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Eternal Fighter Zero

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Eternal Fighter Zero -Memorial- Edition

Memorial 4.02


Tasogare Frontier


November 28th, 2005

Official Websites

EFZ on Tasofro.net

Online Play

Rollback via EfzRevival 1.02h

  • Peer-to-Peer Connection
  • UDP Holepunching
  • IPv6 Support

Netplay Lobbies via Concerto

Player Resources

EFZ Primer (Old)

EN Community YouTube
JP Community Youtube
Japanese Wiki
Community Channels

Global Discord Server

South American Discord Server
Japanese Discord Server

Eternal Fighter Zero -Memorial- Edition is the fourth and final major version of Eternal Fighter Zero, a 2D doujin fighter developed by Tasofro (known for developing Immaterial and Missing Power and Touhou Hisoutensoku) and originally released on August 11th, 2000. Its colorful cast of characters are originally from the visual novels Moon., One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e, Kanon, and Air, along with one original character. Many of the characters’ attacks also reference other fighting games such as Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, and Last Blade. Memorial Edition released in 2005 and added three new playable characters, gameplay changes, a completely redone soundtrack, and more.

EFZ Revival

On November 2014, the game received a fanmade rollback netplay caster called EFZ Revival. This fan patch included compatibility fixes which allow the game to run on modern Windows operating systems without any extra workarounds from D3Dwindower or other tools, added improved training mode options, replay takeover functionality, and various other improvements.

The program Concerto released support for EFZ on January 1st, 2023, letting it work off of EFZ Revival to provide a lobby system for the game.

Key Features

  • Four Button Anime Fighter: Characters in EFZ can chain their normals, double jump, airdash, air block, air recover, and air throw. Along with the three regular attack buttons (A/B/C), there is a special "S" button (sometimes called D) which only some characters use in their movesets.
  • Recoil Guard: EFZ's defining defensive mechanic, performed by blocking within 10 frames of an opponent's attack connecting with you (like Instant Block or Just Defend). Recoil Guard negates all chip damage, pushback, and blockstun, putting the defender in a special RG Stun instead. From this RG Stun state almost any attack can be done, functioning like a guard cancel. However, the opponent can RG back (Recoil Counter) whenever you do this guard cancel, allowing them to make a counterattack of their own, which you can RC again, and so on in a parry duel (can be compared to Type Lumina's Shield Counters).
  • Reinforce Gauge: In addition to a traditional super meter (SP Gauge), players also have a Reinforce (RF) Gauge which builds not when attacking or getting hit, but simply as time passes. The RF Gauge is located above the SP gauge as a much smaller bar, and switches from being dark blue, to red, and then light blue as it builds up.
  • Universal Metered Cancels: Similar to the Guilty Gear series' Roman Cancel, all characters can expend their RF meter to use Instant Charge to cancel attacks on hit or block by inputting 22C. Some moves have static cancel windows and can be cancelled on whiff, being Flicker Instant Charged instead, similar to Guilty Gear XX's FRC. The RF gauge must be at the red or light blue stages to use (F)IC, and if it is the latter then some combo scaling will be refunded.
  • Tech Traps: Unlike most other games with the mechanic, recovering in the air (aka air teching) has no invincibility and leaves your character unable to attack or block for a considerable period. However, air teching is not required to escape any "fake" combos, as characters are invincible after their air hitstun ends. As a result, many combos can get away with having techable enders so long as the attacker can keep the opponent "trapped" by whiffing attacks until they fall to the ground for okizeme. As the defender in this situation, it is almost always preferred to not tech and take the knockdown, as teching into their attack will most likely lead into a combo that ends with you taking a knockdown anyway or trapping you in the same situation again.

Wiki Roadmap

70% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Adding to blank/underdeveloped move descriptions and strategy/combo/oki sections.
  • Rewriting outdated descriptions and sections.
  • Completing remaining unfilled frame data.

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