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This is a sandbox page for general testing, everyone is able to edit here. Feel free to practice wiki editing or play around with existing templates to familiarize yourself with them.

MB F Kohaku 3C.png
Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
1000 707 70% (O) 9.0% SP, EX, (J) LH 10 5 24 -11 Reflect 11-17

Kohaku uses her broom as a baseball bat to launch the opponent. Used after 2C in close range as a launcher for aircombo. It's EX-cancellable on whiff for some tricks. Can be useful against some vertical fall-ins. This move also reflects most projectiles back to the opponent.

Reflectable Projectiles Table
Character Move
A.B.A Kihi (Purple Fireball; Normal Mode)
Anji (FB) Shitsu (Butterfly projectile)

Shin: Ichishiki (Aerial fan projectiles)

Axl None
Baiken None
Bridget None
Chipp None
Dizzy None
Eddie Normal Shadow's ]D[ (Ball)
Faust None
I-no (Air/FB) Antidepressant Scale (Flat Note)

(Horizontal/Vertical) Chemical Love (Big Laser)

Jam None
Johnny None
Justice None
Kliff None
Ky Stun Edge / Air Stun Edge (Lighting Shot)

(Air/FB)Charged Stun Edge (Big Lightning Shot, 1st part only)

Sacred Edge (Glowing Blue Blade)<SUPER>

May None
Millia (FB) Tandem Top (Discs)
Order-Sol None
Potemkin None
Robo-Ky Template:Clr (Knee Missile)

Want some Ky? (Bazooka) Aerial Want some Ky? (Aerial Missiles)

Slayer None (lol)
Sol (DI) Gunflame (Ground Hugging Flames)
Testament None
Venom (FB) (Charged) Stinger Aim (Horizontal Ball Shot)

(FB) (Charged) Carcass Raid (Vertical Ball Shot) Ball Seisei / Ball Set (Cue Ball, Only when the ball is in motion)

Dubious Curve (Ball Skull Bash, Only when the ball is in motion)

Red Hail (Multi Shot Raid) <SUPER>

Tactic Arch (Cue Ball Setup, Only when balls are in motion) <SUPER>

Zappa None