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Dong Dong Never Die: Judgment Day
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Jiangxi Dinosaur (江西恐龙),

Wang Dong (王东)
hlwz (V1.65-1.651)
DismasThePenitent (Judgment Day)


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Dong Dong Never Die is a fan-made fighting game inspired by Street Fighter II and King of Fighters that released in 2009, with a roster of 24 characters. It has two modes, comprised of a story mode with an intriguing story, roughly following the plotline of Terminator 2, and a local Versus mode.

Despite the presentation of the game, its gameplay is deceptively tight and sound (for the most part). Along with its simpler execution, this makes it a fantastic game to pick up and play. Additionally, every single character has ridiculously janky properties unique to them that guarantee that every character has a unique playstyle and that no two matchups feel the same. The sheer amount of insanity that can be unleashed in DDND is what gives it its comedic edge and its reputation.

This wiki covers a version of the game called Judgment Day, a massive update created by the Dong Dong Discord. Judgment Day adds new features and mechanics, reworks and rebalances every playable character, and also features a new character, Korone.

Check FAQ first for downloads and other important information!

Special thanks to DEspite from the Dong Dong Discord for discovering like 90% of what we know about this game up to 1.651.

Wiki Roadmap

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  • The meat and potatoes of the landing page.
  • Character Overview Page template.
  • All relevant versions of the game are patched, and publically available.

Under Construction:

  • Mario (Overview page completed and frame data is available, upload to wiki)
  • Create links for pages in Navbox (FAQ, mechanics, characters, etc.)
  • Upload all version of the game on, and put the links here.
  • Demo 2 needs patched for easy international play.

Dong Dong
A Shuang
Yin Yin
Ming Boy
Liu Mang
Wu Liao Jun
Jie Mei Hua
Mian Hua Tang
Jian Ci Lang
Jiang Bao
Jie Jie
Xiao Pan
Huo Chai Ren
Sun Wukong
Da Lan
Zhuge Liang
Fei Fei
Sheng Hua Nan