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If you are looking for ancient information from the old FAQ for some reason, please check the archived version of the FAQ.


  • Does this game have rollback netcode?
Yes, with the EFZ Revival netplay client, which can be found here. This client also fixes Windows compatibility issues, lets you save netplay replays, and provides more and better training functions.
  • Where can I find people to play with?
Join the EFZ Discord server here!
  • Why can't I connect?
There are a lot of possible reasons, but the most common solution is to port forward instead of using holepunching.
  • How do I port forward?
EFZ Hosting Guide
  • Why can't I spectate?
Players playing via holepunching sometimes cannot be spectated. You can try to spectate while they are in delay select (before the game starts), or spectate their opponent's IP instead. If you can't connect to either player, try spectating using the IP of another spectator.
  • How do I catch up to the current match when spectating?
You can spectate at up to 9x normal speed by pressing + on the numpad by default (you can change the hotkey in EfzRevival.ini). Do not forget to reduce your speed back to 1x with - on the numpad when you catch up or else the game will look choppy!


  • What are the tiers?
There is no definitive tier list, but some opinions have been documented here.
  • This is an old game, are there any banned characters?
Kanna is the only banned character. Everyone else is legal, including UNKNOWN.
  • Are there any banned stages?
No, but tournaments usually acknowledge that some stages pose visibility issues, especially for some characters' projectiles. Players are typically allowed to quit to character select and pick a different stage so long as they do so before the round starts. The most common offenders are the Sunset Rooftop, Infinite Sky, World of Eternity, and the daytime variants of the Snowy Park and Minase Household.
  • What character should I pick? I usually like x, y and z.
Check out the Character Choice page.
  • Why is the game running at 64FPS?
EFZ was designed to run at 60FPS, but it was also designed for older versions of Windows. On Windows XP and later, it runs at 64FPS and many players got accustomed to it. When EFZ Revival was made, it kept the game running at 64FPS so as to not disrupt the existing playerbase.
  • What are subframes? / What does .33 or .66 mean in the frame data?
EFZ was designed to only visually run at 60FPS, but internally it ran at 180FPS (192FPS on EFZ Revival). This meant that between every visible frame, there were two frames of gameplay that were not visible to the players.

Controls, Options and Troubleshooting

  • How do I change my controls?
In config.exe in your EFZ folder. If config.exe does not seem to be working, try using DInput_Config_Beta.exe. If you do not have said config, try downloading a newer version of EFZ Revival or asking in the EFZ Discord. If your controller's directionals do not seem to be recognized in controller config, try loading up the game anyway and seeing if they work.
  • Is it possible to change sound settings?
To a degree. You can disable the BGM by default in EfzRevival.ini.
  • How do I save offline replays?
The vanilla way is to go in the REPLAY menu, select a replay slot, and then select "Record Replay" (second option). When the match has ended (even prematurely via ESC), it will be saved in that slot.
If using EfzRevival's tournament mode, you can assign a folder in EfzRevival.ini to automatically save replays of all matches to. The normal setting is \Tournament, but the folder is not created by default.
  • How do I save netplay replays?
Be sure you have created a \netplay folder in EFZ\replays, otherwise the replays won't save!
  • How do I change the port I host on? It wont let me change from 10800 in the caster!
There's an option in the .ini for the default port.
  • How do I fix "The program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer."?
Download and install the x86 version of:
  • Why can't I use [insert training function]?
Many training functions don't actually work in the PRACTICE mode, try VS HUMAN instead. Also see the training mode page.
  • I have found an issue with EfzRevival. How can I report it?
Email [email protected] with the issue.

How can I contribute to the wiki?

In order to get an account on Mizuumi, please refer to the instructions on the getting started page.

Refer to this spreadsheet to see where help is needed most. All constructive contributions are much appreciated.

When collecting frame data, please use subframe step. This mod changes the function of the frame step training function to advance subframe by subframe rather than full frames. It does not affect frame stepping in replays. The file is based on EfzRevival version 1.02f, please keep a backup of your original EfzRevival.dll, especially if you are using a different version. Also, EfzRevival's input display is not designed to show subframes, so it will only increment the displayed input duration every three subframe steps. You will have to keep track of which exact subframe you are on yourself. The "Frame Step" value will increment every subframe, however.

If you have any questions regarding the wiki, feel free to ask them in the EFZ Discord.

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