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Minase Nayuki (asleep)


Minase Nayuki (asleep) (水瀬 名雪(寝)) is an oddball "drunken master" character, who uses her sleepy kung fu style of tricky attacks and eccentric movement to fight in an unpredictable manner. Her unique levelling mechanic gives her one of the most complicated movesets and wildly varies her options from moment to moment, with her levelling up by eating jam and losing a level whenever she is knocked down. As Nayuki's Jam Level increases, she gains various upgrades, such as access to more moves, new move properties, and even additional airdashes. At high levels of jam, she wields very strong lockdown and mixups, three air dashes with hitboxes, multiple reversal options and high damage to boot. On the other hand, if she drops all the way down to zero jam her existence becomes miserable, stripped of many of her crucial moves and left with sluggish attacks, poor movement and pitiful defensive tools. Additionally, losing jam from almost any mistake only makes her more likely to get opened up again as she continues to level down, so any momentum the opponent gets is compounded by Nayuki becoming weaker herself. Even at zero jam, however, you can’t count her out, as her Final Memory is one of the best in the game, being a fast reversal that does incredible damage, is easily comboed into, and is difficult to punish.

Nayuki is one of the heroines of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is Yuiichi's cousin, childhood friend, and has always been in love with him. Nayuki is the daughter of Akiko, and is also classmates with her friend Kaori. She is an extremely fast runner and is the captain of the school's track team because of this. On the other hand she is a very heavy sleeper, with a massive collection of alarm clocks that are able to wake up Yuuichi in the adjacent room, but do not seem to work on her at all. Nayuki really enjoys strawberry jam and strawberry sundaes, but is completely terrified at the mere mention of her mother's "special" jam. During Kanon, Yuuichi is warmly supported by Nayuki as he tries to help the people he cares about, but as he starts to remember what happened with Nayuki 7 years ago, things turn for the worse...

Nayuki (asleep) was part of EFZ's original cast.

She is commonly referred to as "Neyuki" (or "Neyu" for short) to distinguish her from Nayuki (Awake). The nickname is derived from the Japanese word 寝 (ne), which means "sleep".

Stage: In Front of the Minase House (Day) (水瀬家前(朝))

BGM: 2 Steps Toward

Character-Specific Notes

  • Nayuki's ground dash is a long leap off the ground which can be cancelled into air normals. The first attack she does during her this dash will not be an overhead, but attacks chained after will function as normal.
  • Nayuki is able to airdash one to three times, depending on her jam level. If that wasn't unusual enough, it sends her about 45 degrees downward and cannot be "held" like a normal airdash, only being cancellable with air normals. If not cancelled, she will descend forever until faceplanting into a knockdown state when she lands on the ground. This self-inflicted knockdown does not subtract a jam. Additionally, at 8+ jam, Nayuki is the only character whose airdash is an attack itself.
  • Nayuki is one of a few characters who gain some throw invincibility after double jumping.
  • There is a number just above Nayuki's SP gauge indicating her current Jam Level. This Jam Level starts at 3 every match, increases by 1 every time she uses her 5S or 214*~S (up to a maximum of 9), and decreases by 1 every time she is knocked down by the opponent (down to a minimum of 0). The knockdown that happens whenever a round is lost also subtracts a Jam Level. Jam Level affects almost everything about Nayuki, determining what moves she can use, her walk speed, and much more. The most notable features of each Jam Level are listed below.

Jam increases to... Effect on Nayuki


  • General movement speed increases slightly.
  • 236* startup decreases by 1.
  • 214*~5B recovery decreases by 1.
  • 214*~5C startup decreases by 1.
  • 41236C recovery decreases by 1.
  • 41236C gains a hit (total is jam level + 2).
  • 623C gains a hit (total is jam level + 3).

Jam Level 1

  • New move: 41236* roll.
  • New 214* followup: 214*~623A.
  • c5B can be cancelled into 2B.

Jam Level 2

  • New move: 6B overhead.
  • New move: 623* kick DP.
  • The startup for 2B decreases, making it possible to combo 2A into 2B.
  • 2B can be cancelled into f5B.
  • jB gains a third hit.

Jam Level 3

  • Nayuki gains a second airdash.

Jam Level 4

  • c5B startup decreases.
  • jB gains a fourth hit.
  • 41236A/B recovery decreases greatly.

Jam Level 5

  • f5B gains a fifth hit.
  • The airborne hits of f5B can be cancelled into jC.
  • 623B gains a second hit.

Jam Level 6

  • f5B gains a sixth hit.
  • The first hit of f5B can be cancelled into 5C.
  • 5C gains an anti-air hitbox.

Jam Level 7

  • 5C can be jump cancelled.
  • 214*~4/6S can be cancelled into 214*.
  • 623B gains a third hit.

Jam Level 8

  • Nayuki gains a third airdash.
  • All airdashes gain hitboxes and become attacks.

Jam Level 9

  • 214*~5S turns into a stance cancel.
  • 623A wallbounces on hit.

Normal Moves

Frame Data Help
The notation for the move lists can be found under Controls.
Cells filled with a "-" indicate a placeholder. Cells filled by a "/" indicate a non-applicable field.
Values separated by a "~" (X~Y) indicate a range or variance. A "~" preceding a single value (~X) may indicate approximation. A "-" separating frame values of a property (X-Y) indicate the duration of the property.
Cell data accompanied by a ※ indicate properties unusual to the template. Explanations for such properties can be found at another ※ in the description. If a move requires multiple ※'s, subscripts will be attached to indicate relation (※1, ※2, ※3...).
Frame data with decimal values .33 or .66 relate to subframes.
Version Used for moves with multiple special attacks on one motion.
Damage The base damage value that the specific hit will do. See damage scaling for more information.
Guard Indicates how the move must be blocked, if it can be blocked at all.

Low: Crouch Block
High: Stand Block
Ground: Air Unblockable, may be blocked either Crouching or Standing
Any: Air, crouch, and stand block
Grab: Cannot be blocked, grab type hitbox that targets the collision box
Unblockable: Cannot be blocked, unblockable hitbox that targets hurtboxes

Property Shows what properties the move has and the time (in frames) that these properties are active. Example: "I: 0.33-9", which means the move is invulnerable on the first subframe of the move until the 9th full frame (or 27th subframe).

I: Full Invincibility
TI: Throw Invincibility
SI: Strike Invincibility
HI: Upper Body/High Invincibility
LI: Low Invincibility/Low Crush
A: Armour
G: Guard Point

Startup Indicates where the move's first active hitbox is.
Active Total frames the hitbox is active for.
Recovery Total frames until the character can block.
Note: After the recovery of any action, before any other action may occur, there exists 1 frame in which the only action you may take is to block.
Adv Hit Frame advantage on hit.
Adv Block Frame advantage on block.
Cancel Possible cancel options.

N: Normals
Sp: Specials
Su: Supers
J: Jump cancel possible on hit, block and RG
JH: Jump cancel possible on hit only
AD: Air Dash
IC: Instant Charge after hit (22C)
FIC: Flicker Instant Charge (22C, fixed IC window, regardless of hit or whiff)
R: Repeatable, always A normals. Will cancel into other A normals.
f5B/2B: Usually c5B cancel option
SB: S button cancelling, character specific. Examples: stance, summon or flight cancels.
Rekka: A special move with multiple parts that require additional inputs.
: Special rules, see description for details (look for the ※)


EFZ Neyuki 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
190 Ground 4 / 4.33 2 / 1.66 7 +2 +1 N SP J IC R SB

Nayuki turns to her back and brings up her heel, for a quick hit. Spammable and hits middle while being pretty safe on whiff, but has short range.

EFZ Neyuki 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
450 Ground 5 ~ 7 ※ 4 10 +4 +2 N SP J IC f5B 2B※2 SB

Nayuki leans forward and attacks with a chop. Can link into itself in juggles but will cancel into f5B if B is pushed too soon.
※ Startup starts at 7 frames and is reduced by 2 frames at jam level 4.
2 Jam Level 1+ is required to cancel into 2B.

EFZ Neyuki f5B.png
Jam Level 6+
Jam Level 6+
EFZ Neyuki f5B 1.png
All levels
All levels
EFZ Neyuki f5B 2.png
All levels
All levels
EFZ Neyuki f5B 3.png
Jam Level 5+
Jam Level 5+
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
200 Any 10.33 1.66 54 / / N SP IC SB
200 Any 12 / 12.33※1 3 / 2.66※1 51 / / N IC AD ※2
50 x 3 Any 15 19.33 48 -17 -19 N IC AD jC ※2
350 Ground 36 2 28 -13 -15 N SP IC SB

Nayuki leans her head forward, leaps headfirst in a drilling charge, then faceplants. This move travels further the higher level her jam level is. Useful to reset pressure, as the leap causes Nayuki to move forward while allowing her to attack at the same time.

1 The first subframe of this hit's active will have an inactive hitbox until Jam Level 6.

2 The aerial hits of this can be cancelled into air backdash but not a forward airdash. At Jam Level 5 and above, they can also be cancelled into jC.

Nayu Leap

Jam Level 2+
EFZ Neyu 6B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
440 High 29 4 18 +2 0 IC

Nayuki takes a short but high leap and quickly extends her leg for a kick as she comes down. This move is an overhead, but a very slow one. Going for a tick throw is generally a safer bet than using this, however this can be IC'd into real damage unlike a throw.

EFZ Neyuki 5C.png
Jam Level 6+
Jam Level 6+
EFZ Neyuki 5C 1.png
All levels
All levels
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
650 Ground 14 1 30 / -9 SP IC SB
650 Ground 15 5 29 -6 -8 SP IC SB J※

Nayuki pulls Keropii from behind her and slams it into the ground in front of her. Hits a very wide area. If not cancelled into anything Nayuki will flip over Keropii and fly forward, completely defenseless. At 6 jams or higher, the first hitbox is active and will knock airborne or tall standing opponents (Akiko, Mai, Misaki, Minagi, and Kanna) to the ground.

※ Jump cancellable starting at jam level 7.


EFZ Neyuki 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
200 Low 4 2 8 +1 0 N SP J IC R SB

Nayuki will turn away and flick her cat tail forward for a quick hit. Just like 5A, spammable and pretty safe on whiff, but has a slightly longer range.

EFZ Neyuki 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
450 Low 8 ~ 12※ 10 11 -4 -6 N SP J IC f5B※2 SB

Nayuki collapses and stretches her legs. Hits low, and moves Nayuki forward a bit. Very useful to cancel into 2C for an easy launch as f5B will push the opponent too far for 2C to hit reliably.

※ Startup time starts at 12 frames and is reduced by 1 frame each at jam levels 1, 2, 4, and 6.

2 Needs Jam Level 2 to cancel into f5B. This cancel can be done on whiff.

EFZ Neyuki 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 Ground 11 ~ 15※ 2 22 / -1 SP J IC SB

Nayuki grabs Keropii's head out from the ground and pulls him upward. Launches on hit and hits a tall vertical area.
※ Startup time starts at 15 frames and is reduced by 2 frames at jam level 5, then one more frame at jam levels 7 and 8.


EFZ Neyuki j5A.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
250 High/Any※ 6 15 13 / / N J AD IC

Nayuki positions herself in a body slam pose and jabs the opponent with her body. Not really a body slam; this move is a quick attack that can be spammed in the air.
※Will not be an overhead if Neyu's hop dash is cancelled into this. Air normals chained after the first will not be altered.

EFZ Neyuki j5B.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
150 x (2 ~ 4)※ High/Any※2 6 5 x (2 ~ 4)※ 20 / / N J AD IC

Nayuki spins around in the air, hitting multiple times with her arms and legs. A multi-hit attack with a long active time.
※Gains a third hit at Jam Level 2 and a fourth hit at Jam Level 4.
2Will not be an overhead if Neyu's hop dash is cancelled into this. Air normals chained after the first will not be altered.

EFZ Neyuki j5C.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
680 High/Any※ 10 ~ 14※2 2 19 / / J AD IC

Nayuki pulls out Keropii from behind her and swings it quickly in front of her. Hits a wide area, and causes high knockback to aerial opponents.
※ Will not be an overhead if Neyu's hop dash is cancelled into this.
2 Startup time starts at 14 frames and is reduced by 1 frame each at Jam Levels 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Air Dash
Jam Level 8+
EFZ Neyuki AirDash.png
EFZ Neyuki j66 1.png
EFZ Neyuki j66 2.png
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
600 Any I: ※ 9.66 9 Until landing + 70 ※ / / N AD IC

Nayuki gets kicked at a 30 degree angle toward the ground by Keropii. Can be cancelled into additional airdashes. Even if Nayuki is not high enough level for the airdash to be an attack, the move cannot be cancelled until the "active frames" are over.
※ Landing from an uncancelled airdash will result in Nayuki entering a unique self-knockdown state. It has the same animation as a normal knockdown and Nayuki is still invincible during it, but she does not lose a Jam Level and wakes up 0.33 frames faster.


Ground Grab
Ground Grab
Close 6C/4C
EFZ Neyuki GroundGrab.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1000 Grab 6.33 0.66 27.66 / / None

Nayuki picks the opponent up by their feet and tosses them behind her for a sideswitch. Tied for the slowest normal throw, but can be comboed off of with Black Demon setups at least.

This grab has a unique glitch: if Nayuki whiffs it and is hit between frames 27-29, no pushback will occur and she'll restart the grab from the beginning instead of taking hitstun. The repeated grab can still hit the opponent and can trigger the glitch again (for infinites, even) but anything that impactful should almost never happen in a match. The most practical effect it might have is reducing scaling on a punish combo since the first hit technically doesn't put Nayuki into hitstun.

Air Grab
Air Grab
Close j6C
EFZ Neyuki AirGrab.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1300 Grab 2 1 / / / None

Nayuki grabs the opponent and throws them behind her and down at a 45 degree angle. Use on air-teching opponents to throw them down and possibly back into a corner after a rushdown. Unlike most grabs, this is not invincible during active and can trade.

Special Moves


Strawberry jam is delicious

Jam Level 0 - 8
EFZ Neyuki 5S.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
5S / / 28 / 18 - - None

Nayuki raises a jar of jam above her head with a jingle, sits down with her back toward the opponent, and eats a spoon of jam. Raises Nayuki's Jam Level by 1 after startup. Nayuki will want to use this move whenever possible.

Feint Jam
/ / 0.33 / 24.66 / / None

Nayuki raises a jar of jam above her head with a jingle, but does not level up. A feint move.

Keropii is here

EFZ Neyuki 236.png
※Startup starts at 43 frames and is reduced by 1 for every jam level.
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A - Any / 34 ~ 43※ 22 - - FIC

Nayuki drops Keropii in front of her and kicks it directly forward, almost parallel to the ground. This move can be used to keep opponents away, hindering ground advances. The long startup makes this move less useful than most other character's projectiles.

B - Any / 34 ~ 43※ 22 - - FIC

Nayuki kicks Keropii diagonally, hindering aerial opponents instead. It's just as slow as the A version.

C - Any I: 0.33 - 33.66 ~ 42.66※ 34 ~ 43※ 22 - - FIC

Keropii is kicked in an arc similar to the A version's but goes further and hits up to 5 times, while Nayuki is also invincible during startup. A slow reversal, but keeps the opponent blocking long enough that Nayuki can eat a free jam.

S / Any / 34 ~ 43※ / 4 / / None

Feint version where Nayuki drops Keropii but doesn't kick him. It has almost the same opportunity cost as eating jam with none of the benefit, so it's hard to justify using.

Nayu-chan Kick

Jam Level 2+※
EFZ Neyuki 623A.png
623A (1/2 Jam※)
623A (1/2 Jam※)
EFZ Neyuki 623.png
623A (3/4/5 Jam)
623A (3/4/5 Jam)
EFZ Neyuki 623A 2.png
623A (6/7/8 Jam)
623A (6/7/8 Jam)
EFZ Neyuki 623A 3.png
623A (9 Jam)
623A (9 Jam)
EFZ Neyuki 623B.png
EFZ Neyuki 623B 1.png
EFZ Neyuki 623B 2.png
EFZ Neyuki 623C.png
EFZ Neyuki 623C 1.png
EFZ Neyuki 623C 2.png
Nayuki leaps forward while kicking.
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 700 ~ 1000※2 Any / 5 15 ~ 20※3 31 ~ 34※3 / -26 ~ -32※3 IC

A single quick kick flying up at around a 40 degree angle, higher Jam Levels make Nayuki travel faster and further. Wallbounces the opponent at Jam Level 9.
※ This version can be done at Jam Level 1 via 214*~623A.
2 Damage starts at 700 and increases by 100 (in addition to a hitbox increase) at Jam Levels 3, 6, and 9.
3 Because of differences in trajectory and speed, the active and recovery frames for this move vary. It starts at 34 at jam level 2, is reduced by 3 at jam level 3, increases by 2 at jam level 6, and increases by 1 at jam level 9.

B 600 Any / 16 3 28 ~ 51 / -9 IC
- 550 Any / 26 10 12 ~ 34 / 0 IC
- 350 Any / 49 10 11 / +1 IC

Nayuki leaps forward while kicking. Does a different amount of kicks depending on jam level. This move has low invuln all throughout startup.

  • Jam Level 2: Does only the first kick. A decent grounded combo ender that knocks down opponents and allows time to eat one jam.
  • Jam Level 5: Does two kicks. An even better grounded combo ender which allows time to eat one jam, or can be IC'd into 5B in order to eat two.
  • Jam Level 7: Does three kicks. The worst version of this move. The third hit knocks enemies upward enough to allow them time to tech, which means Nayuki cannot eat jam when ending a combo with this move.
C 140 x 4~11※4 Any I: 0.33 - 28.66~55.33※4 12 2 x 4~11※4 - / - IC
- 650 Any / 48 ~ 120※4 10 37 ~ 51※4 / - IC

Nayuki leaps forward and slowly ascends kicking rapidly, before finishing with a more powerful kick that knocks down.

  • One of Nayuki's many reversal options.
  • Extremely unsafe on block or whiff.

4Nayuki kicks N+2 times before the final hit, where N is Nayuki's current Jam Level. All marked cells increase per Jam Level as each kick makes the move take significantly longer.


EFZ Neyuki 214.png
EFZ Neyuki 214X 5A.png
EFZ Neyuki 214X 5A 1.png
EFZ Neyuki 214X 5A 2.png
EFZ Neyuki 214X 5A 3.png
EFZ Neyuki 214X 5B.png
EFZ Neyuki 214X 5S.png
EFZ Neyuki 214X 6S.png
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
214* / / I: 0.33 - 13.66 16 100 16 / / ※ 44 66

Nayuki lies down on Keropi, entering her sleep stance. ※ A large variety of followups are available from this move. Looks similar to her downed state, but does not decrease jam level. Has some invincibility frames, making it useful for baiting wakeups and countering. While in this stance, Nayuki is low to the ground and able to low profile some projectiles. Cancel blockstrings into this in an attempt to dodge a possible reversal, then roll or counter with a move of your own.

700 Any / 12.33 29 25 / -34 IC

Nayuki leaps forward in a body slam pose. Flies over a wide area. Unsafe on block.

Jam Level 1+
- Any / - - - / - FIC

Nayuki kicks Keropii as a projectile in the same manner as her 236A/B.

Jam Level 1+
700 Any / 5.33 15 ~ 20 31 ~ 34.66 / - IC

Nayuki does a jumping kick similar to her 623A, but slightly slower. All of the same Jam Level changes still apply.

Keropii is there
550 Any / 14.33 40 ~ 49※2 / - None

Nayuki grabs a Keropii out of the ground and flings it upward. Knocks the opponent down on hit, and its angle can be controlled by holding 4 or 6. Covers a large area and is great for anti air or slowing approaches. You are very vulnerable if it is RG'd due to the long recovery time of the move. Use in tandem with rolling and become a mobile cannon.
2 Recovery starts at 49 frames and is reduced by 1 for every jam level.

650 Ground / 15.33 ~ 24.33※3 5 16 +1 -1 SP IC SB

Similar to 5C, but slightly slower and lacking the eventual anti-air hitbox and jump cancel. When used with rolling you can bait the opponent to attack and counter hit or catch them jumping. ※3 Startup starts at 24.33 frames and is reduced by 1 for every jam level.

550 Ground / 10.33 2 29 / -12 SP IC SB

Nayuki does an inferior version of her 2C, unable to be jump cancelled.

Jam Level 0 - 8
/ / / 13.66 / 31.66 / / None

Nayuki eats a spoon of jam. Increases jam level by 1. The animation is subtler and it makes a different (much quieter) sound than her normal 5S.

Jam Level 0 - 8
/ / / 0.33 / 25 / / None

Nayuki feints a level up, ableit less effectively since she is feinting 5S and not 214*~5S. One subframe slower than normal 2S, including when it makes the sound effect.

Jam Level 9
/ / / 0.33 / 16 / / None

Nayuki stands up, quickly exiting the stance. If she cancels her 214*~4/6S roll into this, she will continue to slide while standing.

Rolling Movement
/ / / 0.33 / 55 / / SP ※4

Nayuki rolls forward or backward, significantly slower than in her 41236*. ※4 This move can be cancelled at any point into grounded specials, including the other 214* stance moves (except for 214*~5S before level 9 which gets trumped by 5S, and 214*~623A which either returns 214*~A or 623A depending on level) but not 214* itself. At Jam Level 7 and above, this move can be cancelled into 214*, resetting the stance.


Jam Level 1+
EFZ Neyuki j236.png
A/B, C ender
A/B, C ender
EFZ Neyuki 41236C.png
C multihits
C multihits
Nayuki curls up and rolls before uncurling into a kick. A and B versions are very awkward to use as attacks, but they can be useful for positioning.
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 350 Any / 30 ~ 32※ 2 17 ~ 28※2 / / IC 214*
- 650 Any / 32 ~ 34※ 3 14 ~ 25※2 / -13 ~ -2※2 IC 214*

Nayuki rolls forward.
※ Startup is reduced by 1 frame each at Jam Levels 3 and 5.
2 Recovery is reduced by 1 frame each at Jam Levels 2 and 3, and reduced by 9 frames at Jam Level 4.

B 350 Any / 30 ~ 32※ 2 23 ~ 39※2 / / IC 214*
- 650 Any / 32 ~ 34※ 3 20 ~ 36※2 / -13 ~ -2※2 IC 214*

Nayuki rolls backwards and attacks in the opposite direction of the opponent.
※ Startup is reduced by 1 frame each at Jam Levels 3 and 5.
2 Recovery is reduced by 1 frame each at Jam Levels 2 and 3, and reduced by 9 frames at Jam Level 4.

C 50 x N※3 Any I: 1- 7.66~9.66※ 8 ~ 10※ 2 x N※3 / / / IC
- 350 Any / 28 ~ 30※ 2 24 ~ 16※4 / / IC
- 650 Any / 30 ~ 32※ 3 21 ~ 13※4 / -9 ~ -1※4 IC

Nayuki rolls forward, attacking throughout the roll before finishing with the hits from her normal rolls.

  • This move will fail to fully combo until Jam Level 4.

※ Startup is reduced by 1 frame each at Jam Levels 3 and 5.
3 N is equal to Jam Level.
4 Recovery is reduced by 1 frame for each Jam Level.

Eternity Specials

Black Demon

EFZ Neyuki 236236.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 1700 Any 164 1 27 ~ 45 / +22.33 None
B 1350 x 2 Any 164 1 x 2 27 ~ 45 / +22.33 ~ 24.33 None
C 1400 x 3 Any 164 1 x 3 27 ~ 45 / +22.33 ~ 26 None

Nayuki drops a black Keropii bomb in front of her, which explodes after a short delay. There is a brief time after the bomb is dropped where Nayuki can act, which allows for mixups to pressure a cornered opponent, but this is not a terribly reliable user of meter.


EFZ Neyuki 214214.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A (425 x 2) x 4 Any 15 1 x 4 174 / / None
B (425 x 2) x 8 Any 15 1 x 8 246 / / None
C (425 x 2) x 16 Any 15 1 x 16 246 / / None

Nayuki switches from playing a fighting game to a shoot 'em up, arming herself with two Keropiis that fire fullscreen lasers periodically. Nayuki can slowly fly in any direction via directional input, and the number and frequency of lasers is based on the level of the super. The lasers knock opponents upward faster than Nayuki can move, so a particular rhythm is required to get the most hits out of each version.

  • A Version: Hold up and hit with all 4 sets of beams. You can start holding down halfway between the 3rd and 4th hits.
  • B Version: Hit with first beams, drop altitude and whiff 2nd, hit with 3rd and 4th, drop and whiff 5th, hit with 6th, 7th, and 8th, then immediately lower altitude.
  • C Version: This version is difficult to control and not worth using the meter on.

Final Memory

Super Electric Shadow Bullet

EFZ Neyuki AA6BC.png
EFZ Neyuki FM 1.png
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
50 x 44 Ground I: Until Recovery 5 3 x 44 / / / None
200 x N Ground I: Until Recovery 137 3 x N / / / None
1350 x 2 Ground I: Until Recovery / 1 x 2 45.66 / -24.66 N AD FIC

Nayuki gets picked up by Keropii and is spun around at high speeds, before cannonballing across the stage and exploding at the wall. After the explosion, Nayuki is blown away from the wall at a very high speed and angle.

  • This move does a crazy high amount of damage when it is comboed into, and does more the farther away Nayuki is from the wall. Nayuki can airdash forward and continue a combo after the explosion.
  • A strong reversal as despite the long recovery, this move is almost unpunishable on block due to the combination of the fullscreen pushback and Nayuki's ability to cancel her recovery very early (frame 19 of recovery) with FIC or an airdash to make pinning her down difficult. Even on whiff, the space that Nayuki flies through during recovery is difficult for the opponent to cover after dodging the attack, and even if they do it's another challenge to turn that punish into a combo.
  • As you may expect from the input, this move can be whiff cancelled into from most normals.


Low Jam

  • In general, a Neyuki player will want to eat jam as soon as possible, so at low jams, you will want to play safe, build meter, and look for openings. As Neyu has no sweep, you need to build meter for the knockdown from 214214A, especially if you fall below 2 jams. One strategy is to jC constantly in the air to build meter, and use her airdash to attempt to run from the opponent. Neyuki's airdash is very unique, sending her down at an angle and removing her ability to block or RG, but she can cancel it into an attack at any point in time. Try not to airdash in on an opponent with good antiairs. Once you have some meter or IC, you can mix up your play with 5C IC and confirm into a 5BC 623B knockdown into jam. Once you gain enough jams, 41236C becomes a very good DP option and allows you to jam up as well. Continue your strategy of playing safe until you reach high-jam status (8-9 jams).

High Jam

  • Neyuki with 8+ jams rises in the tiers to become a good character, and boasts some of the better frame data, as well as having extremely good mobility, and a hitbox on her airdash. Neyuki can now play a rushdown style of gameplay. Since 5C is jump cancelable even on block, you can continue pressure as long as the opponent does not RG you in bad spots. A blocked 5C into airdash keeps the opponent in hitstun and allows you to mixup with either an empty low or a jB cancel. Continue pressure until you get a hit, or you feel the opponent is going to reversal, at which point you can jump back and avoid it. Both 623C and 41236C are excellent enders to Neyuki's loop combos and allow her to continue pressure afterwards. If you get knocked down, revert to playing safe until you can gain high-jam again.

0 Jam

  • 0 Jam Neyuki requires a special type of playstyle to accommodate her lack of pretty much anything. 0 Jam will want to play extremely lame, abusing jC whiffs to build meter and only going in when she has resources. You cannot rely on 623B for a knockdown once you get knocked down twice, so you must have meter in order to start really playing. Despite being an objectively wrong decision in most ways, 0 Jam Neyuki still has some mixups she can go for instead of jamming up. Various mixups you can incorporate include 66jAAB(2) for a 3-hit overhead, 66jAAB(1)C(whiff) 2A for a 2-hit overhead, 66jAAC(whiff)2A for 1-hit overhead into low, or 66jA land throw. When you have the opponent in the corner, you can time your dj 66 jB to be both a safejump, as well as having a varying number of hits. You can also go for jC(whiff) into 2A 5B 2C starter. If ever you run out of meter or don't feel safe you can back out and start your jC spam again.

Zzz~ (214)

  • 214 has several frames of full invulnerabilty, as well as bringing Neyuki's hitbox very close to the ground. You can bait several DPs with this, as well as safejump some slower DPs with j66 j214B, which will whiff on an opponent DP and crouch under it, or will allow the jB to hit and let the 214 fall out of the buffer before you land.

Bombs (236236)

  • Bombs are the metered version of Neyuki's mixups. Optimally, you will want to use these to gamble on higher damage to finish off an opponent. However, getting one out is more difficult the lower your jam level is. At higher levels, you can 41236C and drop a bomb immediately. At lower levels, you can use an option select to get one out: 5B jAB(1)C djA[6]~j236C land 236A. The j236C will airthrow the opponent if they tech, and the land 236A will throw a bomb if they don't. Because her second jC is so late coming out, you can only tech trap with an airthrow and not a jC. From here you can do a 66 mixup or 6B or throw, all of which will lead to good damage on a hit.


Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various contributors, some combo notations may deviate slightly from the notation listed below.

For more information, see Controls

IC Input Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
FIC Input Flicker Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#* Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 214*.
[<- X] [-> X] Side switch notation. All inputs grouped by the square brackets are performed facing the arrow's direction. They are still written as if they were done facing right, however.
[X]xN Loop the inputs in the square brackets as many times as N.
c5B Proximity normal only usable while close.
f5B Proximity normal only usable outside of c5B range or when cancelled from another normal. Known as far 5B.
jX Button X is input during your first jump.
djX Button X is input during your double jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
X(tech trap) Indicates a combo ender intended to catch the opponent's air tech. The most common kind of tech trap is j6C, which will air throw early techs and jC later techs. Executionally identical to X(whiff) but different in purpose.
~ Indicates a followup for moves which have them. Example: 236A~236A.
.. Indicates a short delay.
IAD Indicates an Instant Air Dash.
IABD Indicates an Instant Air Back Dash.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.
Replays for these combos can be found here.


0 Jam

  • 5/2A 5B 2C j.BC 44 jC(whiff) 5S
  • Very low damage starter with no meter, use the space created to get 1 jam. (1838 DAMAGE) [replay 1-1]
  • 5/2A 5BC 214214A
  • Meter dump combo. Hold up as soon as 214214A starts, dip down when it's about to end.
  • Note: This will whiff on a crouching Sayuri. (2781 DAMAGE) [replay 1-1]
  • 2A 5B 2C jC 66 jB(1)C(whiff) land jAAB(1)C 5B jAB(1)C djA[6]C~C
  • Basic corner combo for no IC and no meter. The timing on the airdash part and jAABC will take practice, but is mostly stable. Can do jAAAC instead for slightly easier version. (3340 DAMAGE) [replay 1-1]

1 Jam

  • 2A 5BC 214A~623A
  • Neyu loses DP at 1 jam, but retains her ability to DP from her stance. (1872 DAMAGE) [replay 1-1]

2-4 Jam

  • 2A 5B 2B 5C 623B 5S
  • Neyu's 623B puts her low enough to be able to jam up once for free. (1913 DAMAGE) [replay 1-1]

5-6 Jam

  • 2A 5BB(6) 5C 623B
  • Neyu can now combo from her f5B for more damage. (2368 DAMAGE) [replay 1-1]

8-9 Jam

  • 2A 5BC IAD jB(1) 5BC IAD jB(1) 5BBC 214214A
  • Basic combo into meter dump. IAD must be very quickly input. (3717 DAMAGE) [replay ?]

Red IC

0 Jam

  • 2B IC 2C jC 66 jB(1)C(whiff) jAAB(1)C 5B jAB(1)C djA[6]C~C
  • 2B low profiles a lot of things and will cross under an opponent jumping in. (3223 DAMAGE) [replay 1-2]

2-4 Jam

  • 2A 5B 2B 5C 623C
  • A little extra damage, still only 1 jam chance. (2729 DAMAGE) [replay 1-2]

Near Corner

  • 2A 5B 5C 41236C
  • Can get 2 jams this way, for less damage. (2523 DAMAGE) [replay 1-2]

5-6 Jam

  • 2A 5B 2B 5C 623B(2) IC 5B 5S 5S
  • Using IC here gives you a chance for 2 jams. (2634 DAMAGE) [replay 1-2]

7-9 Jam

  • Any of the above 7-9 jam combos, but end in 41236C or 623C instead.

Blue IC

0 Jam


  • 2A 5BC BIC 2BC jB(1) 66 jB(1) land jB(1) 66 jB(1) land 5BC 214214A
  • Difficult combo. Use if you don't want to/don't have meter for 214214B. (4427 DAMAGE) [replay 1-4]


  • 2A 5B 2C jC djC BIC jC land 5B 2C jC djC 66 jB(1)C 5B jAAB(1)C 5B jAB(1) djA[6]C~C
  • Corner low option. (6297 DAMAGE) [replay 1-3]
  • jB(1) 5BC 214214B[*1] 5BC BIC 5B 2C jC djC 66 jB(1)C 5B jAAB(1)C 5B jAB(1) djA[6]C~C
  • Corner high option with meter dump. See strategy section for how to combo 214214B. (7522 DAMAGE) [replay 1-3]

2-4 Jam

  • 2A 5B 2C 623A BIC jB(1)C(whiff) land 7 jB(1) 66 jB(1)C(whiff) 2C jC 66 jB(1)C(whiff) land jAAB(1)C land 5B jAB(1)C djA[6]C~C
  • Side switch combo if you have BIC and can get a 2A. Need to be right next to opponent, press the jB after BIC at the height of the opponent's arc. (4754 DAMAGE) [replay 1-5]

8-9 Jam

  • 2A 5BC IAD jB(1) land 5BC IAD jB(1) 5BC BIC 5BC IAD jB(1) 5BC IAD jB(1) 5BC 214214A

Extended version of non-BIC combo. (6046 DAMAGE) [replay ?]


Win Quotes

Japanese English










Earthquake dao~



Strawberry jam

is delicious...









・・・ (ゾクッ)

... (*shiver*)

(To Ayu)



(To Ayu)





In-game References

External References

  • Nayuki's "Super Electric Shadow Bullet" move (pronounced Choukyuu Daou Deneidan in Japanese) is based on the "Choukyuu Haou Deneidan" technique from the School of the Undefeated of the East, from the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Kanon References

  • The house in the background is the Minase household, where Nayuki lives.
  • The fact Nayuki is dressed in pajamas, and fights while half-asleep, are references to her amazingly heavy sleeping habits.
  • The large frog that Nayuki uses is her beloved stuffed frog Keropi.
  • The strawberry jam Nayuki eats to increase her powers is one of her favourite foods in the game.
  • The fact that Nayuki (asleep) is the only character to try to run away during Akiko's "There is also some that isn't sweet" move is a reference to her overwhelming fear of her mother's "special" jam.

Nayuki (asleep)
Nayuki (awake)