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Minase Akiko


Minase Akiko (水瀬 秋子) excels when she is in the air – she has access to two air dashes, a forward ground dash that places her airborne and some of the best air normals in the game. Her jB is especially potent in combination with her hoverdash, as it is fast, stays active for a very long time, and hits up to 5 times. She can freely control the number of hits it does by choosing when to cancel it into her jC, if at all, which allows her to cancel jB to land earlier. As if the variable number of high hits wasn’t hard enough to block, she can also spray the opponent with her fire extinguisher, which drains RF meter, and makes it harder to see the following mixup. Add in the ability to corner cross up, slow down time, and dish out tons of damage, and you get a character with huge momentum swings off of single touch in neutral. Her main weakness lies in her near-nonexistent ground game, poor defense, and the precision and practice it takes to best convert off her hits.

Akiko is a supporting character of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is the housewife of the Minase home, and is both Nayuki's mother and Yuiichi's aunt. She has a very understanding and compassionate nature, and is always been there for Nayuki while she was growing up. During Kanon, Akiko is quick to accept the various supernatural events that may take place concerning Yuiichi, and supports him as family during the difficult times.

Akiko was added to EFZ's cast in Memorial Edition.

Stage: In Front of the Minase House (Night) (水瀬家前(夜))

BGM: Last regrets

Character-Specific Notes

  • Akiko can airdash twice.
  • Akiko's ground dash is actually a hoverdash that moves up at around a 30 degree angle. Her "dashing" attacks will be air normals. Her hoverdash does not count as an airdash, so she is free to jump or double airdash from her "ground" dash.
  • Akiko briefly disappears during her hoverdash and backdash, allowing her to pass through opponents while being invisible and invincible. Akiko is invincible during frames 6-13.66 of her backdash, and from frame 7 to between frames 16 to 29.66 during her hoverdash, depending on how long it's held.
  • If Akiko manages to curse her opponent with her "No more mischief, okay?" super, the opponent will have a pale blue aura, and a "Time" gauge will appear under Akiko's life gauge. This time gauge displays the amount of time remaining on the curse. While the opponent is cursed, they will be unable to perform certain actions determined by the level of the curse.

Normal Moves

Frame Data Help
The notation for the move lists can be found under Controls.
Cells filled with a "-" indicate a placeholder. Cells filled by a "/" indicate a non-applicable field.
Values separated by a "~" (X~Y) indicate a range or variance. A "~" preceding a single value (~X) may indicate approximation. A "-" separating frame values of a property (X-Y) indicate the duration of the property.
Cell data accompanied by a ※ indicate properties unusual to the template. Explanations for such properties can be found at another ※ in the description. If a move requires multiple ※'s, subscripts will be attached to indicate relation (※1, ※2, ※3...).
Frame data with decimal values .33 or .66 relate to subframes.
Version Used for moves with multiple special attacks on one motion.
Damage The base damage value that the specific hit will do. See damage scaling for more information.
Guard Indicates how the move must be blocked, if it can be blocked at all.

Low: Crouch Block
High: Stand Block
Ground: Air Unblockable, may be blocked either Crouching or Standing
Any: Air, crouch, and stand block
Grab: Cannot be blocked, grab type hitbox that targets the collision box
Unblockable: Cannot be blocked, unblockable hitbox that targets hurtboxes

Property Shows what properties the move has and the time (in frames) that these properties are active. Example: "I: 0.33-9", which means the move is invulnerable on the first subframe of the move until the 9th full frame (or 27th subframe).

I: Full Invincibility
TI: Throw Invincibility
SI: Strike Invincibility
HI: Upper Body/High Invincibility
LI: Low Invincibility/Low Crush
A: Armour
G: Guard Point

Startup Indicates where the move's first active hitbox is.
Active Total frames the hitbox is active for.
Recovery Total frames until the character can block.
Note: After the recovery of any action, before any other action may occur, there exists 1 frame in which the only action you may take is to block.
Adv Hit Frame advantage on hit.
Adv Block Frame advantage on block.
Cancel Possible cancel options.

N: Normals
Sp: Specials
Su: Supers
J: Jump cancel possible on hit, block and RG
JH: Jump cancel possible on hit only
AD: Air Dash
IC: Instant Charge after hit (22C)
FIC: Flicker Instant Charge (22C, fixed IC window, regardless of hit or whiff)
R: Repeatable, always A normals. Will cancel into other A normals.
f5B/2B: Usually c5B cancel option
SB: S button cancelling, character specific. Examples: stance, summon or flight cancels.
Rekka: A special move with multiple parts that require additional inputs.
: Special rules, see description for details (look for the ※)


Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
180 Ground 4 4 2 +4 +3 N SP J IC R

Akiko does a quick slap in front of her.

  • Decent anti-air after RGing a jump in.
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
350 Ground 6 2 11 +4.33 +2.33 N SP J IC f5B

Akiko hits the opponent with a saucepan.

  • Used in pressure strings due to the advantage on block.
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
350 Any 9 12 14 -10 -12 N SP JH IC

Akiko flips some fried rice with a frying pan.

  • Air blockable.
EFZ Akiko 5C1.png
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
Active Frames 1 - 2 950 Ground 17 2 16 +11.33 +9.33 SP J IC
Active Frames 3 - 10 750 Ground 19 8 8 +13.33 +11.33 SP J IC

Akiko thrusts a kitchen knife towards the opponent.

  • Not used much outside of combos.
  • It is has quite a lot of startup, but makes up for this by dealing a lot of damage and being very positive on block and hit.
  • Cannot be combo'd into on a standing opponent under normal circumstances.


Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
185 Low 4 2 7 +1 +0 N SP J IC R

Akiko does a jab with her feather duster.

Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
380 Low 8 2 8 +4 +2 N SP JH IC f5B

Akiko wipes the floor.

  • This move is excellent in pressure.
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
550 Low 12 5 20 +6 +4 SP IC

Akiko pushes a vacuum cleaner out in front of her.

  • This is Akiko's main launcher for combos, and a decent meterless combo ender as it knocks down and can be cancelled into 214*.
  • Excellent + frames on block making it a good pressure ender when cancelled into 236A or IC.


Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
180 High/Air 6 3 10 / / N J AD IC R

Akiko jabs a ladle horizontally.

  • Rarely sees use outside of very specific combos.
EFZ Akiko j5b2.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
(100x4)+250 High/Air 7 8+2 18 / / N J AD IC

Akiko does a quick, several hit flurry of her broom and ends with a slightly delayed horizontal smack.

  • Probably the best aerial move in the entire game.
  • Potent mixup tool thanks to the amount of hits and the ability to whiff cancel into jC into lows, or by land cancelling into lows.
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
250x3 (3~6F=200) High/Air 18 6x3 14 / / J AD IC

Akiko pulls a washing machine from somewhere and causes something unidentifiable to spin out of the door.

  • Crucial to her neutral gameplan and combos.
  • Extends Akiko's hurtbox a lot. Be careful against characters like Kaori, Ayu or Mishio who have access to excellent anti-airs.


Ground Grab
Ground Grab
Close 6C/4C
EFZ Akiko GroundGrab.png
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1200 Grab I: 5 - 5.66 5.33 0.66 24 / / None

Puts the opponent in a bin and throws them backwards.

  • If done close enough to the corner, you can do a brief juggle after.
Air Grab
Air Grab
Close j6C
EFZ Akiko AirGrab.png
Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
1200 Grab I: 2 - 2.66 2 1 / / / None

Akiko grabs the opponent in the air and places a rock on top of them, after which they plummet to the ground to be crushed.

  • Decent at catching the opponent chicken blocking or buffering RG in the air.

Special Moves


An ingredient's freshness is important

Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A Egg: 150x5 / Carrot: 200x3 / Sardine: 200x3 Any 18 / 34 / / FIC

Akiko shoots various things out of a refrigerator. What she shoots goes in cycles. Click here for a more in-depth image of the cycles. Every time you use 236A/B you move forward in the cycle.

  • Akiko shoots eggs, carrots or sardines.
  • Cycles.
  • Pressure tool. Low damage but incredibly annoying.
  • FIC this to open up opportunities to approach.
B Tuna: 1000 / Radish: 400x3 / Durian: 100 Any 22 / 44 / / FIC

Akiko shoots tuna, radish or a durian.

  • Cycles.
  • Tuna and radish are the best options for neutral.
  • Durian is an armour breaker.
  • Mostly a neutral tool.
  • FIC this to open up opportunities to approach.
C / Any 22 / 44 / / FIC

Akiko shoots a combination of A and B projectiles.

  • Completely random what projectiles are chosen.
  • Usually a waste of RF meter, generates very little value compared to saving it for other options.
Let's quickly finish preparing

EFZ Akiko 623A A.gif
EFZ Akiko 623X 2.png
Final hit
Final hit
Akiko leaps into the air with her kitchen knife outstretched. All versions are rekkas with the ability to score "clean" final hits which do more damage and prevent the opponent from being able to tech. The precise logic for clean hits can be found here.
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A - Any I: 7 - 20 9 10+10+1 62 / -51 Rekka
  • Combo tool.
  • Full input: 623A 623A 421A.
  • If timed properly, the final hit can be a "clean hit" that does more damage and is untechable.
  • Clean hit advice: Cancel into the first hit as soon as possible, then delay the 623A followup until the juggle meter is nearly gone, then immediately do 421A.
B - Ground I: 1 - 28 17 10 64 / -53 Rekka

Slower initial slash.

  • Invulnerable from frame 1. Very slow meterless reversal.
  • Full input: 623B 623B 421B.
  • Clean hit advice: Do each followup immediately.
C - Any I: 7 - 15 9 5 66 / -51 Rekka

Very fast startup and travels a long distance.

  • Combo tool.
  • Full input: 623C 623C 421C 623C 421C 623C.
  • For this version, there are two different clean hits - full clean hit and lesser clean hit. The full clean hit has an explosion sound effect and deals a lot more damage.
  • Clean hit advice: From the most common hitconfirm, 2AABC, the timing for the full clean hit is straight forward and even has visual cues, as long as the first 623C is done immediately after 2C. The aim is to do the followup at the start of the 3rd animation frame, which is is very easy to spot for most as animation frame 2 tends to be 170F long. If timed correctly, the final hit should be done at the apex of the juggle height. This method also allows you to see mistimed hits, allowing you to adjust timing for the final hit accordingly. An example of this can be found here. Mio's juggle animation doesn't have the long 2nd animation frame, instead she spins. In this scenario, the aim is to do the followup just as she enters her headfirst plummet frames. Example video.
Please remain calm at this time

Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A / Unblockable 14 65※ 23 / / None

Akiko sprays a fire extinguisher out in front of her. A and B versions do not actually "hit" the opponent and instead drain RF meter. Incredibly useful for controlling your opponents options.

  • Sprays immediately in front of her.
  • Excellent to use after 2C knockdowns.

※Lifetime of the mist, unrelated to Akiko's animation.

B / Unblockable 14 125※ 28 / / None

Sprays slightly further away.

  • Perfect distance to use after [41236A]x2 combo ender.
  • The hitbox that drains the opponent's meter slowly moves forward.

※Lifetime of the mist, unrelated to Akiko's animation.

C 100xN Any 14 / 42 / / None

Sprays immediately in front of her, then travels across the stage.

  • This version hits the opponent, so it will behave normally and only drain Blue RF on hit.
Taking care of the cleaning

Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 1500 Ground 20 25 12 / -15 None

Akiko pulls out a vacuum cleaner and tries to suck up the opponent.

  • Will swap sides with the opponent on hit.
  • This is her juggle combo ender.
  • Sucks the opponent towards Akiko a tiny bit.
B 1500 Ground 23 35 16 / -28 None
  • Slower startup.
  • Draws the opponent from even further away.
C 1750 Any 20 40 16 / -3 None
  • Draws the opponent from nearly an entire stage away.
  • Hits up to 4 times on block.

Eternity Specials

Planning for the worst

Akiko uses her super human strength to swing a vehicle over her head and onto the opponent.
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 2000 High 28 4 72 / -54.33 None
  • Combo ender. Only really usable after 41236*.
B 3400 High 28 4 72 / -54.33 None

Reaches half the screen.

C 4500 High 28 4 72 / -54.33 None

Reaches the full screen.

This is the secret of 1-second approval

AKA Timeslow
AKA Timeslow
Akiko poses, then slows down time for everything other than herself. While this effect is active, Akiko's opponent moves and acts at a third of the speed they normally do, while also spending triple the time in hitstun and blockstun. Other entities such as puppets or projectiles (even Akiko's) are also affected, but installs/debuffs will still drain at their usual rate. The effect will continue to tick during superflash/hitstop and will instantly end if Akiko is hit.
Version Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A / / 50 / 10 / / None
  • Slows time for 111.33 frames or 1.7 seconds.
  • This is Akiko's highest value super. Can be used in many different situations to generate value.
  • Can be used in neutral if you have enough space.
B / / 30 / 10 / / None
  • Slows time for 166.66 frames or 2.6 seconds.
  • Rarely used, but does have setups.
  • 54F extra duration over level 1 rarely justifies the extra meter.
C / / 10 / 10 / / None
  • Slows time for 333.33 frames or 5.2 seconds.
  • Powerful tempo swing from any knockdown. Can even be used in neutral when the opponent is on low health to help secure a round.
  • Near impossible to juggle the opponent during this super. Best used on grounded opponents.
No more mischief, okay?

Akiko points her finger a short distance away from her. If the opponent is hit, they will be knocked down about half screen away and become cursed for 333.33 frames (~5 seconds). The effects of the curse depend on the version used. Curse timer still ticks during superflash/hitstop.
Version Damage Guard Property Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
A 0 + 1000 Any I: 0.33 - 7.66 8 2 50 / -29 None

This version removes the opponent's ability to dash or airdash for the duration of the curse.

  • Kind of a reversal, but still not very useful at all. The low damage, tiny range, and horrible frame advantage with no cancel options makes using SP on this very risky and unrewarding.
  • Even if you do hit, the curse goes away embarrassingly fast. It certainly doesn't last long enough to meaningfully capitalize off of it.
B 0 + 1000 Any I: 0.33 - 7.66 8 2 50 / -29 None

Applies the previous curse and also prevents the opponent from using special and super moves for the duration.

  • Yup. That's all that changed. Same hitbox, same damage, same curse duration, but it costs 2 SP Levels now.
  • Could potentially be more useful than the A version since you can continue your offense without needing to respect reversal or anti-air specials.
  • You're much better off saving meter for time slow.
C 0 + 1000 Any I: 0.33 - 7.66 8 2 50 / -29 None

Applies the previous curse effects, but the opponent also can't jump for the duration.

  • Never worth the meter.

Final Memory

There is also some that isn't sweet

2 A 2 B C
EFZ Akiko FM.png
Damage Guard Startup ¹ ² Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block Cancel
0+5500 Grab 50 1 49※ / / None

Akiko pauses for a half-second, disappears, and reappears on the ground directly behind the opponent, holding a jar of yellow jam. If the move whiffs, Akiko hides the jam behind her back. However, if the move connects, Akiko prepares her opponent breakfast: yellow jam on toast... Each character has a unique animation for this.

  • In order to input, the first 2 needs to have been released for at least a frame before pressing the first A, same goes for the second 2 and the B. Thanks to the unusual input, Akiko can whiff cancel most of her normals into this move.
  • Very brief vulnerable period on whiff, after which Akiko is invincible for the rest of the recovery.

※Recovery on whiff.



Movement is key to Akiko's gameplan. She will be spending the majority of her time airborne, weaving in and out of range in neutral, trying to catch her opponent off guard or doing something risky. She has access to an extendable rising dash which causes her to disappear and become completely invulnerable, making it difficult for the opponent to properly anti air any rising dash approaches. While airborne, she has access to two air dashes and one air jump. It's important to note that after Akiko has used an air dash she becomes incapable of using her air jump. Mixing these movement options with her superior air normals makes her a menace to deal with.

Normals & Specials in Neutral


Akiko's grounded arsenal is rather lacking. Her most useful neutral grounded normal is f5B which has an impressive hitbox that can be useful for anti airs, but it has the downside of being air blockable. You'll mostly be focusing on using 236A/B and 214B when grounded, making use of f5B sparingly to try and catch aerial opponents.
EFZ Akiko 236 Cycle.png
236A/B works in cycles. You will always start the match on {1}, and any use of 236A or 236B will move you forward to {2}. In practice, this means you can completely avoid using the less than useful projectiles in 236B's cycle by doing [236B{1} 236B{2} 236A{3}] or [236A{1} 236B{2} 236A{3}]. 236B{2} is your most useful projectile to FIC. You'll mostly want to avoid using 236B{3}, and all cycles of 236A are usable.
214B isn't just an okizeme tool, you can also sneak it out in neutral to keep your opponent on their toes. 214B moves forward slowly and can be useful to slowly chip away at the BIC of an overly patient foe. 214C is also incredible for this due to it's speed and RF meter drain on hit.


jB is just incredible. 8 total active frames for the broom twirl, and after a gap, 2F for the final hit. In neutral, this move can be used as a surprisingly hard to deal with wall when doing j8 jB, making sure to time the jB closer to the ground so you're able to cancel the recovery upon landing. Doing this only becomes potent when you're making full use of her aerial mobility to keep your opponent guessing.
jC is huge, both for the hitbox and the way it extends Akiko's hurtbox. It also easily leads into juggles if you catch an opponent airborne. j7 dj9 djC can be an incredible hassle tool if spaced properly and with caution. For hassling, you're aiming to hit nearer the tip in order to make anti airs and RG punishes harder. Certain characters like Kaori, Mishio and Ayu have absolutely no problem anti airing this, so be careful how you use it in those matchups. Overall, use jC approaches with caution.

Wait, that's it?!

Pretty much. Akiko's tool set is by far the most predictable in the game. She has to make up for it by abusing her movement options, surprising her opponent, properly baiting anti airs and reversals, and above all making every stray hit count. Once Akiko gets that stray hit, she can more often than not convert into large damage and unseeable, looping okizeme.

Taking Initiative in Neutral

Most of the time in matches you'll be zoning with projectiles and poking with jC, taking time to build meter and fishing for stray hits in neutral. You will want to sprinkle in some surprise approaches to keep your opponent on their toes, however. Taking initiative and attempting to approach your opponent can be tough, but she definitely has the tools to make it work.
The key groundwork for this is keeping your opponent guessing when you'll use your movement options. [j66 j44], [j7 j9 .. j44], [66 j7], [66 j44] are all examples of neutral movement that can be used to keep your opponent guessing when you'll actually approach. There are plenty more variations on this, and all Akiko players are encouraged to become familiar with all of her movement options, what positions they place her in, and what approach options she has access to from them. Watching match videos of high level Akiko players is helpful for learning her options.
Keep track of your 236A/B cycles and make use of 236A/B FIC to create approach opportunities. This is by far Akiko's most reliable way to approach.
Neutral time-slow activation can also be powerful. The higher the level the better, but it does have diminishing returns. Level 2 is ideal but expensive, level 1 can be too short, and level 3 is slightly too long and very expensive. Level 1 is still useful however, and level 3 is really only useful when the match is almost over and your opponent has very little health left. Upon neutral level 3 time slow activation, the opponent will usually just double jump due to Akiko's lack of juggle combos during time slow, especially on an opponent high in the air.


Patience is your best friend. The more time Akiko is left in neutral, the scarier she becomes, allowing her to whiff normals to build super meter and passively build RF meter. The more desperate your opponent is to stop this from happening, the more risks they will take. The more risks your opponent takes, the more opportunities you have to punish them for taking them! Akiko strives off this, getting ridiculous damage from strange starters in neutral leading into her looping okizeme.

Combos, Meter, and Snowballing Momentum

Akiko's main strengths lies in how easily she's able to convert from stray hits into huge damage, meter gain and oki. Her combos are very long, made even longer by the double vacuum ender after knife loops in the corner. Building a large chunk of super and RF meter back is why she snowballs so easily, especially when she's already got 2+ super stocks built, giving her access to looping time slow okizeme. Once she has ample meter built, Akiko can take more risks, as all she really needs is one knockdown for an opportunity to end the round, even if she has no BIC.
In the RF meter meta game, Akiko has a clear advantage over the rest of the cast.
  • The combo options she has access to from any RF meter level work anywhere, deal a lot of damage, and build RF meter back in time for hitconfirms or pressure after okizeme.
  • Akiko does not rely on IC for her offensive gameplan and is more than happy to sit on Blue RF in neutral and fish for hits, as all she needs is one hit into a knockdown to start running her oppressive okizeme game. In this way, she does not feel the strategical downsides of having Blue RF in stock in the same way other characters might.
  • Thanks to combo flexibility and how her juggle combo pieces function, she does not rely on full Blue RF for her Blue IC combos, allowing her to take more risky trades in neutral with jC without fearing the lost Blue RF.
  • 214* gives Akiko the unique ability to control the enemy's RF meter generation, although this can be a double edged sword. There are points where it may be better to let the opponent build Blue RF. If the opponent is close to Blue RF and Akiko uses 214A/B, all she might be doing is helping the enemy delay generating Blue RF for the right hitconfirm. It can sometimes be better to back off, let their meter build to maximum, and then start playing around it, making use of 214* to slowly chip away at their RF meter levels.
All of these factors lead to some particular advantages.
  • Akiko has a lot more to gain in neutral when both characters are on Blue RF. She can chip away at the RF meter with 214B while playing runaway. She can fish for hits in ways Akiko herself can convert from but the opponent will struggle to convert from if Akiko makes a mistake and gets hit. Any Blue IC combo Akiko does manage to connect guarantees the opponent's Blue RF will be fully drained.


Akiko is capable of converting most hitconfirms into disgustingly large damage and okizeme, all the while building insane amounts of meter as she does it. Akiko players should be aiming to make the most out of any and all stray air hits they connect with and convert into corner carries and looping okizeme.
Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various contributors, some combo notations may deviate slightly from the notation listed below.

For more information, see Controls

IC Input Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
FIC Input Flicker Instant Charge (22C) when you have the right amount of RF Meter.
{X/Y/Z} Move X or Y or Z can be used.
#* Indicates that any of A, B and C may be used with #. Example: 214*.
[<- X] [-> X] Side switch notation. All inputs grouped by the square brackets are performed facing the arrow's direction. They are still written as if they were done facing right, however.
[X]xN Loop the inputs in the square brackets as many times as N.
c5B Proximity normal only usable while close.
f5B Proximity normal only usable outside of c5B range or when cancelled from another normal. Known as far 5B.
jX Button X is input during your first jump.
djX Button X is input during your double jump.
X(whiff) Indicates that X is intended to whiff.
X(tech trap) Indicates a combo ender intended to catch the opponent's air tech. The most common kind of tech trap is j6C, which will air throw early techs and jC later techs. Executionally identical to X(whiff) but different in purpose.
~ Indicates a followup for moves which have them. Example: 236A~236A.
.. Indicates a short delay.
IAD Indicates an Instant Air Dash.
IABD Indicates an Instant Air Back Dash.
(X) X move is omittable from the combo.
tk.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.

Regarding Knife Loops

5C's higher damage hitbox.
Akiko has two different hitboxes on her 5C. The inital hitbox (shown above) is much smaller but does 200 more damage than the later, larger hitbox. Ideally you want to hit with the smaller hitbox as much as you can, but it's not always possible due to spacing. For newer players, just being aware of this hitbox is enough - focus on completing knife loops even if you use the larger hitbox instead.
Being aware of the power% of your combo is also important - below 62% 5BBC / 5ABC will no longer combo properly. Between 58% and 61.9%, c5B 5C or 5AC will work. If in doubt, go into 41236A early.
Certain characters drop out of 5BBC and 5BC quite easily. It is sometimes safer to use 5ABC and 5AC when comboing these characters, especially at lower Power%. The following is a list of the problematic characters:
  • Rumi, Nayuki (asleep), Sayuri, Doppel

Basic Combos

Basic Combo replays can be found here.


  • (jB/jC) 2ABC 623A wait until juggle meter almost gone 623A immediately 421A (replay1-1)
  • Does about 2450 damage and doesn't require IC or super. The timing written here for the 623A knife special is an approximation, but it should get you within the right timeframe for an "explosive" hit, also known as a clean hit. This combo can easily be linked from the jB or jC jumpins, which Akiko should already be using often.

Red IC

  • (jB/jC) 2ABC 623C 623C 421C 623C 421C 623C (replay1-2)
  • Getting the higher damage clean hit is challenging. This rekka has two different clean hits, one dealing a lot more damage than the other.
  • 2AABC IC walk forward 5BBC walk forward 5BBC 41236A 41236A 214B (replay1-3)
  • If you find 5BBC too hard, you can use 5ABC instead.
  • 66jB(5hits) walk forward 5B 2C IC walk forward [5BBC]x2 41236A 41236A 214B (replay1-4)
  • Replace 5BBC with 5ABC if you have trouble.
  • 66jB(5hits) c5B 2C IC c5B .. 5C 5BBC c5B .. 5C 41236A 41236A 214B (replay1-5)
  • The height management in this combo can be tricky. Learning this will teach you how to delay hits to manage height.

Blue IC

  • (jB/jC) 2ABC IC c5B jC(3hits) land jB(1hit) j66 jB(2hits) jC(whiff) land c5B jB(1hit) jC(2hits) j66 jB(5hits) land c5B 5C 5BBC 41236A 41236A 214B (replay1-6)
  • Corner to corner carry showing how Akiko is able to juggle from anywhere into knife loops. jC(whiff) can be used to cancel jB early, allowing you to land without dealing all 5 hits of jB.
  • (jB/jC) 2ABC IC walk forward 5BBC walk forward [5BBC]x3 41236A 41236A 214B (replay 1-7)
  • Basic corner knife loop with BIC. If you find 5BBC tricky, replace with 5ABC.

Advanced Combos

Advanced Combo replays can be found here.

Red IC

Anywhere as long as there's plenty of space either side of the opponent
  • 2AAB(C) 623C 623C 421C 623C 421C 623C (replay 1-4)
  • Akiko's most important combo. Works from basically any starter. Second video shows how 2C will whiff at certain ranges, making it crucial to be able to know when it's safer to omit 2C and go into 623C early.
  • 66jB(1-4) land cancel 2ABC IC [5BBC]x2 41236A 41236A (replay 1-1)
  • 66jB(5hits) walk forward c5B 5C 5BBC c5B 5C 41236A 41236A (replay 1-2)
  • Only works if you land point blank after the jB. If you land too far away, just do the [5BBC]x2 post IC route.
  • 2AABC IC [c5B f5B 5C]x2 41236A 41236A (replay 1-3)

Blue IC

  • 2AABC IC...
  • 66B(5hits) c5B 2C IC...
  • 66B(1-4hits) land cancel 2ABC IC...
  • jC(1hit) 2ABC IC...
  • jC(3hits) c5B 2C IC...
  • ...c5B jC(3hits) djC(1hits) dj66 djB(1hit) djC (1hit) land jB(1hit) jC(3hits) land jB(1hit) jC(1hit) c5B 5C 5BBC c5B 5C 41236A 41236A (replay 1-5 and replay 1-6)
  • All instances of c5B 2C after jump-ins can be replaced by 2ABC and the combo will still work, although it will be less damage. When you reach the corner, you will need to start to j8 instead of j9 or else the combo will likely drop.
  • Doesn't work on Mayu, Ayu, Nayuki (asleep), Sayuri, Kano, and Unknown. Works but is unreliable on Makoto and Misuzu.
  • 2AABC IC c5B j9 .. jC(2hits) land jC(3hits) .. djB(1hit) djC(1hit) land jB(1hit) jC(3hits) djB(1hit) djC(1hit) land c5B 5C 5BBC c5B 5C 41236A 41236A
  • Max damage corner carry for small body characters. While this combo is higher damage than the one listed just above, it appears to be unreliable on the standard sized or larger characters. More testing needed.
  • jC(2hits) 5B 2C IC c5B jC(3hits) djC(1hits) dj66 djB(1hit) djC (1hit) land jB(1hit) jC(3hits) land jB(1hit) jC(1hit) c5B 5C [5BBC]x2 41236A 41236A (replay1-7)
  • Route specifically for the jC(2hits) starter.
  • 2AABC IC c5B j9 .. jC(2hits) land jB(1hit) jC(2hits) land jB(1hit) jC(2hits) j66 jB(2hits) j66 jB(2hits) jC(whiff) land c5B 5C 5ABC 5BBC 41236A 41236A
  • Alternate version of the above combos for use vs characters with tricky juggle hurtboxes, like Ayu and Kano.
  • 2AABC IC c5B j9 .. jC(2hits) 5C jC(3hits) djB(1hit) djC(2hit) djB(1hit) djB(1hit) c5B 5C 5BBC c5B 5C [41236A]x2
  • Akiko's most reliable max damage combo. Works on the majority of the cast without adjustments. Doesn't work on Mizuka, Sayuri, Unknown, and Ayu. Unreliable on Nayuki (asleep).
  • 2AABC IC c5B j8 jC(2hits) 5C j8 jC(3hits) djB(1hit) djC(2hits) djB(1hit) djC(1hit) c5B 5C 5BBC c5B 5C [41236A]x2
  • Practical max damage vs Mizuka, Ayu.
  • 2AABC IC c5B j8 jC(2hits) 5C j8 jC(3hits) djB(1hit) djC(2hits) djB(1hit) djC(1hit) c5B 5C 5ABC c5B 5C [41236A]x2
  • Practical max damage vs Sayuri, Nayuki (asleep).


Akiko has some powerful okizeme due to a few factors. Firstly, jB is 5 hits and the amount of hits can be adjusted freely by whiff cancelling into jC. Well timed jump-ins or IADs can also cause this effect without having to use jC cancels, using a "land cancel" instead. Akiko's fire extinguisher special (214A/B/C) obscures the screen where it is placed, making it even harder to block. Akiko's time-slow super, which slows down the opponent and leaves Akiko at normal speeds. Finally, Akiko's vacuum special move will always leave a gap in the corner, allowing five possible ways Akiko can break your guard.

jB Mixups

Universal mixup option. Can be paired with time slow and fire extinguisher to make the mixup even harder to block or respond to.
Below are some simple time-slow setups to be used after 41236Ax2 in the corner:
  • 641236A 214B IAD jB
  • 2B(whiff) 641236B IAD jB
  • 2B(whiff) 214B 641236C IAD jB
Notes: Some of these do not work so well on fast rising characters like Mizuka. These actions are to be performed as soon as you regain control of your character after the final 41236A.
After 623A clean hit in the corner, an immediate 641236A upon landing into an instant air dash jB is a safejump setup. If they reversal and don't IC, you get a chance to punish. If they do nothing, they have to block the jB mixup. If you get a hit, you can confirm back into 623A rekka clean hit and repeat the setup.

Win Quotes

Japanese English


This jam works wonders
on wounds, you know?



Oh my, are you tired?

Would you care to
have a meal together?





Fear not your mistakes,
but also do not repeat them.

That is the key to success
for those who aim for the skies.



My my,

It must be nice to be so young.

(To Ayu)


(To Ayu)

Do feel free to stop by
to play, next time.

(To Nayuki)


(To Nayuki)
My my, Nayuki.

You'll be late
if you don't hurry up.

(To Makoto)


(To Makoto)
You're always
welcome back here.

After all, you are
a part of our family.

(To Misuzu)



(To Misuzu)
So many memories.
So much love.

You carry an irreplaceable
warmth with you.

I wish you
nothing but happiness
on the path you travel.

(To Kanna)



(To Kanna)
Everything will be all right.

Surely, one day,
you'll be able to walk on this great earth
with those you treasure.

That is everyone's wish.

(To Akiko)


(To Akiko)
Oh my.

Had you just asked,
I could have taught you a thing or two
about imitating others.



In-game References

External References

  • Akiko's backdash (with matching dust clouds) is based on Slayer's backdash, from the Guilty Gear series.

Kanon References

  • The house in the background of her stage is the Minase household, where Akiko lives.
  • Akiko's "Planning for the worst" move is a reference to an event that takes place during Kanon.
  • The name of Akiko's "This is the secret of 1-second approval" move is a reference to how Akiko usually approves anything requiring her permission after only one second.
  • The yellow jam Akiko serves during her "There is also some that isn't sweet" move is a reference to her infamously inedible jam that she likes to feed to others during Kanon.

Nayuki (asleep)
Nayuki (awake)