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Ma-ryan (BOSS)


The final boss form of Ma-ryan. To select her, first beat the story mode, then hover over Ma-ryan on the partner select screen and hold Triangle.

Assist Type

Strike Pursuit

This version of Ma-ryan has a divekick like her normal form, though slightly different, and she has a pitfall instead of fireworks.


D - Recharge time: 2.8 seconds

Ma-ryan creates a pitfall underneath the opponent. It can be blocked high or low, quickly making it go away. On hit it will bury their body halfway for about half a second, making them unable to move. Afterwards, it will send them backwards in the air. Oppenents cannot be thrown when they're in the pit. Hitting them will launch them backwards in the air and connecting combos can be tough. Possible to follow-up with a super. Also, this move will not cause a KO on its own.

Double Ma-ryan Kick「だぶるまーりゃんきっく」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 2 seconds

A dive kick remanesicant of Konomi's "Get out of the Way!" attack. Has a deeper trajectory compared to the divekick of the normal Ma-ryan and causes a ground bounce that can be followed up. Comes out faster compared to the normal Ma-ryan and can OTG. Ma-ryan only attacks facing towards the opponent, so be sure to always check her posistion.


Default A





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