and give a knockdown on anti-air. B normals are only unsafe at point blank range and cannot be whiff punished, so they have the least risk at range 2.

Combo B 200 - - - - KD (air hit) - - -

Two-hit follow up combo. Knocks down jumping opponents. Automatically triggers on a clean B hit.

MKD Universal C.png
Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
200 30 2/0 Low Unsafe KD - - -

Punishable unless done meaty, but can't be blocked while moving. This sweep is used to call out grounded "walk+block" approaches. Loses to jump-ins, forming a 2-part strategy with B normals.

MKD Universal jA.png
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Normal 200 30 0/1 All - Combo A 1 - -

Dedicated air-to-air. Jump forward up to two spaces and punch a jumping opponent. Whiffs grounded opponents. More damage and easier to land than an air throw, but doesn't knock down.

Combo A 300 - - - - - 1 - -

Three-hit follow up combo. Automatically triggers on a clean j.A hit.

MKD Universal jB.png
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Normal 200 40 2/2 All 10 Combo B 1 - -

Reliable jump-in option. Jump forward up to two spaces and do a drop kick. Gains ground quickly and has a long reach, but will be interrupted by most ground attacks. Plus on block. Good for challenging long-range zoning, sweeps, or punishing throw attempts.

Combo B 200 - - - - - - - -

Two-hit follow up combo. Automatically triggers on a clean j.B hit.

MKD Universal jC.png
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Normal 300 50 2/0 All -10 KD, Side Switch (if close) - - -

Jump forward and do an inverted lariat that can KD on hit, and side switch on hit or block. Beats a lot of the same options that a j.B can, but it's even slower and won't hit most jumping attacks--except another j.C.

Universal Mechanics

MKD Throw.png
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Neutral Throw (5T) 300 - 1/0 Unblockable - KD - - -

Stand still and throw. Opens up a blocking opponent. This type of throw also beats attacks, as it is effectively "0 frames." Hence it is a universal reversal option, but only at point blank range.

Forward Throw (6T) 300 - 1/0 Unblockable - KD - - -

Step forward and throw. Opens up a blocking opponent, but loses to attacks. Use this if you're confident they will block.

Back Throw (4T) 300 - 1/0 Unblockable - KD, Side Switch - - -

Stand still and throw an opponent behind you. Opens up a blocking opponent, but loses to attacks. A risky way to switch sides.

Air Throw (8T) 400 - 0/1 - - KD 2 - -

Jump forward up to two spaces and attempt to throw an opponent. Can only connect if players started their jumps fairly close to one another (distance or ~3 squares or less). If it does connect, beats any air attack. Flashy hard read option to call out jumping. Yet another way for Noel to KD a jumping opponent. Good spot to consider getting a vine.

MKD Block.png
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Neutral Block (5G) - - - - - - - - -

Stand still and autoguard high or low, if attacked. A passive option that defends against everything but throws.

Walk and Block (4G/6G) - - - - - - - - -

Walk and then block high, if attacked. Lows will still hit you. Generally the safest way to gain ground or reposition yourself.

Backflip (8G) - - - - - - - - -

Quickly jump back up to 2 squares. Doesn't actually "block" anything, but evades most attacks. If your Vine is ready, it can trigger off of this, so you can try to snipe the opponent while retreating.

Special Moves

Fightning Flurry
MKD Flatskin 6B.png
Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
200~250 30~40 3/3 All Unsafe (close) -> -20 (far) KD 1 75~100 Late-moving

Moves forward 1 space after range check. Faster up close due to lack of forward movement. Fightning Flurry is a core part of Noel's kit, creating a huge hitbox that leads to a knockdown. Unsafe on block if not spaced, used to control the opponent's movement at far ranges. Does more damage and chip up close.

Unusual Botanical
MKD Flatskin 6C.png
We must cultivate our garden.
We must cultivate our garden.
MKD Flatskin 6C Active.png
Its bitter taste is savored by two-fisted botanists.
Its bitter taste is savored by two-fisted botanists.
Version Damage Startup Ground/Air Range Guard Block Advantage On Hit Push Chip Damage Attributes
Plant - - - - - - - - -

Plants a Vine, by itself this move does nothing and passes the turn.

If you haven't been hit, you can deploy a Vine by attacking on a future turn.

Noel is completely vulnerable until the 40th frame, after which she will gain armor. If the armor gets hit, the vine reduces the damage of a single incoming hit by 100 (minimum of 100). The attacker may not combo, and if the attack would normally knock down, Noel will stay on her feet. Throws will ignore the armor.

Only use from a safe distance or if you think you won't get hit. If you already have a plant ready, you can use this move repeatedly to spam vines. Choosing to Block or Throw delays the Vine from coming out.

Vine 300 10 2/2 (exact) All 10 KD - 150 Projectile

If you attack with a Vine ready, a Vine will deploy exactly two spaces away from you (after movement), or the corner, if it's closer. The vine is consumed and needs to be reloaded on a future turn.

Having this in your pocket gives you some options. You can combo off it for big damage, use it to cover some extra range where another move can't, or add some extra safety/chip on block. It also absorbs far-away fireballs.

Vine is both fast and ignores advantage, so it will come out before almost any attack. This opens up new possibilities for your attacks if you can place vine correctly. If you counterhit the opponent when they are between you and the vine, 100 bonus damage is applied.

Unique Traits

Firmly Planted

Anti-airs cause knockdown on jumping opponents. For instance, 5B does not knockdown but if you beat their 8C then they will get juggled and knocked down.

Knockdowns give Noel excellent opportunities to either apply chip with Fightning Flurry (6B) or plant a vine with Unusual Botanical (6C).

Unusual Botanical: Vine

After doing Unusual Botanical (6C) once, a delayed vine will come out on future turns during attacks. A vine can only be used one time, movement and throws will not use the vine, with the exception of 8G.



Noel thrives off of holding space at mid-screen using her basic pokes. She is not great at chasing down opponents due to 6A being her only advancing normal. Fightning Flurry (6B) has the range of a typical 6B with the bonus of being late moving, however it is also quite slow and needs to be used intentionally. Fightning Flurry (6B) thrives when you are just outside of the range of their attack or you gain enough advantage to beat out their attacks.

When you have done enough to deter opponent's attacks and they start to use safer methods of approach like 6G, you can choose to mix in Unusual Botanical (6C) to open up Noel's game. Getting a clean hit while Vines is up can lead to the highest damage potential in the game by adding the combo damage and vine damage.

Vine setup

In order to get vines, you need your opponent to not attack you that turn. You can use the armor on Unusual Botanical (6C) to avoid taking extra damage but it is still a bad situation because anytime you got hit trying to get vines you probably could have hit them or punished their attack.

If you have the read and can attack or throw them, it is worth considering taking the damage that turn. While Noel with vines is very strong, it is still merely damage potential, it is entirely possible to get nothing and lose vines. For instance, a 5B or throw are equal in damage to the bonus damage of vine. This is one of the true challenges of playing Noel, balancing not only the risk/reward of the current turn but of the next. A single successful Unusual Botanical (6C) can make or break an entire round.

Some good scenarios to attempt vines:

  • Post knockdown at Range 2 or greater (opponent cannot jump or move forward)
  • You anticipate the opponent will your poke
  • You anticipate the opponent will preemptively poke out of range to stop your jump or attack
  • You have vines already and can safely get more

Vine placement

You can attack with a vine from range 0-4 depending on the move used. It is also possible to hold onto vines with movement or get more with 6C. Note that Vines can never go past the corner.

  • Movement only - 4G, 5G, 6G, 8T
  • Range 0 - 8G
  • Range 1 - 4A, 4B, 4C
  • Range 2 - 5A, 5B, 6B, 5C, 6C (6C retains vines)
  • Range 3 - 6A
  • Range 4 - 8A, 8B, 8C

Because vines are released after movement has happened, consider where you expect the opponent to most want to move to.

Vine strategy

  • A attacks are a safe and strong option to go for. The vine comes out in front of your A, removing the primary weakness. Is usually very safe and covers most options but typically will not get the full damage from the vines. The ability to move every direction gives this option very good potential coverage.
  • B attacks are a double down that they'll be attacking from range 2. They are slower and can be unsafe but are a good way to get the full damage from both vines and your combo. Will cover jump attacks but lose to walk and block.
  • C attacks primarily exist as a way to stop walk and block while still putting a vine out, more of a niche option.
  • 6B is a strong option if they are knocked down to guarantee a chip kill. Can be used further away but remember that the vine placement is the default distance because it only has late movement.
  • 8B is a very powerful call out option if they are at range 4. The vine will beat any attack and do the full combo for around half life.
  • 6C only covers range 2 but gets more vines for next turn. This is one of the strongest options because it continues the threat of vines. Does decent chip or knocks down and starts the throw loop setplay.
  • Throw is the best situation to be in and starts an extremely strong loop mid-screen. You get to mix between Unusual Botanical (6C) or 6T, use Fightning Flurry (6B) if they fall into chip death range. If the opponent tries to do anything but block, the Unusual Botanical (6C) will knock them back down and get more vines. If the opponent blocks, throw will keep the vines and put them in the same knockdown.
  • 8A is a niche call out; leads to the highest damage in the corner but mid-screen you are better off with a different attack or holding vines.
  • 8C is 8B but ends in a knockdown with less damage.


MKD Paul icon.png
(Slight Disadvantage)
Firepaul (6C) provides a constant answer to getting vines and Paulcano (5A) gives extra answers against offense with or without vines. This leaves Noel in an awkward place.

If given a life lead and vines, Noel can control the neutral of this match from a safe distance but getting to that position is difficult. Note that at minor disadvantage, vine armor will kick in against his fireball.

MKD Billy icon.png
(Slight Advantage)
Billy's short range and smaller jump arc on most of his attacks make it easier to get vines out. Billy can use 8C at range 3 to get around vines but no other attacks. Billy's heavy hitting attacks ignore the armor on Unusual Botanical (6C), so despite their speed setting up vines is always risky.

Be careful using Fightning Flurry (6B) because you want Billy to be forced to come to you.

MKD Lewis icon.png
(Slight Disadvantage)
Noel cannot play her typical game of clogging up the middle with pokes as easily. Lewis' late hitting moves give him lots of options to get around A and B pokes. Noel can use Fightning Flurry (6B) to call out Lewis overusing Fist of Euphora (4A). If you do manage to get vines, his slippery movement makes it hard to correctly guess which space he will be in. Even on his wakeup, he can use his specials to move out of the way of vines.

Proceed with caution and punish Lewis if he is trying to use his specials too often. Remember that Lewis has lower health and takes chip from your normals, so he will get worn down over time.

On wakeup, Lewis can use his late-moving specials to avoid Unusual Botanical (6C) in the range 2 setplay loop. Consider just using Fightning Flurry (6B) or throw.

MKD Marv icon.png
Marv's Blazing Ent (6B) beats Noel's normal midscreen options at range 2 and 3. But further out Noel can get vines and beat Marv's Blazing Ent (6B) at a range. Jumping in with Vines 8B at range 4 provides a very serious threat by beating 5A, 5B, and Blazing Ent (6B). The long range threat incentives Marv to move forward to maintain his preferred range, giving Noel chances to gain the lead.
MKD Noel icon.png
Both players can threaten vines at the same time! It's a jungle out there.

When you are knocked down, sometimes you can get away with doing Unusual Botanical (6C) because the other Noel player also wants to do that!

MKD Nick icon.png
(Slight Advantage)
Control the neutral, threatening with 5B to force the block in order to get vines up. Pressure with vines, Nick cannot contest vines easily outside of a risky jump.

You want him to come to you, so using Fightning Flurry (6B) comes with extra risk because unless you get the knockdown you are either getting punished or are put in major disadvantage (-20), possibly leading to corner pressure.


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