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This is a sandbox page for general testing, everyone is able to edit here. Feel free to practice wiki editing or play around with existing templates to familiarize yourself with them.

MoveData with no headers

Rotation Dragon Punch Attack
Rancio Dp.png
Rancio Dp2.png
Rance DpC.png
Rance DpC2.png
  • A doesn't have invicivility. A can be used for OTG dying toons and to do anti-airs or to combo from it after a Break.
  • B is invincible, can be Light Broken at the maximum height of the move.
  • C version has a lot of invincible frames and can go through a lot of things.
  • All moves are air-unblockable until Rance leaves the ground.
  • Very fast reversal that will be hard to safe jump into.


Quick Attack
UNI Linne 5A.png
A Version
UNI Linne 5B.png
B Version
Version Damage Stun Cancel Guard Parry Startup Active Recovery Total Adv Hit Adv Block Invul
Fast Slash
10 5 Normal Mid Mid 5 2 10 16 +5 ± -

Fast swipe

  • Good for mashing.
Fast Kick
20 7 Special Low Low 6 4 14 23 +10 -2 -

Kick move

  • Good meaty tool.




Name: Iori Yagami
Voice Actor: Takanori Hoshino
Element: Fire

Iori was one of best characters in KOF98. There's no need to tell you what he could do, because he could do everything. Unfortunately he couldn't stop himself from using sweep, so he decided to go to an anime game where his sweep is cancelable.




Character Archetype: Rushdown

Unique Traits/Vorpal Ability:

Has guardpoint moves
Has installs (shield/sword install, 22A/B)
Sword install (22A) allows her to perform normals after her 236X~X specials, extending combo and pressure options.
Shield install (22B) changes all of her shield specials (214A/B and FF) into guardpoints. 214A/B gain improved frame advantage, as well.
Equips installs faster in vorpal, allowing for better frame advantage and combo routes
Can special cancel after successfully guard-pointing moves

Recommended Assist

  • Love: Provides great stats, including meter build and regeneration which lets Heart utilize effective tactics with Heartful Punch. Love Ball is a strong projectile that forces opponents to maneuver around it and Heart can combo from a Love Beam very easily, leading into big damage.
  • Lightning: Allows Heart to clash with the opponent's attacked while charging her 5E and 2E normals. This makes her 2E even better, since after the clash she can let the 2E continue and it will come out in only 4 frames. This beats the majority of the opponent's options.

Normal Moves

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² ³ Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
80x9 Ground, any 10 9 17 -3~+5 -5~+3 -

Akane's hair forms into a large drill in front of her and spins. Since this move hits multiple times and cannot be guarded normally in the air, it can be an effective move against opponents jumping in.

Damage Red Damage Proration Circuit Cancel Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Invuln
400 20 60% - 5f 6 5 4 8 +3 -

Ciel steps on J's when Power'd. 5A is a small kick outwards while standing, much like Tohno Shiki's 5A. This move is very fast and cancels into its self. A bit of reach, but not to the degree of a reliable poke.

Special Moves

Chōryō Gale
Chōryō Gale
Koihime Chouryou 236A.png
Koihime Chouryou ChouraiGaleEX.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv on Hit Adv on Block Counter-hit Attribute
A 200, 1000 Mid 12 12 18 +84 -9 Blow Away
  • Projectile invul on frames 1-20.
  • On hit, can cancel into Divine Speed Stance by pressing D.
  • Bonus wall stick attribute.

Useful for catching out buttons in neutral or after a blocked 2B, and getting past careless fireball use, while giving good corner carry.

B 250, 1000 Mid 14 14 18 +84 -9 Blow Away
  • On hit, can cancel into Divine Speed Stance by pressing D.
  • Bonus wall stick attribute.
C 300, 1000 Mid 16 16 18 +84 -9 Blow Away
  • On hit, can cancel into Divine Speed Stance by pressing D.
  • Bonus wall stick attribute.
EX 400, 1750 Mid 16 15 18 +102 -14 Blow Away
  • Fully invul on frames 1-18.
  • Bonus wall stick attribute.

Travels ~90% of the screen, very good at catching out buttons.


Iron Fist Punch of Love
AHLMSS Heart Iron Fist Punch of Love.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Level
Normal 5000 Mid - 10 8 18 +1 D
Charged 7000 Mid - - - - - D

Quick combo ender, unburstable so it's suitable for confirms into a quick kill. No longer air unblockable so it's main use is for confirming into a quick kill. Can still connected when delayed after 2C for some time


Note: Colors 20 and 21 were pre-order exclusives for JP PSN and Amazon respectively. Unfortunately, they aren't selectable on Steam without the use of Cheat Engine.

Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 6
Koume 1.png
Koume 2.png
Koume 3.png
Koume 4.png
Koume 5.png
Koume 6.png
Color 7 Color 8 Color 9 Color 10 Color 11 Color 12
Koume 7.png
Koume 8.png
Koume 9.png
Koume 10.png
Koume 11.png
Koume 12.png
Color 13 Color 14 Color 15 Color 16 Color 17 Color 18
Koume 13.png
Koume 14.png
Koume 15.png
Koume 16.png
Koume 17.png
Koume 18.png
Color 19 Color 20 Color 21
Koume 19.png
Koume 20.png
Koume 21.png
Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai